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yep. I worked at a restaurant that everybody knew was closing. many liberties were taken. i feel bad for the customers those last few months, they experienced a raw side of the restaurant business not many people see. i also said things to rude customers servers could only dream of saying. it was glorious.

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alrighty. so basically the place i'm describing had an owner going bankrupt and was unable to pay any of the staff. so every week was crap shoot on who was actually going to show up. i generally got paid pretty quickly but also had a stowaway of expensive wines on standby just in case i got screwed i could sell the wine and be taken care of. all of our paychecks bounced, i couldn't go to a check cashing place more than once i burned them all out. i live in NYC so think about how many check cashing places that is, lots. the place itself was absolutely beautiful, huge upscale restaurant/catering hall in a ritzy westchester neighborhood. could hold 300 people. toward the end it was only me and a couple friends i promised to pay eventually (i become de facto manager only bc nobody else would keep working) i was really too busy for any very comical long lasting stories. but if somebody was rude to one of my co workers i would go over grab the drink or the fork from their hand and tell them to get the fuck out. people would be waiting for something (granted for a long time, there was me and 1 other server for 200+ people sometimes) and approach me if i saw them i would pause them with my hand and use my fingers to signal them to walk by to their seat. if they made it to my shoulder i would tell them to stop being rude and sit down. when people asked to see the manager my servers or bartenders would shake their head and laugh like "are you sure?" i threw out many people, if somebody was polite and treated me like a human i would give them a round of drinks as i politely told them to go somewhere else for dinner if they wanted to enjoy their night. it was the biggest shitshow in the world. theres so much i'm missing from the kitchen and behind the scenes but honestly without me going into detail on characters and backstory none of it will ring funny as it should and i'm not writing a book over here!

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the first black president could NEVER legalize weed, that would just be too perfect.

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agreed. i love rewatching my homemade videos, its kinda like watching myself in a porn movie except theres terrible lighting and horrible angles lol. do you ever video yourself at home just for fun?

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i joined the mile high club a few years back. my gf never came to meet me in the bathroom. so i joined by myself. idgaf that counts!