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I cant speak for every department on this however we have a general rule: Risk a lot to save a lot, risk a little to save a little, risk nothing to save nothing. In other words, if there is a chance that someone or something surviving, we will typically commit to the structure. With how thing are manufactured today, including homes, if there isnt an engine on scene within 10 minutes, typically there is nothing left to save.

And for me, about an 8. The homeowners and my crew take priority over pets

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There are 2 things that I can honestly say I wish the public understood l: 1. When you see lights and hear sirens, pull to the right, dont try to beat us, dont go left, just pull to the right and let us pass, someone is having the worst day of their life if we are going to them. 2. When we get on scene, whether its within a couple minutes or (God forbid) an hour, if you yhink we took too long, tell us afterwards. Getting in our face to yell and scream just delays the job more.

My best dish? Thats a hard one to say, it really depends on who is working but I have never heard a complaint about my bacon cheeseburger sushi rolls

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My late uncle was a fire chief, he died of cancer about 6 years or so ago. One thing that I always remember is how proud he was to be doing that job and how proud he was when his sons followed in his footsteps. I always wanted to make him proud. I also genuinely enjoy helping people who need it.

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I would love to see it become a requirement in all new construction. In terms of residential use, it basically puts the entire fire out. You can typically be back in your house, minus one room, within a day.

Commercially they tend to keep the fire from becoming a massive, uncontrollable event.

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I'm on a paid on call with shift options so I don't know what gives. That being said, don't let their comments get you down, just show them that your department can outwork them any day.