Hi Guys, I have a few days off so I'd thought I'd do an AMA about being a flight attendant. I operate both long and short haul routes across the world. AMA!

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govostype040648 karma

Scariest experience during a trip?

i-am-an-fa149 karma

Hit some wake turbulence on the descent into Amsterdam.

Wake turbulence is unlike the atmospheric kind, which generally starts off with a gentle rumble and builds up. Wake is the jetwash off the back of an aircraft that expands in spirals away. When an aicraft hits one it's a bit like hitting a brick wall, and in this case from my viewpoint stood at the back of the cabin, I could see it roll about 25 degrees to the right (which is a hell of a lot) as well as shaking violently from left to right.

The pilots described it as 'a bit unpleasant' when I asked them about it after.

theshiatispimpin10176 karma

"a bit unpleasant" hes probably seen some worse shit than that huh

i-am-an-fa175 karma

That's pilot talk for "that was about as much excitement my career as a commercial airline pilot can get".

sugammadex48 karma

Ever caught anyone trying to get into the mile high club?

i-am-an-fa32 karma


avogando21 karma

Are you in the mile high club?

i-am-an-fa68 karma

Nope... I'm in the "I've groped someone in the air club" though.

CSmith48923 karma

Story time pleaseee

i-am-an-fa69 karma

Honestly it was a bit boring.

13 hour night flight, 3 of us in the galley. We had a "who has the nicest ass" competition. Just gave eachother a gentle squeeze and gave a rating out of ten.

I came second, guy came first, and a girl came 3rd.

smac6144 karma

Have you ever had to kick anyone off of the plane, if so why?

i-am-an-fa132 karma

Only reason we had to kick someone off is because she was too pregnant to fly, and had gone past at least 2 people who should've noted it before hand.

Disruptive passengers usually pipe down when (or if) we unleash the Captain.

Alexanderthegrate110 karma

is "The captain" the name you give your wang?

i-am-an-fa134 karma


dnesteruk16 karma

What's the definition of 'too pregnant', exactly?

i-am-an-fa33 karma

30 weeks.

EternallyChlorinated22 karma

How do you know if they are past that point? Do you just ask outright?

i-am-an-fa28 karma

Yep :)

CuriousInIndy9 karma

What if there's a doctor's release involved?

i-am-an-fa22 karma

Doctor can give a release from 28 - 30 weeks, but from 30 weeks+ it's a no no.

CatchingAWave3 karma

Most airlines allow pregnant women up to 36 weeks. I was able to fly until then with both of my children. I obtained this information from the United, Delta, Air Canada and American Airlines websites.

i-am-an-fa3 karma

I don't work for any of those airlines.

bigpapajon37 karma

As a large passenger (6'5", 320 lbs), I try to be courteous to both staff and fellow passengers. What can I do (besides lose weight...pretend I am a professional bodyguard) to make the flight better for all involved?

i-am-an-fa39 karma

Honestly there isn't much I'm afraid... an aisle seat or an exit row would be more beneficial to you.

bigpapajon18 karma

Good thing airlines charge more for those now. What about asking for belt extensions? I don't always need one, but is there a time that is best?

i-am-an-fa15 karma

During boarding we'll make a presence... if you miss us, we have to 'secure the cabin', usually straight after the safety demo - you can catch us then.

TheSeanKyle36 karma

Are you treated properly by most of the passengers?

i-am-an-fa95 karma

For the most part yes, you get the 'Do You Know Who I Am' passengers every now and then, and the people that completely blank your greetings. Just gotta let it go over your head.

TheSeanKyle18 karma

How often do you see pervs who are uncontrollable?

i-am-an-fa144 karma

Not very often, then again I'm a 6'2 guy so it wouldn't really affect me.

cornfed_dongmaster9 karma

Honest (but possibly stupid) question: Is there a height limit for flight crew? I'm 6'3" and find myself having to duck while on a lot of planes.

i-am-an-fa11 karma

Yeah, I'm 6'2" and on the limit. I can't fit in the crew bunks, too tall to fir through the airbus doors and can't stand up on the upper deck galley of the 747.

SquaresAre2Triangles6 karma

But do you know who they are though?

i-am-an-fa16 karma

Nope, but they'll make sure we do by the end of the flight.

lunarseed30 karma

What is your "customer service" line for "stop being such a douche and leave me the fuck alone and no, we don't have light mayo for your fries you idiot."?

i-am-an-fa34 karma

Normally just tell them that we don't carry that on board. We can't really stop them or tell them to go away, because they can't.

