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IF 98% of the doctors dont sign the contract wont that have the same effect?

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Nor, would I suggest, a massive reservoir of replacement doctors.

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Do you read SciFi and go 'ugh... ridiculous' on every page? I like a bit of hard scifi myself and there are quite a few astronomers/astrophysicists involved in the genre these days. If you do read it what authors/styles do you like? Or, given that youre a student, do you not have the time?

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Someone stole the back seat and steering wheel out of my Comm. Have you found it yet, and if not, why isnt it at the top of VicPolices priority list?

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I dont think this is correct. Being an expat usually infers that the stay is temporary, long term perhaps, but not permanent and that there is no intention to change citizenship. Where this connotation comes from is that generally its rich westerners who can afford to live overseas in high paying jobs, whereas most non-westerners move to the west to stay.

However, word usage can be wooly at times.