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Do you not think that it would be best to go into business in a field you're interested in, rather than make your field the rather broad scope of 'business'?

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How did you get started in this field?

I have a relevant degree and the biggest trouble is everywhere expects one to pay to volunteer. I was seeking a hands on work experience preferably but all were asking for hundreds a week.

I have field experience, I've overseen research and I've lead projects and I've managed teams. I wouldn't mind working for lodgings/food costs, it's not about the wage. But paying to work leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

This has become a bit of shameless self promotion. Can I come work for you?

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Amazing. Thank you for the long reply. What encourages people to sponsor you? If it's covering costs like that, I assume it can't be because the expedition is being done for charity.

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Hi Ben, how did you start your journey into becoming an explorer and ultimately achieving what you have done so far?

It pains me that there are no more blank spaces on the map, but want to dedicate my life to doing something epic.