My name is Brad and a few years ago I was involved in a freak skydiving incident in which both my main parachute and emergency parachute failed to deploy correctly. I was the passenger in a tandem jump from 15,000 feet and I was falling at 80km/h (50m/h). I sustained neck and spinal injuries and many mental health issues including depression and PTSD as a result. Hopefully my openess can help other people out there experiencing the same thing.

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solofatty091439 karma

Did you and the tandem instructor have a "last moment" of sorts before impact? Also, seeing you both survived do you still talk or was there any bond formed there?

moustachos3683 karma

Oddly enough, there was. In my vlog (linked above) you'll notice I said that before we jumped, he pointed the GoPro at me and asked if I had any last words. Me being a tosser, said "Hope my parachute opens". My dark sense of humour worked against me it would seem. As we were falling I asked "Are we gonna die?" and he just said he didn't know. That's when I really had accepted my fate.

I haven't seen or made contact with him since that day.

Neutronova371 karma

WHy haven't you seen or made contact with him. As the previous poster noted, one would think that going through a near death experience you might form some kind of bond. Are you at all curious as to how his experience was?

moustachos807 karma

Honestly, I'm scared. It's confronting. I will do it very soon but right now I need to accept the past and make sure I'm full of my faculties before we reunite.

mrteapoon701 karma

Man, ignore all the pressure you're getting to reach out. If it happens, it happens. That's a pretty insane thing to go through, I don't think there is really a rulebook for this sort of scenario.

Best of luck. :)

Edit: Just to be clear, I'm not saying OP should or shouldn't do anything other than what he's comfortable with. I think there are a lot of armchair psychologists out here that are pushing for some kind of resolution or "closure" because they think they know better than the person (OP) who is actually going through it.

All I know is that if it was me, I would say living to make this post is more than enough closure on that chapter of my life.

moustachos363 karma

Thanks for your understanding.

sankdafide950 karma

At the age of 16 I was cleaning a bathroom at Abuelos and this guy was peeing with crutches. I said that must be hard. He said ya it is, I got injured because my parachute didn't open. I laughed because I thought he was joking. He didn't laugh. It makes me wonder, how often do people survive this sort of thing and how do scientists think it's even possible when people can't even jump off a building without dying?

moustachos500 karma

It happens more than you would think. I'm not sure the science behind it. Maybe because you know there's a parachute your body convinces you it's going to be fine. My body had prepared itself for death so it's crazy that I didn't have a heart attack out of shock or anything.

i0datamonster284 karma

Mine is trivial by comparison. I fucked up and jumped a dirt bike off a cliff in old quarry. That moment when you realize your just going to impact and most likely die, you just kinda go limp emotionally

moustachos270 karma

Sorry to hear you went through that. I agree. The emotions weren't as intense or overwhelming as one would expect.

dasguy40723 karma

Any speculation on how you are alive? Do you remember how you landed or was your fall broken by trees or something?

moustachos1192 karma

We half-landed in a lake on a golf course and my fall was partly broken by my instructor. I believe he broke his legs and pelvis. That and some sort of divine protection maybe?

trentblase392 karma

So did the trailing main reduce your terminal velocity? Or did your instructor do anything to slow your descent (like flying squirrel style)

moustachos688 karma

We definitely slowed down slightly from the parachutes being deployed, they just weren't open. I made impact at 80km/h (50m/h).

im_in_hiding141 karma

fall was partly broken by my instructor

I'm sorry if I missed it, I tried to listen to the entire video. Did he flip y'all over so he'd hit the ground first?

moustachos242 karma

We hit the ground and bounced around into a lake.

coryrenton496 karma

has anything trivial but odd and seemingly unconnected like food or music preferences change after the experience?

moustachos610 karma

Interesting question. Not really. Sorry that wasn't too exciting!

ebotohw494 karma

Thank you for offering your experience to read on reddit. I can't imagine the trauma caused by such an ordeal. It is good to see you on a road to recovery.

Was there any coming to peace with what was going to happen? Was there any time to process what was going to happen?

moustachos826 karma

Thanks! You mean during the fall? I honestly thought I was gone. I had fully accepted death and it felt so certain that I started to feel guilt for my family and what I was leaving behind. It was likely only a minute of falling, but in that short time I had prepared for the pain and for my death. I didn't see any other outcome besides dying.

ciarogeile469 karma

Do you consider yourself unlucky (because the parachutes didn't open) or lucky (because you survived despite that)?

moustachos729 karma

Great question. I initially thought unlucky because for many years the incident had taken so much away from me. I felt like I had lost everything and it nearly cost me my life because of my mental health issues. It was very much a "why me?" mentality. These days I see it as a very unique gift. To have these new philosophies on life and wisdom is priceless. So now it's more of a "of course me!" because I have purpose.

