I can also answer questions here!

EDIT FINAL: alright everbodies, the mind and fingers are weak. I hope I answered enough and I tried to get to everybody!

I hope this might give my little ama a bit more coverage! Get your throwaways if you're feeling nervous and come find out a bit more about a friendly plant.


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germ3moons43 karma

Hey there, thanks for doing this. Just wondering how often do budtenders get to toke on the job, and is it better to budtend stoned?👍

MeMoosta92 karma

We can take smoke breaks if we like prettymuch whenever. But we're also really internally strict on making sure people aren't to high to do their jobs. If you get a rep for fucking up because you can't handle your breaks you're gonna find yourself not taking those breaks anymore and the bosses will watch you all the more. I do tend to like having a single hit or two before a shift and on my lunch to keep myself from being overly anxious as I'm a bit of an excitable guy without some ganja.

electrojag28 karma

How did you get involved in the business? Are there many competitors?

MeMoosta42 karma

I was hired as a security guard for a local dispensary. I was then competent and persistent enough that they kept giving me jobs to do til I was basically running one of their stores. As for competition, it depends. We certainly put a large emphasis on customer retention as there is little effort involved in going somewhere else if you don't like our service or product.

PM_Me_Genitalia10 karma

You commented already on being able to smoke on the job so long as you keep it together but I assume this is for clerks and other employees. Were you permitted to smoke while working security and, if so, did you? How do you feel about this particular issue?

Was it armed security and, if so, did you open carry? What are your opinions on armed security at despinsaries?

BTW thank you for doing this AMA!

MeMoosta18 karma

Good question! In fact no I was not allowed to smoke while on guard duty. I was unarmed but had a taser and pepperspray on me. In california you have to do special classes to be a guard and the armed ones were more expensive. I was dirt broke so I took only the unarmed ones.

However since I was a guard we switched from in house security (which is what I was) to hiring out from a local guard company. We did this as they passed a regulation that required all dispensaries in the area to have an armed guard at all times.

As for my opinion on it I feel it's more about the look of it and the feeling of "security" it provides rather than any real protection. We're in such an easy building to break into anyone trying to rob us would have to be a moron to do it during the day against the guard instead of after hours with a rock vs the glass.

dogpoopandbees17 karma

"Let's give this guy that's anxious without weed this here taser"

MeMoosta17 karma

haha it's more the "did I say something dumb, oh god what are they thinking about me" form of anxiety rather than the "OH GOD IMMA TRIGGERED LET ME TAZE THIS DUDE RIGHT NOW" panic.

AErrorist11 karma


MeMoosta9 karma


AErrorist6 karma

I personally do not partake in the smoking of the drugs, but you, I like you. You got moxie kid.

MeMoosta10 karma

thanks! I'm from the old 4chan encyclopedia dramatica days, so I'm more of an internet nerd than a stoner any day of the week. My co workers think I'm super weird.

PM_Me_Genitalia5 karma

Thanks for the answer!

As you are a manager now I'm curious as to your opinion on armed security smoking while on the job. Obviously you do not want them to be "stoned" but I do know a number of private security guys personally and a lot of them are former military that got a medical discharge. A few of them struggle with PTSD that they manage with benzos and would much rather use medical marijuana (I live in NC so that is, sadly, a no-go).

Would you prefer your security to be marijuana free while working or do you think a medical dose, possibly of a low potency indica strain, would be acceptable / appropriate?

MeMoosta6 karma

While I likely wouldn't mind given time to assess the demenour and personality of the guard. But unfortunately wheither I mind or not is a bit of a moot point as with an armed guard if he were to need to fire his gun if he tested positive for ANY thc it could be a massive liability. Especially in cali which is litigious as fuck the guard not smoking is a sacrifice on the altar of lawsuit.

dickielegs20 karma

I like weed and do smoke it on occasion, but I have to be drunk before I do it, which sometimes causes me to get physically ill.

If I'm not drunk before I smoke, my anxiety goes through the roof and I'm stuck in a state of panic until the weed wears off.

Any suggestions?

