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MedschoolgirlMadison40 karma

Hi of all the penguins in there, is there anyone that really stick out? If yes, can you tell us the story.

MedschoolgirlMadison22 karma

That’s cool story man, you’re her one man cheering squad,

MedschoolgirlMadison6 karma

Do you still get rattled by turbulence? And have you experienced flying with a passenger that overacts on every little turbulence?

MedschoolgirlMadison3 karma

Calories don't count when you eat donut inside the car in a dark parking lot, every 20 something girl knows that...

MedschoolgirlMadison3 karma

Thanks for answering, I experienced a big one earlier this year when I took the flight home straight after exam and drinks spilled over my white uniform I was having OJ and my seatmate had coffee, not my favorite experience and also crying babies.