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Gotta get you on the Rogan sub and hole that Jamie sees it!

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What you're doing is great, I'll definitely check out your podcast! I've thought about starting a podcast eventually, but haven't found that unique thing to set it aside. I find the idea of sitting down with someone and diving into their mind really interesting, and I feel I hugely benefit from such conversations too.

Had the opportunity to help out with a university podcast but the workload ended up eating up all my time :(

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Hey Noel, love you on NMTB and The IT Crowd! I've got one question, how do you always look so fabulous?

Joking apart, what's a quote that you live by?

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Cheers! I love programming and tech in general so that's always a bonus I guess. Yeah, sometimes a small error in your code goes completely unnoticed and drives you crazy haha.

I wish you luck in your career :) Thanks

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I'm currently in the IB course and will be starting a software development course in university next September.

Any tips you could offer?