MeMoosta29 karma

Make sure you're getting indica dominant strains first off. While sativa or indicas can cause anxiety sativas are the ones most well known for it. There's a decent app/website for checking what the genetics on any particular strain called Leafly. Past that I would say for a lot of people having something to keep your mind engaged can help with the anxiety, often times cannabis is very good at amplifying what you are feeling or expecting to feel so going into it with a fun plan or at least something enjoyable, a meal, bath, music can help with that feeling as well.

dickielegs7 karma

Thanks for the reply, man.

I'm in Australia, so we don't have dispensaries. But I'm assuming the vast majority of weed I'd purchase from petty dealers would be indica? Maybe weed just doesn't suit me.

MeMoosta12 karma

Well most dealers I feel probably are dealing some sort of indica hybrid as they doubtfully care overmuch of the purity of it's genetics. Other than that yes it is very possible it isn't for you. It's even possible to be alergic! If you feel like you'd like to try further I might suggest taking VERY small amounts. it could be that you're over medicating for your chemistry. Don't be nervous of taking single small puffs and being done. Many people think it's about getting AS high as possible, or just because the joint is lit you should keep smoking. for me it's about getting the right ammount of high, and sometimes thats very little.

ElphebaManchester17 karma

I have to ask, what is the hiring process for your dispensary?

MeMoosta21 karma

No worries, this is what I get asked most :). Short answer there isn't one. you either know someone inside already or just manage to be in the running by turning in a resume when we do one of our hiring stints. It's rare though that people hired at these places have NO connection somewhere to someone in the business already.

Bear_Taco20 karma

Ah. So like anything else that isn't retail.

MeMoosta24 karma

As a consolation prize I will say it doesn't overly matter where you find your connection. Find a job as a trimmer, a weigher, a guard, a sign flipper. If you can just even get a tiiiiiny finger in the door it makes getting your second job in the industry way easier. I know we rejected probably the last 100 budtender resumes but have hired EVERY person who asked for a job a packager.

AmiriteClyde6 karma

So I have aspirations to pick up my family and start a new career in a legal state but I live in an illegal state with only one long time friend who I buy from. No network, no foundation and no experience in the bud industry. I do, however, have a BS degree in PR and AD, 2 years experience running my own business as a real estate broker and a TON of sales experience with leadership/business/entrepreneur seminars... tax wrote offs to go to Vegas if you find a business purpose ;)

Who, what, when, where bub? What do I need to do to stand out to solidify a position before I uproot and move without the financial security of having gainful employment?

MeMoosta5 karma

Now this is a serious question. Ok so real talk if you have NO industry contacts or knowledge it's going to be very hard to start off. There are a LOT of very sharky people in the industry. I would say there are more dispensaries that need business savvy than need better budtenders. I know the owners here have hired a few "consultants" that have been varying levels of useful but I know were paid well.

You might want to try and find a partner that really knows the cannabis side of things and/or is well connected but is totally a moron about money/business stuff. I know my owners fall on a side of that line, and sometimes this place isn't as professional as I might like. So your skills are needed I just wouldn't know exactly where to apply them as I don't have them myself necessarily.

AmiriteClyde2 karma

I'm sure there's a vacancy somewhere out there for a marketing/PR guy who can train entry level employees in customer satisfaction, ethical business practices, and customer retention. I'm not looking for a position where I go in and do X job for X hours to receive X payment. I'm ok with getting my foot in the door with a low base pay and performance based bonuses. Actually, I'm confident that a pay structure like that would be more lucritive for me. I don't do well being micro managed and I don't micro manage. I surround myself with a competent team who are able to succeed and work well together. There has to be a hierarchy but I prefer an atmosphere where everyone works together in unison rather than a boss who delegates tasks that may or may not be done. Too much to ask for? I don't think so. Especially in a market where business practice hasn't been around long enough to establish a precident for how things are done. When people work together for 2 goals (drive profits and take care of customers) they succeed. The notion of hiring someone to do one thing is dead. The saying "not in my job description" doesn't apply. Everyone's job description is the same... Increase revenue and ensure customer satisfaction. You just need people to accomplish that goal using their own unique skill sets. THAT is where you get job titles from. This applies to the CEO as much as it does to the Trimmers. One love, two goals bruddah.