They generally get the hint, or if we see them approaching the galley, we'll make our selves busy.

lunarseed12 karma

So the "i'm doing this thing I can't hear you" treatment. Genius.

i-am-an-fa36 karma

Or the "I'm currently a bit busy at the moment, I'll come back to you when I have a moment." Then never come back.

D3faulT_128 karma

Can you tell when a passenger will be disruptive by just seeing them? If so describe said person, thank you!

i-am-an-fa83 karma

Stag do's on a Vegas flights are usually fairly predictable.

The most difficult passengers are usually the most frequent fliers. They know the service down to the dot and will often question if you happen to miss something, or ask for something that we don't offer to them, but we'd have to bend over and give it to them because 'they're our most valued customers'.

sarz3723 karma

As someone who has worked in the service industry. Frequent Flyers/Diamond Guests are probably the worst people on earth.

i-am-an-fa18 karma

You're a oneworlder then ;) Diamond...

HowCanYouSlapBastard1 karma

But you should treat them better, otherwise what's the point of loyalty?

i-am-an-fa6 karma

We shouldn't treat them better, we should just recognize that they fly with us often. Going out of the service standards isn't what should happen, but often does.

goatsnboots27 karma

I have heard that flight attendants get worked to death and possibly mistreated by airlines. Has this been your experience?

i-am-an-fa56 karma

Some airlines do.

Mine doesn't - we certainly get worked hard, and I look at my roster and think "how can that be legal?" but there is an overriding sense to me that we are cared about from the airline, and some (ryanair) don't give you that security.

xKortney27 karma

We were recently on a flight that was about half empty. Plenty of open rows in front of ours including the exit rows with more leg room. Is it acceptable for me to ask to move to an open row/seat?

i-am-an-fa88 karma

Always do it after takeoff, the aircraft is trimmed and adjusted for the weight and balance based on where the people have their seat assigned.

Once in the air it's easily (and automatically) adjusted, so it's fine to move about.

Montags2523 karma

Is there a special cabin where flight attendants can sleep?

i-am-an-fa94 karma

On the long haul aircraft yes.

A 747 has quite a cramped rest area. Our 777-300's however have a very nice crew rest, ours don't have the TV's though!

All (minus a few) are accessible from a cupboard style door that leads directly into a ladder.

downneck41 karma

jesus lord almighty, creator of heaven and earth...of all things seen and unseen, that looks beautiful.

after a few hours crammed into a shitty economy chair that reclines about 3 degrees off bolt upright with some fat fucker draped over half my seat, i would happily pay one of you guys several hundred hard-earned us dollars' worth of the currency of your choice for a couple hours nap time in one of those.

i-am-an-fa35 karma

It is possibly the best part of the job - the bed it a bit hard but it's better that what any of the passengers will get :)

If you look maybe half an hour after we clear away the meal trays, you'll see half the crew shuffling down the aisle clutching blankets.

holdencawffle24 karma

that looks like a huge space to hide on a 777, where exactly is it located?

i-am-an-fa33 karma

Above the passenger cabin, the rear central bulkhead houses the staircase. It stretches all the way to the bulkhead in the front of the rear cabin.

Darksirius12 karma

That image of the 777 is a bit deceiving.


Most people are going to have to duck a bit to walk down the isle. That guy isn't even all the way up and he's close to hitting the ceiling. Still, better than the regular seats!

i-am-an-fa3 karma

Oh yeah, the ceiling is about chest level for me, though that doesn't really matter if you're lying down!

emcee_gee19 karma

What's the nicest thing a passenger has ever done for you?

i-am-an-fa43 karma

Always love it when passengers give us some chocolates, or come in for a chat.

If you every want to chat to us, come in about an hour after we clear away the meals on long haul - we're usually not doing much around then :)

emcee_gee52 karma

I was on a flight from Boston to Chicago - maybe three years ago. One of the flight attendants kept stuttering, repeating herself, and taking long pauses during the pre-flight safety spiel. She re-did the passenger count three or four times. She didn't stock the drink cart right - she had to keep running to the galley to re-stock. She basically just did all sorts of little things wrong.

Upon arrival in Chicago, the other flight attendant announced that it was her first day. So when I got up to get my backpack out of the overhead compartment (I was one row in front of her at the back of the plane), I asked if I could give her a "good job fist-bump". Her face lit up with the biggest, most sincere smile I'd seen in a long time. All of the anxiety she had felt throughout the entire flight - all of the little mistakes she had been fretting over - just completely melted away right in that moment. We had a great conversation about first-day jitters, fear of public speaking, and the fact that we all know that everyone's human.

