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OP did not say whose cock he sent to the bf. Perhaps, with his superior investigative skills, he was able to procure some 'stunt boner' images. But where...

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Please don't give medical advice to others without a license and based on your own experience.

While it is true bipolar disorder is incompatible with ssri alone, the effect is not the same for everyone.

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A state department employee is of course a different thing than a regular traveler worth nothing to their home country.

Lots of diplomatic problems if a State employee gets napped.

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I don't think it's so much that he's rich, but he drives his dream car. He's involved with people who have money, appreciate cars, and know him and trust him for years. He's had opportunity and connections to be able to buy the car or cars he most wants, and he's probably driven many dozens more world class automobiles.

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Do you feel particularly smart generally? How hard was your profession for you to learn?

What's something simple that's been harder for you to learn than you think people would realize?