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Whats your opinion of the Eurovision?Is it fixed or not?

Whats the hardest decision you made in government?

Have you ever wanted to punch a person you worked with a why?

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Okay, as a flight attendant is it true that you guys have to carry around a spare uniform around with you in case one gets dirty?

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That is true. About the smell. Huh, interesting. I always thought you guys would have to bring around one because with babies and all that there has to be occasions where the uniform gets messy.

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Wow. Well to be honest you may have just given me advice on stains (college student need I say more?). So thanks for that as well :D I salute you, as you do some excellent underappreciated work.

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Have you ever really had to express authority onto someone. Anything from forcing them to leave, to getting into physical conflict with them? And if you dont mind a second question, assuming your not made of stone and have seen some horrible things, what was the closest you have ever been to just quitting the job and leaving?