MeMoosta4 karma

There are definately some clubs that have 50+ years of cannabis experience among their staff but with >1 year business experience.

I would say there is space for you but make sure you remember we're very non conformist in the industry. You'll buck heads if you try and make things too "corporate" feeling even if that might be the better business practice.

AmiriteClyde4 karma

I definitely don't like the idea of a corporate atmosphere. I vision it more like a 1950's pharmacy in small town america combined with proven models of fiscal success. Your customers are your neighbors , that can't be forgotten but you're a business that has a responsibility to make sure your employees can put food on the table.

MeMoosta3 karma

Good! then you'd probably fit right in. Ideally that's almost identical to what I'd want. Strangely enough I actually think the industry could use like....15% more coporate it's sometimes a bit fast and loose and some good standardization and consistency would help the actual patients fill their needs better. Plus a standard hiring practice would avoid some of the more interesting nepotism based hires that go on around here too often for my tastes.

foomachoo14 karma


MeMoosta19 karma

Well it's hard to tell between the fakes and the ones the doctors office have legitimately messed up something on. The staff at the local doctors offices sometimes leave things to be desired and as such we have some trouble getting perfectly legitimate patients verified more than actual fake ones. Luckily the law is very clear on certain paperwork needing to be in order so really you can't fake it. people who try to bring fake ones in tend get angry and try and argue they leave quickly when they realize I'm not going to budge. They're looking for the inexperienced person to slip by, not someone who's giving them the "really?" face.

SirReal3213 karma

How does the whole edible thing work? Is getting paid to make weed chocolate really a thing?

MeMoosta19 karma

Yes it very much is a thing. My fiance works for a bakery that makes cannabis goods to sell to local dispensaries. They buy bulk amounts of cannabis from a grower that they process into a butter. They then make a couple dozen different types of edibles which they sell to dispensaries which then mark them up and sell them to holders of medical marijuana recommendations

JPrideaux16 karma

Woah. You and I are the same person. I manage a shop and my girlfriend bakes cookies for distribution.

MeMoosta11 karma

I bet you don't have my beard though.

JPrideaux6 karma

Hahaha my friend you are wrong. I would give proof but that'll never happen.

MeMoosta7 karma

A man with a beard would never lie. And I am adopted. Maybe we're brothers, is your dads name eric?

JPrideaux7 karma

No. But I do know an Eric. Is that one your father?

MeMoosta5 karma

idk probably, ask him if he's got an illegitimate child and we'll see where we get.

herpnderplurker1 karma

This is my dream job! I went to culinary school and have worked in various restaurants and hotels as a pastry chef. Sadly I'm in an illegal state. How does one even locate a "special" bakery and apply for a job?

MeMoosta1 karma

heh, they're even more secretive than we are. In fact I don't think you'll ever find one unless you know someone. that being said most dispensaries have contact info for them but you're probably gonna need to be a fairly well known person before they'll risk their rep on letting you in on the location.

herpnderplurker1 karma

Yeah thats what I figured. Maybe one day I'll save up enough to start a mobile speical pastry truck. Drive around delivering the dank.

MeMoosta1 karma

Honestly you don't need the truck. If you can actually cook consistently dosed tasty edibles you can just have dispensaries buy your stock. The one my wife works for started in the bosses kitchen and they just kept hiring people as orders got larger and now they're one of the biggest in the city.

Quotent_Quotables6 karma

Did you have that beard before you met your Fiance or is this something she's unknowingly been saddled with?

MeMoosta8 karma

I grew it at her request! in her words, "you're a giant manchild I need something to keep me from feeling like a pedo"

Quotent_Quotables3 karma

lol - she's amazing! A fine beard sir.

Follow up: what made you decide "chin" shall be the area that remains shaved? (I'm a full beard guy but I've always wanted to ask someone with your style of beard this question)

MeMoosta1 karma

I'm slightly vain and wanted something more fancy than just "beard" It's a pain in the ass to keep looking halfway decent and I keep thinking I'll just grow the whole thing out but I keep getting compliments and I don't want that to stop.

