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Hi Dan. My brother is currently in jail for possession and distrubution, I know this doesn't really match your case, but I still have some qustions. Obviously I fear for his safety. I've spoken with him only a handfull of times and and he says it's not too bad. Although I know the gang situation is present. My first question is if it truely is a requirement for safety? Are there any internal options for avoiding being put in the situation of having to join a gang? And once you left, did you have to remain an active member? Sorry for all the questions, and thanks for your time. (I still have more of you wouldn't mind my asking.)

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How far did your GPA fall during your addiction? And how were you able to recover your GPA enough to be accepted into Harvard?

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Can you post the selfies? Really want to see those.

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Hey Seth, how much would you charge me to be the best man at my wedding, and having James walk my to be wife down the aisle?

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Hi guys! I've always wondered, is it difficult as an actor to maintain a serious role after working on comedy for so long?

To Mr. Franco: I've always enjoyed your comedic work (Pineapple Express is one of my favorite movies!) and just recently finish 11/22/63, amazing work! PS: Any chance of the Pineapple Express "sequel" from This is the End becoming an actual movie?

To Mr. Cranston: I recently saw the "alternate" ending to Breaking Bad. Was it difficult to switch back to Hal after so many years? PS: I really hope to see you in Better Call Saul!