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I'm basically the real life female version of Jerry/Larry/Gary in my Parks and Rec department at work. I feel a deep spiritual connection with you as a result lol. Do you have any Jerry moments in your personal life?

Edit to add that a few weeks back I even tripped and sprained my ankle while working and thought (Damnit Jerry!) in my head while I was on the ground. Cracked myself up.

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Can confirm you guys are way hotter

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This just made my whole week. Thanks Jim! <3

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Also a former Tampa area zookeeper/aquarium educator and can confirm that if you want to work in that field anywhere in the country then volunteering or interning is 100% required and it's nearly impossible to become a keeper at an AZA accredited facility without it. Unpaid internships are a norm in America not unique to BCR. I've never worked there and feel that the enclosures could be bigger however I'm sick of seeing posts from people who don't understand the industry or how non profits work in general.

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