UhhNegative33 karma

How did the mental problems first manifest? You think it was a physical change that resulted from the fall or the mental trauma of dealing with the idea and experience of what happened?

moustachos73 karma

Combination of both. The medication was very strong and being braced up was debilitating. I knew after the first night in hospital that my mind was never going to be the same again. I first realised I had a problem when I didn't stop crying and screaming for 6 hours straight.

peachykeen__14 karma

Can you share what sort of thing was going through your mind during those 6 hours? Or was it raw emotion with no thoughts at all? That is a really huge thing to go through, glad you're feeling good now.

moustachos22 karma

Utter confusion. I couldn't feel my body and I was bound to a bed. It took me so long to process the fact that I was alive. I couldn't exactly sit there and think because every single time I closed my eyes I would be transported back in the air and would feel myself falling again and again and again.

JBernoulli451 karma

Can you walk?

moustachos651 karma

Sure can!

JBernoulli353 karma

Amazing. You're a lucky guy, best of luck in your future.

moustachos292 karma

Thankyou :)

cyber_rigger343 karma

What color was your parachute?

moustachos390 karma

Yellow and blue from memory. Emergency was white.

cyber_rigger308 karma

Why didn't your tandem master cutaway the main?

moustachos470 karma

I honestly think he tried to. I remember seeing what looked like a knife but in the moment it just felt like we were shaking all over the place, so it is hard to tell. I haven't seen him since the day so I can't ask and be certain.

Jacosion467 karma

How did you two not become best freinds? Or at least sit down and share a beer after you were healed and talk about it?

You almost died while strapped to another person who almost died. Open a sportsbar in Hawaii together or something.

moustachos635 karma

I was held up recovering and didn't really face reality for a lot of years. I'd love to reach out but I'm still a little afraid. Hopefully in the future.

Jacosion278 karma

That makes sense.

I was joking around before, but on a serious note, it might be an interesting conversation. It might even help to give you some better closure. After all, he is the only other person that went through the same thing you did.

moustachos390 karma

Totally and it is definitely on my to-do list. I think for him it was just a little blip at work and he continued diving after that. Bit of a different story for me.

-yyyy-291 karma

What was the immediate aftermath (hitting the ground and being taken to the hospital) like?

moustachos939 karma

I could barely register the impact. I was heavily winded and couldn't breathe. We had slid into a lake and the parachute canopy was on top of my instructor and I, who I was still harnessed to. He was knocked out and unresponsive. I just remember not being able to feel most of my body and I used all my strength to try and wake up my instructor. I was shaking him and praying he would wake up because I was convinced that he was dead, that it was my fault and that I was a paraplegic. After what felt like forever, we were found by three golfers (we landed on a golf course) and I was lifted into the back of an ambulance while my family cried and shouted to me from the outside. All of this while in absolute agony. The pain was incredibly excruciating. On the way to the hospital I just kept crying and crying. I was totally hysterical and in shock. It was very much a mind fuck that I couldn't even process.

-yyyy-252 karma

Damn. I can't see the articles or videos (country internet lol); did your instructor survive?

moustachos393 karma

Yes he did. He sustained similar injuries.

Sterlingz92 karma

How close did you land to water? Seems like you could have gotten lucky and landed in water, rather than bouncing off solid ground. Tough luck man.

PS: do you think there would be a danger of drowning guys??? Please add a 56th reply below and let me know.

moustachos242 karma

We landed on an edge and moved towards a lake through the force of the fall. Water could've been just as dangerous as we weren't able to move.

Galimard279 karma

A friend of mine died recently when his parachute didn't deploy. You're a very, very lucky man. I don't have a question, I just wanted to say that I'm glad you're okay.

This comment was deleted last time because it's not a question, so how's the weather down there today?

moustachos178 karma

Thanks for your kind words. It's overcast and damp here!