BigFudge435 karma

Do they have medical marijuana that would be considered an "upper"? I'm asking because all of the medical marijuana that I have personally tried made me very sleepy and mellowed out. By the way, thanks for doing this AMA. I think it's awesome the work you guys do.

MeMoosta10 karma

You should look for strains that are of the Sativa Genus. Specifically I like Sour Diesel or a Jack Herer strain for daytime smoking. I would also say that with cannabis your mentality and activities play a large roll in how "upper" it is. Often times I find once you're high so you don't do things so you relax which makes you tired. If you plan on being active and already are excited and energetic for that you'll probably find it a bit less tiring

RottenPiss4 karma

Sativa is a species of the genus Cannabis (name Cannabis sativa). Cannabis indica is a subspecies of Cannabis sativa. Not trying to be a dick just trying to help; just looked it up myself. The difference in their effects is due to the ratio of THC to CBD. Cannabis sativa has a higher ratio of THC to CBD and indica is opposite. Pretty interesting. Cool AMA btw.

MeMoosta4 karma

Indeed you are not a dick! More correct knowledge is best knowledge :) I would like to say I was speaking colloquially but I won't lie my terminology isn't always the best. That being said there are a few other differences and it's important to remember that a higher THC ratio does not also mean higher total THC levels.

Robobvious5 karma

Do you get an employee discount?

MeMoosta4 karma

Yes, but often I'll instead just buy some off of a vendor that we didn't buy anything for the store.. Way better prices to get it before the store marks it up.

ImagineAllTheKarma2 karma

Is that legal?

MeMoosta6 karma

yes! I'm a medical marijuana patient and the vendors have to have their recommendation verified before they can sell to us. So it is one medical marijuana patient "giving" me an oz to which I pay a "donation" to his grow operation as a co-op. :)

ImagineAllTheKarma2 karma

Ah got it. Do you see California fully legalizing in the next few years?

MeMoosta2 karma

Probably, it's easy money and it's practically there in some cities. Prettymuch they're only going to bust you for pot if they were already going to bust you for something else

TheGriefers3 karma

What are your thoughts on this thread?

MeMoosta8 karma

That I have in my possession THC infused lube so where there's a market there's a way.

Siddny-3 karma

Where can I get THC infused lube

MeMoosta11 karma

I know a girl, but she's my source. Step off bucko.

CleanBeans3 karma

I also live in California, I have a lot of friends who are afraid to get their rec because they think it will put them on the "list". Is there a "list"? Or is it a bunch of nonsense to scare people who aren't really in medical need away?

MeMoosta7 karma

As this could get someone in trouble I can't with 100% surety say there isn't any way for someone to find out if you got your rec. But AS FAR AS I AM AWARE (caps for emphasis) it falls under patient confidentiality. if you don't disclose that you have a card there is no way for them to find out and the doctor couldn't tell them any more than he'd tell them if you were taking Ritalin for your adhd or norco's for your gall stones.

but seriously, I don't know, I'm just pretty sure.

SouloHigh2 karma

Simple question here. What do you like more weed, concentrates or edibles?

MeMoosta3 karma

I like my regular old flowers, followed by edibles followed by concentrates. While I do use wax from one of our trusted vendors concentrates are a bit of the unregulated wild west of cannabis. It's best to stick with people you trust and there is a need to be cautious as the higher thc levels in concentrates can quickly drive your tolerance through the roof making you more dependant on the concentrates to get that effect you're looking for.

Handsome_Fellow2 karma

A strain can vary greatly depending on how it was cultivated; which is why I ask, "Give me, hands down, the best you've got." Is this the way to get the best product a dispensary has at any time?

Sometimes when I ask this question the bud tender will reach for a small hidden jar with a mind-blowing strain within.