I still think about that experience every so often. I'd never really interacted with a flight attendant like a human being before; I basically just repeated the typical robotic "coke, please" and "thanks" after takeoff, and a "have a nice day" on my way off the plane that I'd practiced over years of flying.

Ever since, I've always wanted to replicate that moment, but I've never had the balls again. Like, even if it's just approaching them for a conversation in their downtime like you suggest - I don't want to bother them, and I don't know what to talk about. If I ever try, it's usually just "hello, how's your day?" and then they'd answer "going well, sir" and then I'd pretend I was just on my way to the bathroom.

Maybe I'm just too awkward to do this.

edit: a word

i-am-an-fa27 karma

First flight is terrible, you feel so under prepared - every FA know's the feeling.

We're always up for a chat though! Come back and say high if we're not wrestling with a cart :)

BeatzEntertainment2 karma

or come in for a chat.

What do you mean by that? Like come into the cabin where the pilots sit?

i-am-an-fa4 karma

Just come into our galley :)

TheHumanSuitcase18 karma

What's your favorite joke from Airplane! the movie?

Follow up, as far as AMAs go, are you nervous? First time?

i-am-an-fa24 karma

I'm a fan of the "they have instruments" joke.

I'm a redditor, this is just a throwaway ;)

Burkolicious15 karma

You ever seen a grown man naked?

i-am-an-fa13 karma

I think so.

the_NOHO_kid6 karma

OP Missed that one completely, u/TheHumanSuitcase

i-am-an-fa9 karma


No, I've been nervous lots of times.

Nailed it.

NeatlyScotched15 karma

I work ATC and yesterday we had a major carrier flight divert back home due to a broken bathroom. It was damn near halfway to its destination and had to turn around and head back. So my question is, what the hell had to have happened in that bathroom, and, I know 737 have more than one, why would a single bathroom cause a diversion?

i-am-an-fa31 karma

Forward left toilet failure would mean the pilots would have to walk all the way through the aircraft to go to the toilet, which is unsafe.

Probably turned back because they didn't have the resources at the destination, so rather than ground it out there, they'd bring it back and fix it ASAP.

gbstills15 karma

I once heard to never drink the coffee because the non-bottled water in planes is not very sanitary. Is that true?

i-am-an-fa28 karma

Potable water isn't the greatest, but then again neither is airline coffee.

sheknitsandreads12 karma

Do you ever have fears that your flight might be involved in a terrorist attack? If so, how do you combat those fears?

i-am-an-fa22 karma

No, although some airports could improve their security a little.

brentoman12 karma

Have you worked for multiple airlines? If so, what did you like about one vs. the other?

i-am-an-fa16 karma

I've only worked for one, and it's a major airline so I'm no really worked as hard as the lo-cost carriers, but each has their unique challenges.

Ruddiver12 karma

What route has the worst people? I have asked flight attendants this and they are all in agreement on a certain city. I don't want to bias you, so I will wait for your answer.

i-am-an-fa35 karma

West African cities.

It's more the culture than anything, but when people click and hiss at you to attract attention, it pisses me off.

They also buy ALL the duty free, usually to make a statement about how much money they have.

Dr_FrancoDanko11 karma

Are there any hidden parachutes on board any flight? Thanks!

i-am-an-fa11 karma


CPOx11 karma

Did you have any type of near-miss or scary incidents that the crew all knew about, but didn't tell the passengers to keep them calm?

i-am-an-fa30 karma

I was taking off out of Frankfurt last week actually and my door seal was making a horrific hissing noise. The only real way of finding out whether it was leaking was to get above the safe altitude. Turns out it was fine and the seal was probably just a bit wet. Apart from that, nothing much.

jessbsb1211 karma

My sister wants to be a flight attendant, and her question is which airline do you think treats their air hostess the worst? Also, what is the minimum height to be a flight attendant?

i-am-an-fa19 karma

Minimum height is usually about 5 foot.

Try to avoid low coast airlines if you don't want to work really hard, but the reality is, you'll get worked hard and have to miss out on special occasions regardless of what airline you join.

Wikk3d110 karma

  1. Do you use your cellphone in flight?
  2. Do you always fly the same routes?
  3. How often do you get to utilize the free flights?
  4. Most importantly, how can we be better passengers and help you do your job better/more efficiently?

i-am-an-fa36 karma

1) Do you use your cellphone in flight?

In flight Mode, usually just for photos.

