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Last time I was there, beginning of December, there were like 100, I believe, Argentinian girls. They must have been in for soccer or something. Their coach was shouting to them all to find them in that space food court at Magic Kingdom. They opened the door and it was just a sea of blue and white rushing into the lines. shudders

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He said UBI for 18-64. I imagine that would mean he is still planning on having something for those of retirement age. But would love to hear his plans.

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Did you not get enough publicity 173 days ago when you did this same exact thing?

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Have you ever hit a passenger with the cart? I've been hit multiple times. Twice by the Same attendant.

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That's exactly how I got hit. In my defense, I was asleep. I fall asleep on almost every flight. And my foot just kept falling out into the aisle. Idk why I can't stay awake on flights.