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What are the Chinese views of America? The two countries have been projected as at “trade war” for quite some time. Has this affected the people’s views on the American people?

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Have you considered talking about how you piece together your podcast and record, get motivated, day in the life of, etc? I think it would interesting firsthand how people like you change the world one step at a time. Thanks for putting on this AMA! It’s always fascinating to me to see such a diverse community and I will definitely start listening

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I loved your first AMA, thanks for doing another one! What were your fellow soldiers from Russia like? Any special banter, inside jokes about other countries?

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What would be some ways that we could make our kids more comfortable in their environment, so they don’t have a sense of being forced to go to school?

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Thanks for doing this Johnathan! For people like me who have only been to a few national parks around the US, I was wondering what your favorite park to photograph would be? Whether it was the scenery, wildlife, or plant life, where have you had the best experience?