2) Do you always fly the same routes?

Nope, my airline has a large route variety.

3) How often do you get to utilize the free flights?

We have to pay taxes which is surprisingly expensive, but I don't use it too often - busy at work!

4) Most importantly, how can we be better passengers and help you do your job better/more efficiently?

When we do our slow backwards walk checking your seatbelt etc - just make sure every thing is in check because when we're doing that (espescially for landing), we're usually quite pressed for time and coming across someone with a meal tray, seat reclined, seatbelt undone and their belongings strewn across 3 rows who also needs to go to the toilet, it becomes a bit of a hassle.

Jaytime10 karma

Okay, as a flight attendant is it true that you guys have to carry around a spare uniform around with you in case one gets dirty?

i-am-an-fa23 karma

I carry a spare shirt on short haul, long haul I carry a fresh uniform around with me. Cos plane smell is nasty.

Jaytime9 karma

That is true. About the smell. Huh, interesting. I always thought you guys would have to bring around one because with babies and all that there has to be occasions where the uniform gets messy.

i-am-an-fa14 karma

Yeah, we carry stain remover, and the toilet seat wipes in the toilets work very well for removing stuff.

Dovakhiins-Dildo9 karma

What's the worst experience you've had as a flight attendant?

i-am-an-fa26 karma

Cleaning up vomit, 4am, can hardly keep my eyes open in the back of an airbus during turblulence.

A boeing is very solid during turbulence, however an airbus tends to sway about, especially at the back - makes a lot of people sick.

Oversteer_8 karma

Do you have to eat the same rubbish as the passengers or do you get treated to something nicer?

i-am-an-fa15 karma

We're treated to something generally a bit worse on long haul (think school lunch sandwiches) so I often go for the business/first class food.

Shorthaul we'd get the equivalent to a long haul economy meal.

werebone8 karma

How long is a typical work week for you? And what sort of hours in each day of your work week?

i-am-an-fa16 karma

We don't have a working week per se, but we can work up to 8 days in a row if they're all 2 sector short haul routes. Duty's can vary from 2 hours to 16 hours.

We can also work up to 4 flights a day, or operate two 15 hour flights in 4 days.

Regulation is that we can have 20mins of break every 12 hours, but on a 12 hour flight, around 3hrs 30mins of break is usual for my airline.

SquaresAre2Triangles5 karma

20 minutes of break every 12 hours???

Aside from that - with such an unpredictable schedule how are you paid? Salary/hourly/distance?

i-am-an-fa5 karma

I get salaried and then an hourly pay for every hour I spend away from home.

KhalOfManchester8 karma

Have you had any weird passengers? e.g. Like get naked in front of everyone weird.

i-am-an-fa13 karma

Nope, you get the people drumming their bodies quite a bit, never quite worked that one out.

YT__8 karma

Have you ever hit a passenger with the cart? I've been hit multiple times. Twice by the Same attendant.

i-am-an-fa24 karma

Yeah, but they usually put they're legs in front of a 300lb cart that I can't see the other side of.

Icanthearyoulalala7 karma

What's the accommodation like when you're between work shifts?

Do you get time to explore any of the places you stop in or is it generally just airport hotels and then back to work?

What's the nicest thing a passenger has done for you?

i-am-an-fa23 karma

The accommodation is generally pretty good. We have to have quite a few contractual agreements met which only come in 4/5* hotels. All our hotels are downtown too, so away from the airport.

We generally get a minimum of 24 hours in a destination, so if you plan ahead and hit the ground running you can get a decent amount of stuff done.

My usual plan for a 24 hour stop is to have a nap, have a wander and stock up on stuff you can only get in that destination before heading out for dinner with the crew.

We can spend up to 8 nights in a few destinations though, that's when it turns into a holiday and you start bringing friends/family along on buddy tickets.

Icanthearyoulalala8 karma

One more!

What kind of strain does this type of work schedule and traveling put on relationships?

i-am-an-fa12 karma

I'm not in a relationship, but people are. It often becomes a long distance relationship tbh.

Socially it is a bit of hassle coming up with dates to do stuff. I didn't know what I'd be doing over the christmas period until last week.

truthserum237 karma

Should passengers avoid flirting with flight attendants, or is it welcome?

i-am-an-fa23 karma

You can flirt, it's just knowing where the line is that's the problem sometimes.

z00k2597 karma

What are your hours? Like do you work from 8:00am until 8:00pm or something like that? And how many places do you travel to in one day?

i-am-an-fa11 karma

We can hit 3 places in one day. If we worked 8am - 8pm I'd probably quit.

