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Found the guy who giggles during science class when the teacher says "homo sapiens".

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Mike Rowe has pretty much become a mouthpiece for the Koch bros., selling working-class people on conservative talking points. He actually speaks out against workplace safety regulations because good workers should look out for their own safety (seriously).


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I think it was a common knock against Coldplay when they first started getting airplay that they sounded like Radiohead (particularly their vocals). But Coldplay had a softer, poppier edge, and people saw them as a calculated/careerist band who were "stealing" Radiohead's sound and watering it down for mainstream audiences with a pretty-boy front man (similar to what people said about Bush in comparison with Nirvana).

I think since that first album, Coldplay moved steadily towards a more U2-like sound (although people have compared Radiohead with U2 quite a bit as well), with an anthemic, "uplifting" pop rock style. And Radiohead veered towards getting more experimental and incorporating electronic elements and kind of taking a semi-deconstructionist approach to song structure. Nowadays, I don't think anyone could claim Radiohead would somehow be bigger if Coldplay hadn't come around.

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“My mom immigrated from blah blah blah, now I’m a CEO of a company no one’s heard of selling a service that doesn’t do anything!!!”

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people know the game and how to play it. See: Glenn Beck.

"the game" in this instance being "having no shame, pandering to people's worst impulses, and actively trying to divide people and sew anger, distrust, and hatred for personal profit".