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How would we reconcile this with the following understanding...?

1) In order to get to the proposed wormhole center, matter would have already been compressed and life as we understand it extinguished?

2) Assuming something did get through to the other side, how would it escape the gravity well that we would assume present there?

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And the old man snow shoveling neighbor for HA 1 gets inserted as playing the local mall Santa Clause - and his daughter marries Kevin.

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Last year, apparently before the change in their policy they denied me a battery service because I had already replaced my battery on my own with ifixit hardware. They said they would no longer service my phone at all for any reason. Is this something I should also have legal recourse for?

The phone was a 5s, and not that it matters anymore but I now use Android instead of the ios for this reason alone.

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If he hasn't - you seem like a prime candidate to be on the cast.

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Internet Café funds ran out?