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What metrics should we look at to know when to relax isolation measures. Should we relax these measures as soon as we are far enough post peak for the healthcare system to not overload? Or is the goal to as fully as possible reduce infections before relaxing measures?

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Were the police violent before the protests? Are you surprised in how violent the police in Hong Kong has become?

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Not a mardi gras question, but I’m a jazz pianist that loves visiting NOLA. Are there any barsor places that allows guests to play the Piano?

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Programmer here, also a language learner. Software will not replace knowing a language until software actually understands language itself and isn’t just looking for patterns with no context and using one to one human entered translations in its database.

So basically, when mahines start campaigning for the right to vote, that’ll be when it’s no longer necessary.

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Are you concerned fosta/sesta laws will make it difficult for you to continue to provide the ability to freely share sexual content on your site?