DavidJA242 karma

How're you feeling these days?

moustachos508 karma

I'm great! It's taken me a lot of years and a lot of mental rebuilding and sacrifice but I can confidently say I am absolutely thriving. I'm in an amazing, supportive relationship, my career is progressing nicely and my creative outlet (YouTube) brings me a lot of joy! Now that I'm stable, I feel like it's time to share my story and hopefully inspire some people. I'd love to do public speaking on mental health in the future, or even write a book. Thanks so much asking!

gluino34 karma

What is your advice to friends / relatives who want to try a skydive?

moustachos98 karma

I wouldn't stop them. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't attempt it knowing my story.

sweetsweettubesteak234 karma

Would you try again?

moustachos398 karma


minimidimike170 karma

Do you have a fear of heights now?

moustachos506 karma

Yes. I'm still doing therapy for it. I can barely look out the window of a second story building without getting anxious. It's pretty shit.

glupingane54 karma

Have you considered exposure therapy with VR? It's a 100% safe way of getting over things like that (you can be in a basement while doing this), and from what I hear, it works very well.

Essentially, you'd be using Virtual Reality to trick your brain's visual center into thinking you are at increasing heights, so you can deal with the anxiety slow and at your own pace, while you're actually just standing inside on some floor, and you can take the head-mounted display off at any time if it's too uncomfortable.

moustachos51 karma

It's not something I've heard of before, but will look up now. Thanks for the tip.

Love80Rx210 karma

Have you tried EMDR therapy?

moustachos130 karma

Haven't heard of it, can you elaborate?

Sesquiplicate178 karma

It's a form of desensitization therapy using eye movement that's considered particularly effective for traumas.

moustachos148 karma

Interesting, I'll have to check it out.

Love80Rx131 karma

I have success with it, for me the therapy interrupts the loop of the traumatic experience (real or not, major or minor). It allows my mind to reframe the experience usually by an understanding from another POV or the interruption breaks my mind movie so I can start dealing with unresolved issues and heal or move on from the experience completely if i have dealt with the other aspects. Does this answer your question ?

moustachos82 karma

I'm intrigued. Will definitely check it out. Thanks!

ChimpVision176 karma

Crazy experience bro. Did you have flashbacks of your life? Did you and the instructor land flat on your backs or legs first?

moustachos289 karma

I didn't have flashback, more like flash-present if that makes sense. I just remember how bad I felt for my family who were watching me and what I was leaving behind. We moved a lot when we made impact so it's hard to know how we landed exactly. I ended up on top of him.

ebotohw140 karma

Did your boyfriend know about the incident before meeting you? Was there a specific food you were craving after not being able to eat solids for a while? I always want Nachos or burgers and fries after the few surgeries I've had.

moustachos220 karma

He actually did surprisingly. He had heard of the story when it broke (because it went bonkers with the press) and funnily enough he meets me years later. It's one of those stories that stays with you I guess. I didn't crave anything, I was too depressed. I barely ate at all. I just gobbled a lot of drugs.

ButtsexEurope76 karma

So your boyfriend at the time of your jump left?

moustachos148 karma

Yep. Our relationship ending up dissolving a couple years later.

ebotohw59 karma

Cute. How did you guys meet? When you were first getting to know each other did he ask a lot of questions or was he more reserved about the topic? I personally feel like I would want to, as your significant other, pick your brains and learn your perspective on the entire situation but I would be cautious and probably wait until you brought it up?

moustachos305 karma

We met at a gay disco night. He didn't ask anything at all, I pretty much just poured my heart out one day and since then he's treated it with such consideration and sensitivity. He understands the gravity of that event (mind the pun) and he's seen me at my best and worst because of it. I'm a very lucky man to have him.

boogerscotch77 karma

I'm terrified of heights. Nightmares and everything. I was actually convinced to do a tandem jump once. Nothing went wrong, but I still sometimes think about how scared I was. Got any advice or what kinda therapy did you do?

moustachos126 karma

My advice is to just follow your heart. It's normal to be scared in those situations. Whenever I am near height, roller coasters, on places etc I always think "Well the impossible has already happened, so I wouldn't be surprised if another freak accident hits me". I did a lot of heavy cognitive based therapy. It's super intense. I basically had to reformat my brain because a lot of harmless stimuli was striking me with fear. Typical PTSD.

boogerscotch36 karma

Yeah, I've done a lot of CBT too. Also been given benzos. Yeah, it's about learning how to think different and habit forming. I guess I just find it tough. Thanks

moustachos48 karma

Don't get me wrong, this isn't easy and we all have our different healing processes. Just stay persistent and the rewards will come and it's ok to slip up every now and then. One day things will get better, it's a certainty! Good luck to you.

jaguarp8075 karma

You mentioned divine protection has crossed your mind, did your experience affect your spirituality in any way?

moustachos227 karma

Totally. It's hard not to think about it philosophically when there's so many missing pieces. I've always been a big believer in destiny and fate, but this incident has solidified that. I'm very sensitive to energies and the vibes we can put out there. The energy we put out is the energy we get back. Still a massive gaytheist though.