MeMoosta4 karma

hehe the best way to get the best strain from me is just be polite and not an asshole. I gennerally will find you what I think is best if you're not rude about looking for it. My favorite question at work to hear a customer say is "I have x dollars whats the best thing I can get for it" because at that point it's like a puzzle to fit in a strain that not only cures their ails but also fit's their budget.

blacqbird2 karma

i hope you're still around!

i'm in IL and really interested in getting into the market. we have approved a few dispensary locations and have grow houses setting up in rural areas.

my question to you: since i'm in a good position to get in at the 'ground level,' is there anything i can do that can set me apart from others who are applying for jobs?

i did see that you mentioned i should apply for ANY job and not just a budtender, which i'll be doing, but are there any certifications i should get, go to school for something, etc?

MeMoosta4 karma

There are some specialist training programs but nothing official. you can google oaksterdam or something to check one out. as for setting yourself apart. tons of the applications I get are just streetclothes people handing me rumpled resumes and a "it must be awesome to work here man". Dress smart, talk smarter, and be persistant.

Bike_and_Owl2 karma

How do you know what to charge for a strain? Do different dispensaries coordinate with each other about what price to charge for certain strains, or how much of one is available on the market?

MeMoosta2 karma

We get our prices almost exclusively via how much it costs us to buy the product. If we get something high quality at a good price we don't mark it up any more just because we know we can charge more. the only thing that marks it up is if we have to do any testing on it or other things that can increase our price to obtain it.

as for coordination in fact the very opposite. Dispensaries are ever trying to get good vendors to sell them product for a better price than the others. If two dispensaries have the same strain from the same vendor and one got it for 200 less on the pound they'll price it lower and get the business.

TheRedViperOfPrague1 karma

if we have to do any testing on it


MeMoosta2 karma

Well I should specify. we don't test it ourselves we send it out to a nearby lab that tests the THC content and looks for certain molds, pests and chemicals. ...But yeah we also smoke it to see if we like it. Generally in that order if we don't know the vendor, or the other if we do.

ThisTooShallPass142 karma

What do you feel the ratio of people who actually need medical Marijuana vs the people who are taking advantage of the law is?

MeMoosta4 karma

it's hard to say exactly. what constitutes a "need" exactly. It's a fuzzy line. But if you're saying number of people with like super awful diseases vs people who are using it for mostly recreational probably 80% recreational 10% like awful cancer death pain stuff and 10% mental stuff.

AReverieofEnvisage2 karma

I used to smoke weed regularly until I decided to stop. It was psychological really, and a bit emotional as I wasn't around the right crowd that truly appreciated weed as a relaxant. They would still act hostile towards people, basically bullies and gangbangers. I couldn't relax when I was high around them, and I didn't get how they could act like this. Weed was supposed to make you mellow.

In your opinion, do you think weed should be taken by everyone? Are there any people that you would not recommend smoking to? And also, will it be possible that in the future you would not need a prescription to be able to legally smoke weed?
Thanks for doing this AMA.

MeMoosta7 karma

I'm just not the kind of person that thinks anything is for everyone. Especially something like cannabis that has potential to interact poorly with certain mental disorders and can have a noticeable effect on the mental faculties of habitual hard users. As with most things case by case bases. As for people who specifically should not use it? I can think of a few situations I'd certainly be careful.

Anyone with a breathing disorder shouldn't smoke on principle. Young people have been shown to have issues if they start smoking before their brains get fully developed. People with known mental disorders or that are on any other mood altering prescriptions.

Really at the end of the day cannabis is a powerful tool and anything with power should be used with care.

skullfingrr2 karma

What would it take to become a grower for you?

MeMoosta4 karma

Grow better weed at a cheaper price than the other people that grow for me. Really just that.

harrypalmer2 karma

People I know have land that borders on a stream. East coast types bought land on the other side of the stream and have set up a grow operation that’s above and beyond any “personal grow” limit. Plus, pretty sure their shipping the the shit intra-state.( can you say RICO warrant) so now, kids that have been able to play in the stream since they were 7 years old now have a 30 year old Ryker’s Island graduates armed with AR-15 and shotguns coming on privet property telling them they can’t play in the stream. So my question is, how do I tell these motherfuckers to take there Wiesel weed farm and shove it up their collective ass? Or am I just not cool, man.