Hours are 24/7, 365 days a year with no pattern to follow.

AnalOgre6 karma

What can we do to get moved up to a first or business class seat if they are open?

i-am-an-fa9 karma

Not much :( Management don't like it when we upgrade people.

psycomidgt6 karma

About what percentage of people would you guess actually pay attention to your beginning speech about where everything is i.e. Exits, O2 masks, etc?

i-am-an-fa8 karma

Depends on the route, but on the whole - 10-15%

lantech194466 karma

Does anyone still call you a stewardess?

i-am-an-fa7 karma

Yeah, it annoys me.

MedschoolgirlMadison6 karma

Do you still get rattled by turbulence? And have you experienced flying with a passenger that overacts on every little turbulence?

i-am-an-fa20 karma

I quite enjoy turbulence. I only ever feel a little bit queezy if I'm doing a service during some nasty bumps, going up and down with the trolley and pouring drinks isn't pleasant.

Passengers love to exaggerate, often telling me how bad the turbulence was when it wasn't. I'm usually like, "Yeah, I was on the plane with you."

ricarroni5 karma

How did you get into the career of being a flight attendant? I've always been interested in it.

i-am-an-fa12 karma

I worked on the ground as a gate agent, but honestly you need a high school education and preferably some customer service experience. A industry where it's proven you can care for people; ie nurse, teacher, carer etc is always helpful as well!

Airlines look for personality more than anything.

ricarroni4 karma

Is it a fulfilling career? Are you happy doing it? I won't ask personal questions such as your level of pay but do you make enough to live/enjoy yourself?

i-am-an-fa10 karma

I love it, meet so many new people and see amazing destinations.

Pay could be better, but it's liveable.

ricarroni6 karma

How do you go about getting into that field? I've done some research and I know you have to start in the 'lo-cost' airlines.

i-am-an-fa9 karma

You don't have to start there, it's just more difficult to get into the mainline and major airlines as everyone wants to be there.

Listers5 karma

Why is it that pilots and FAs don't announce who they work for? Even my Facebook friends don't post it in their info. It's always "major airline"

i-am-an-fa12 karma

It's because it's publicity for the wrong reasons for the airline usually. Although it's generally easy to work it out if you're in the industry.

Zarnzy5 karma

What tips do you have on choosing the right airline food?

i-am-an-fa12 karma

It's all pretty shitty - although I often eat the beef on board.

DonkDaddy5 karma

I have heard the only way to meet a flight attendant is to ask them for a drink at the airport bar (if it is indeed their last flight of the day), as it is really the only safe option... Can you confirm?

i-am-an-fa13 karma

We always get whisked away to the hotel so unless you chance across us there (we can't tell you our hotel for security reasons) it'll be pretty hard.

If we're landing back home, we're often out the airport before the passengers.

bigigantic545 karma

What's your favorite plane to fly on? Why?

Boeing or airbus? Why?

i-am-an-fa8 karma

Boeing 777-300.

Sounds great on takeoff, nice crew rest and generally very good through turbulence.

trailertrash695 karma

Will have done around 100 segments by year's end. Do you genuinely think of us as good customers or pathetic people who have to live in hotels?

Never have hung out with crew after work. How would I go about this (if at all possible.)

How much discretion do you have with last minute upgrades or giving away booze? Under what conditions would you do so?

i-am-an-fa4 karma

I don't often carry an opinion to be honest.

It'd be quite difficult to squeeze the hotel we stay in out of us, as we can't say for security reasons.

Firing up tinder in an airport will no doubt get you FA's.

ItsYouNotMe7075 karma

Why did i get cut off on my last flight!? first of all i was in first-class it was a short flight NY to ft. lauderdale i only had 4 drinks and i did not make a peep the entire flight. i was alone so i literally did not speak a word except to order drinks, i didn't even get up to go to the bathroom! is this like a policy? was it bc the flight was so short?

i-am-an-fa8 karma

Down to the FA's really. I usually tell them to slow down, or give them water and explain to them that if they're ok in about half an hour, I'll give them another drink.

Pepe_Le_Frog5 karma

What can we as flyers do to make a flight attendant's job way easier? Also ~ what's the longest stretch you've had to fly for?

i-am-an-fa7 karma

I have done a 15 hour flight before, and that was long lol.

Just do what we ask to be honest - don't stack the trays! It may seem helpful but they go back in one-by-one.