ArtemisEst75 karma

In 2009, I experienced a near death experience of being ejected from a car at 80 miles an hour. I was 17, a week out of high school. I was in a coma for three weeks and when I came too, my brain trauma had caused me to forget most of the prior year. My body is scarred and in constant pain. I have suffered consistent anxiety and mental health issues subsequently, but self-loathing and suicidal tendencies are the most prevailing ones. I cannot learn self-respect or self-love. My mother was the woman who stayed by my side, and my only parent and support net. She passed away at the end of last year frog leukemia and I'm having a hard time rationalizing the point of existence beyond these life experiences. We are all meant to die and every day I am still greeted with that fear that death will come at any minute and unexpectedly. It makes me want to give up, and I find myself over encumbered with the fear that all is for nought. I don't have many friends, I lock myself away apart from when I work. I'm on several anti-depressants but nothing helps me. How do you cope? What helps too pull you away from cognitive dissonance and self loathing when you feel yourself regressing into that mindset?

moustachos79 karma

I am so sorry for what you are experiencing and trust me when I say that things can and will get better. I almost ended it all too and I still see death every time I hit the pillow to sleep. The one thing that keeps me going is that one day things will get better. When you strongly believe that it is a certainty and a guarantee, it will happen. It might not be tomorrow. It might not be in five years. But it WILL happen. Keep the faith and seek help. Please seek help.

DirtyFlint71 karma

Do you like star wars?

moustachos154 karma

Never seen it. I KNOW, WTF.

saints_fan85115 karma

Pretty sure that fall was God telling you to go fucking watch Star Wars.

moustachos50 karma

I'll do it!

Doobz8768 karma

This might be a dumb question because only one of the articles worked for me and I skimmed through, but can I ask what your physical injuries were?

moustachos121 karma

I broke most of my spine (upper) and tore the ligaments in my neck. I also had cracked ribs and plenty of bruises.

Doobz8759 karma

Jaysus man. Do you have rods in your back or anything? I'm really glad you survived and are able to tell your story. I also really hope you're able to get over (probably poor choice in words, but words fail me sometimes) your psychological injuries too. Watching your video broke my heart a little bit because, minus the whole falling out of the sky thing, I can relate a lot to your psych issues with depression and anxiety. Lots of similarities.

moustachos91 karma

No metal in me, just a lot of rehab and physio to keep me functioning. I'm so happy the video resonated with you. I truly want to inspire others and I feel like there needs to be more conversations around mental health.

thegreenestone68 karma

Do you blame the instructor at all? Do you think that the instructor should've been more prepared to release that first parachute off before deploying the second?

moustachos173 karma

I won't comment on blame. I don't like to think of it that way.

Platano_Power86 karma

I like your mentality. I highly doubt this instructors day included two failed parachutes. It's not like the instructor wanted to have a near-death experience on purpose. In the end, these things unfortunately happen (to a very small percentage rate of people).

Keep those good vibes, man! Positive thoughts is the only way to move forward.

moustachos83 karma

Hell yeah positivity!

Koovies68 karma

The moment immediately before you hit the ground, not after..but right before, maybe 20 or 40 ft off the ground..what was going on in that moment? Were you bracing for impact, were you letting go of trying to control the situation. .did time slow down and you try to pick at different possible options and nuances or were you checked out? Fight or flight responses, or were the stimuli just too overbearing to flush?

moustachos75 karma

I was still freaking out and my brain was going haywire. I knew that unimaginable pain was coming and that death was going to follow. I had accepted it. I didn't have time to process anything. All I felt was guilt for what my family was witnessing and for what I was leaving behind.