MeMoosta2 karma

There are very strict limits on where and how much you can grow. However there are ways to get licences to grow up to 99 plants at once and multiple people can effectively pool their limits to set up large grow operations. So basically I'd honestly call the cops. if they're a legal grow they they'll need special paperwork to justify it and checking that's the job of someone who gets paid to do it. Especially if they've got armed security I'd punt that off to the cops and call it a day.

brikhead1 karma

What does your insurance look like and do you use a standard retail agent?

MeMoosta1 karma

Not my department sorry my friend.

ThatIowanGuy1 karma

I have expiriance making edibles and have blown the minds of some of my pothead friends in both taste and potency. How would I procure a position to work with you?

MeMoosta3 karma

There isn't really a formal hiring practice. More often than not you'll know someone already working their and the'll get you an interview. The industry deals with a lot of less than wholesome characters sometimes so we're kinda insular. More than anything if you're making something just become your boss. if you can make them consistent, tasty and well priced a dispensary somewhere will buy them from you. they need product as much as you want to make money.

TTTT271 karma

How much does your job pay?

MeMoosta0 karma

I started at 9.50 and I make 12 an hour now.

TzunSu4 karma

As someone who's not from the US:

Isn't that atrocious? I work minimum wage in Sweden (Or as near as to minimum wage as you can get) and that's quite a bit higher. Like, twice as much.

MeMoosta1 karma

It's not very good no, I'm prettymuch working at this point to get industry knowledge in the hope of either starting my own or partnering in one later down the road. However quick US fun facts. federal minimum wage is a mere 7.25 and cali is 9.00. so at least I make more than the poor front desk staff.

PerCat1 karma

In your professional opinion, when do you thing marijuana will be legal throughout off the USA?

MeMoosta3 karma

That's not an easy thing to answer. I think soon, but probably not next year. I think it's gonna be part of the fight next election, and that someone will probably use it as part of their campaign platform. Though I'm just atrocious at politics my guess is like 2018.

PerCat3 karma

Thank you very much for your time sensei...

MeMoosta4 karma

No worries padawan. keep the questions coming if you want, I'm a teacher at heart and it's like my favorite thing to talk about stuff I'm excited about.

tah_infity_n_beyarnd1 karma

1) How has the decriminalization/legalization in your area affected crime rates and people's perceptions of crime?
2) If marijuana is legal for children to use as medicine in your area, I'm assuming parents only are allowed to pick it up?
3) Why do dispensaries have separate recreational/medicinal areas?
4) How do businesses in your nearby area feel about your presence there? Is there a perception that there's just "a bunch of stoners roaming around town" now?


MeMoosta4 karma

  1. Well we're not decriminalized yet technically. But there certainly is far less danger of a random police officer harassing you if you've got some weed on you. It's a bit of a hassle for them to establish if you're a medical card holder or not without arresting you so often times if you don't have your script on you they'll confiscate the meds but let you go.

  2. in California you can only get a medical recommendation if you're over 18 so legally a parent can't buy for a child but that doesn't mean it can't or doesn't happen.

  3. I'm not sure, in my state there is only medical so I don't have any experience :(

  4. the mexican restaurant loves us, the solar panel install office guys get a little annoyed and the parole office thinks we're hilarious. Basically it's busines to business but there are limits where you can build Dispensaries in the city I'm in so they're for the most part either fairly discreet or off the beaten path a bit.

thesimplefriend1 karma

  1. How many strains does your dispensary sell, and have you tried them all?
  2. What are some common requests or things patients look for in their medicine?
  3. What kind do you prefer to smoke, and how do you prefer to smoke (preference of joint, bowl, vape, blunt)? Thanks for the AMA. I'm interested in getting into the industry, just not sure how best to use either my skills or passion in the field.

MeMoosta3 karma

  1. Around 20ish at any given time. I have not, I managed to get through about half of em. The budtenders have a habit of buying small amounts and splitting them up between us. It helps loads as we also carry 15ish different forms of wax/hash/shatter, and probably around 30-40 different types of edibles .

  2. Most people aren't "patients" in anything but name, the recomendations are very easy to get even without any real medical issues so our customer base is mostly people just using it recreationaly. but for the actual ones it's mostly pain relief, nausea, insomnia in that order.