AErrorist4 karma

Why can't I have a second pack of cookies? They are so good with coffee!

i-am-an-fa12 karma

Because reasons!

skandr754 karma

Is reclining your seat in a plane rude? Have you discussed this with other flight attendants? What's the consensus?

i-am-an-fa23 karma

It's the cause of the biggest arguments between passengers, but they can be reclined and passengers can if they want.

I'm of the opinion (and tell passengers this) that it should be upright during meal service, but once we settle in for the long haul, passengers are more than welcome to recline.

skandr755 karma

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!

i-am-an-fa5 karma

No worries!

the_schmeez4 karma

My wife wants to fly to Ireland next year for our anniversary. DTW being the departure, not sure about where we will be on layover or landing in country. I have only flown once and to be quite honest, I don't like airplanes (helicopters though Im always game for). Any advice on how to get through such a long flight without making a complete fool of myself?

i-am-an-fa15 karma

If you sit towards the middle, it's less likely to be bumpy.

Fasten your seatbelt over your blanket so we don't have to wake you to check.

Bring the FA's some chocolates will get you some kudos and presents in return.

Enjoy the movies!

the_schmeez10 karma

Seriously? We can give stuff to flight attendants? I always assumed that would be a security risk and frowned upon from a 27 year old guy

i-am-an-fa9 karma

Nope! We love gifts :)

CountChoculahh4 karma

Is it true that stewardesses crop dust the plane regularly?

i-am-an-fa8 karma

It's true that everyone get's very gassy on board, but I don't often crop dust. Can't speak for other flight attendants though.

donvito394 karma

What are the perks you get?

i-am-an-fa7 karma

Discounts in the most random of places (I always ask) and free flights :D

buttastronaut4 karma

I heard once that bumpiness in flying is like bumpiness in driving...there are some areas that are just naturally bumpy (like going over mountains). What are some other things that may cause natural turbulence that as a flight attendant you are aware of? Because I always assume the plane is going down the minute there's a bump so it would be nice to know like "ok this is completely normal and expected because we are going over mountains right now"

i-am-an-fa8 karma

Mountains are bumpy because they whip up the air down below.

Flying around the equator and tropical regions are also a bit volatile due to the weather cycles they experience. But turbulence can happen anywhere to be honest.

tmarcomb4 karma

How do you feel about the touchy-feely news stories that talk about how an airline went the extra mile for someone, or something? Are those just a ploy to soften the industry image, or do nice things really happen that frequently?

i-am-an-fa12 karma

I quite often go the extra miles for people who are nice.

Although sometimes plating an economy meal in some first class china makes all the difference.


Can I get a free/discounted ticket? I'll bring you chocolate.

i-am-an-fa8 karma

Nah mate.

I'll take the chocolate though.

Junior_Arino1 karma

I work for an airline now, and my dad is pushing me to be a flight attendant but I'm not really a people person (even though I can fake it well). Do you think this job would help someone like me open up more or would it make it worse?

i-am-an-fa3 karma

It would help you open up, but you may have difficulty in the interview if you come across introverted.

Jinxtor1 karma

Hi! Were you in any situation were you had to report someone, like for misbehave or something that appeared suspect?

i-am-an-fa1 karma

Nope :)

TeflonDapperDon1 karma

Where are you tired of flying to and why?

i-am-an-fa2 karma

Some West African destinations we're not allowed to leave the hotel for security reasons, so that gets a bit boring.

huskyOD1 karma

How long do you get to stay in the places you fly to? Like if you fly to Italy for example can you just chill there for a few days before you fly back?

i-am-an-fa2 karma

Anywhere between 45 minutes and 8 days. :)

On short haul it's usually around an hour, extending to 2 nights on the odd occasion.

On long haul, anywhere from 24 hour to 8 days. Although to get 3 local nights is a bit of a treat.

Robloblaw_1 karma

Kind of a weird question, but what is a good gift for a Flight atttendant...? Tryin to impress the MIL.

i-am-an-fa2 karma

I'm personally a fan of chocolates :) It's our most common gift.

bigredbrownbear1 karma

What does the ding sound I occasionally hear indicate? I'm talking the ones that don't correspond to the flight attendant button or the seatbelt sign.

i-am-an-fa3 karma

Single chime in the galley; Call Bell

Single Chime in the cabin; seatbelt sign

Bing-bong; Interphone

Double bing-bong; Take-off imminent

Triple bing-bong; Alert stations (to hear an emergency briefing over the phone)

Continuous chimes; toilet alarm

Alarm: evac alarm (which you would never hear)