FrankieTuesday66 karma

Wow. Mate. What a story. Definitely shed a wee tear watching your video. My question seems rather inconsequential now! Love the silver streak in your hair. I noticed that it wasn't there in the pictures prior to your jump and wondered if it was, firstly, natural, and if so did it came about due to head injury? Just so I don't seem like a complete weirdo, I'm a hairdresser and often see white/silver patches of hair due to scalp trauma. Thank you for sharing your experience, I wish you all the best in your recovery.

moustachos82 karma

Wow, certainly the most interesting question I've ever had! I bleached the spot in my hair about a year ago. Just me trying to be cool.

Fuzzmosis65 karma

Is it still called a Skydive at that point?

Real question - Any neat rehab stories before depression kicked in?

moustachos194 karma

Just flirting hard with my physiotherapist while high on morphine and super mental. He declined. Not even the skimpy hospital robe could lure him in.

Fuzzmosis42 karma

Followup: You still see the same physiotherapist occasionally?

Has your flirting technique improved since then?

moustachos112 karma

No. No, I'm still a tacky loser. Thankfully I somehow landed a boyfriend so my flirting days are (somewhat) over!

OldHobbitsDieHard60 karma

Was there any footage of the incident?

moustachos108 karma

It was apparently destroyed on impact.

pmoneydubs62 karma

If there was would you have any curiosity in seeing it?

moustachos148 karma


milfhunter743 karma

I feel I have to ask, you mentioned the PTSD and depression. I always envisioned a near death experience to maybe leave you with a kind of renewed sense of life and purpose. How do you feel my naive assumption compares to your own personal experience? Thank you for the AMA.

moustachos62 karma

I definitely do have a new sense of life. I've gained an immense level of wisdom and mental strength. It took me many, many years to get here and I certainly had to sacrifice and suffer to become stable and functioning. But I'm here! My purpose is to entertain and inspire. I live life with such ambition and clarity now.

Offroad_fun40 karma

Favorite ice cream flavor?

moustachos58 karma


mollysmashxxx34 karma

How do you cope with knowing you're pretty much unbreakable? I can understand the PTSD, but I think at that point id be living my life to the fullest

Edit: Thank you for the response! youre an inspiration to all people who have survived tragedies!

moustachos36 karma

I totally am (as much as I can). I'm absolutely gung ho with life with right now. I'm exploring my passion projects (with YouTube) and my career is going really well. I don't hold back any more because I just don't have time. Life is precious and any time left wondering and asking questions is a waste. I need to live and get as much as I can out of this gift I've been given!

KillerCan8731 karma

Hope I didn't miss this. Do you still keep in contact with the instructor? I imagine it could go either way. But I think it could be a significant bond, having cheated death together. Does he still instruct and sky dive? Thanks!

moustachos41 karma

You didn't miss it! We haven't seen each other since that day but I've heard updates. As far as I know he still jumps.

HelpfulAssistant30 karma

How have your relationships (with family, friends) changed throughout the ordeal?

I am truly sorry you went through this experience, and I wish you the best in this beautiful world. I am so glad you are here to cherish it all :)

God Bless

moustachos83 karma

We were super close before this, but now we're even tighter. It's inspired my family members to cherish each other more and it's opened their mind to mental health. We now talk about our issues with an open and collaborative dialogue. It's amazing! With more communication we've been able to support each other more. They suffered just like I did, there were many repercussions for all of us.

bowchickawowski29 karma

You mentioned you haven't talked to the instructor, but do you know if he still skydives? Glad, your story has a happy ending. A guy from my alma mater passed away in a skydiving accident weeks before his graduation.

moustachos45 karma

I heard a couple years ago that he still jumps. It was his job.

QuantenMechaniker21 karma

Thanks for the last bit of your video - that really connected with me.

Aside the mental issues, have you fully recovered from any injury?

moustachos59 karma

I still have horrible back pain almost daily and I'm very limited in a lot of my movements as a result of the neck/spinal injury. This is permanent.

QuantenMechaniker16 karma

Damn, that's horrible. Sky-diving was something I always wanted to pick up as a hobby once I start earning money, since it's a rather costly activity and I like adrenaline rushes. Guess I have to re-think this choice.

How do you cope with the changed circumstances for your life? Are you happy you're still here? Do you sometimes wish you hadn't made it?

moustachos34 karma

Make the decision to jump for yourself, don't let me influence you. I have struggles constantly. My life isn't all sunshine and rainbows. I still suffer from PTSD and many sleep disorders. What keeps me going is my new purpose in wanting to inspire and entertain others. That and my incredible support network at home. During my depression post-accident I definitely wanted to end it all. I couldn't bare to live with myself as I felt like I was this monster with no future. Luckily I've come out the other end through perseverance and ambition.

Texantotheheart20 karma

How to people die when jumping off a 4 story building but you survive a 2 mile drop?

moustachos34 karma

I don't know.

Magicalshaman17 karma

Do you ever have dreams about it?

Have you watched the gopro footage?

moustachos34 karma

I have night terrors frequently. I was diagnosed with insomnia and nightmares disorder during my recovery. It's explained in my vlog which is linked above. Footage was apparently destroyed on impact.

the_schmeez11 karma

I have to ask, if presented with the opportunity to jump again, would you?

moustachos15 karma


my_pen_name_is10 karma

I believe I saw that you mentioned you won't skydive again, how do you feel about skydiving in general? What would your response be to a friend, family member, or just a random stranger if they were considering a jump and you were involved in the conversation or just within earshot?

moustachos20 karma

I'd be extremely shocked if any of my family or close friends did it knowing my history. But I don't want to limit people, it's their choice. Even hearing about someone doing it is a trigger for me, but I'm a lot stronger than I used to be.

AlphaTyrant9 karma

Do you think one day you'll be able to fully return to normalcy? Maybe even be able to joke about being impenetrable or things of the like?

moustachos28 karma

Nope. My life will never be the same again. Most of this is permanent. I can find the humour in it occasionally as I am a (very shit) comedian, so there is an odd gag here and there. I'm a big believer in tragedy giving birth to comedy which is why I started a YouTube channel as a form of therapy. It felt great to just express myself and do something creative to get my mind off things.

Thecna25 karma

How much screaming was involved? I see you've involved Nowicki Carbone as lawyers.. they come across as ambulance chasers to me.. how are they? (I live not that far from Wallan.

moustachos10 karma

No screaming, I was more or less speechless. Couldn't really hear anything over the noise of the parachute hitting the wind.

Nanteitandaro1 karma

you essentially experienced what we would consider the process of dying ( t he bad part anyway ) the anticipation of a life threatening injury and the pain experienced during are likely worse than the actual death part.

Do you think the experience merits the level of fear? Did it match your expectations? ( as I'm sure you had thought about experiencing a disaster before )

moustachos7 karma

I didn't have any expectations because I didn't know it was going to happen. I'd like to think it's one of the worst imaginable ways to die. Nobody should have to go through what I went through and the other miracle besides my survival is the fact I'm able to sustain the life I have now. It's not easy.

Skaryon4 karma

How long were you paralyzed? Any lasting damage other than the psychological?

You're cute btw.

moustachos5 karma

I was paralysed for a few minutes while in the lake we landed in. I couldn't feel most of my body because of cold/shock. Lasting damage is just daily neck/back pain which leaves me a little useless with certain physical activities. And thanks!

Xghoststrike3 karma

What's the status of bill? I have pieced together he is alive from other comments but no other known information. Was he badly injured aswell? Is he crippled or recovering? I read multiply times you have not got in contact with him since the incident so this may be hard to answer.

As well, when you landed, did you land on him or vice versa?

moustachos6 karma

He's alive. He broke his legs and pelvis. I haven't had any contact with him. I both landed on the ground and each other. It wasn't just a straight, flat landing.

the_goose_says2 karma

What did you land on and did it help soften the landing?

moustachos2 karma

We hit the edge of a lake on a golf course. I guess that sort of ground is softer than regular earth.

Raiden11561 karma

What was the first meal you had after the accident? How was it?

moustachos2 karma

Some shitty hospital food, think it was some red meat. There's actually a picture of it in my vlog linked above.

flacidturtle11 karma

I know this is gonna be a really strange question, but I am actually being sincere. I know you had an accident but would you recommend skydiving? I've been told by multiple people that it can be a really exciting but life changing experience and I feel like that you would understand that best. I've been told it really can put the entire world into perspective and turn peoples lives around.

moustachos1 karma

I really can't answer that and I'm definitely not the right person to ask.

yedm1 karma

Did the parachute open and then collapse? Or did it fail to open at all?

Edit- Spelling error

moustachos2 karma

It deployed but appeared to be stuck in itself. It didn't open but was released.

hairymonkey22-1 karma

did you aim for a puddle?

moustachos3 karma

We landed on the edge of a lake.

moustachos3 karma

It's a trigger. Thanks.