  3. I'm a bowl guy, but my stupid co workers have gotten me into blunts. oh and I'm fond of sativas and my favorite strain is a cross of Jack Herer and ChemDawg

Renovatio_1 karma

I'm sure you are aware that some people have no 'medical' need for marijuana but have a doctor's recommendation simply because it is extremely easy to pay a doctor for a cursury exam. We aren't talking cancer patients, instead those who essentially make up/exaggerate a medical condition to legitimize their hobby.

Do you feel these people help or hurt the medical marijuana movement?

MeMoosta4 karma

That's the majority of the industry. It wouldn't exist without em. Hell you need a recommendation to work at the store. But at the end of the day who says what is a "legitimate medical need". It certainly helps me keep my anxiety down and deal with some tooth pain I have. But could i find alternatives in over the counter medicine? certainly but this also works and i like it better. it's a competing product to treat the symptoms of disorders I have if not to cure them.

adnaus1 karma

Just curious, how many of your patients' recommendations were written by their primary doctors as opposed to the "weed docs" who advertise as such in alt weeklies and on boardwalks?

MeMoosta6 karma

less than 5% are real doctors recs, 95% plus are weed docs.

JesusGaveMe4Blowjobs1 karma

Whats the Best weed you have avaliable?

MeMoosta2 karma

Right now we've got some Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies that is just phenomenal. But I just bought some Platinum Jack that I've been loving as well.

MollieBee31 karma

I'm 21 and I used to smoke a lot and I loved it. I was relaxed and happy every time I smoked. Then, all of a sudden (over a couple months), I just couldn't do it anymore. I'd get really anxious and paranoid and now I haven't smoked for over a year. Do you know of this happening to any other people or why this could have happened? I really miss smoking but it has a terrible effect on me now.

MeMoosta3 karma

That's always a tough one. Often times with cannabis it's very strongly tied to your emotional and mental state at the start of your use. If there is a lot of stress/things to make you anxious cannabis can enhance those feelings. If you're trying to get back into it I would suggest trying to be active during your use or find people that are relaxed when smoking to smoke with. It's a lot harder to be paranoid with a few people laughing in the sunlight with you. Then once you've gotten a few good experiences your mind can be ready for those kinds of feelings from the cannabis instead of the ones you're "expecting" and then leads to that awful anxiety spiral.

pixiepants_1 karma

My pain Dr just gave me a informal go ahead to smoke before medical becomes legal here in Vegas. He said he wouldn't have any issues if I tested positive, and once dispensaries open here, he would recommend I get a card.

I have mostly smoked from a bowl, but it often gives me a sore throat the next day. I have slight asthma and smoke irritates my throat.

Would vaping provide me with a better experience?

MeMoosta5 karma

Look up the magic flight launch box. It's a simple entry level plant matter vaporizer. Which is the generally considered safest/best way to consume other than edibles. Edibles are also easier to make than people realize as long as you have some bulk cannabis. There are easy to google recipes for making butter.

Things_Happened1 karma

What is good weed for you personally, what effects are you looking for?

MeMoosta4 karma

I love sativa for the most part as I'm naturally super lazy. But My favorite strains in order are Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, White Widow. I like clear headed euphoric highs often times crossed with some indica or hybrid to try and give some body to it later. Really depends on the time/place.

Moscavitz1 karma

May be late but.. My mom is sick, and she would like to use the non active constituent cbd to help with some of her issues. However, she doesn't want to intake thc. Is there a pure cbd cannabis product available? If not, then is there anything close? Thanks.

MeMoosta3 karma

Yes. Most things wont have ZERO thc but look for anything under 2mg is not going to have any real effect on someone. Some products we have are cheeba chews (they come in a pink box) and CBD alive which is a tincture that is used as an under the tongue thing. (comes in a green bottle/package)

TL:DR Exact products vary place to place look for less than 2mg of THC per use.

ok_throw_away001 karma

I haven't seen this posted here yet, but do you have delivery services for patients? Is it more reliable than say, a brick and mortar dispensary or the other way around? Given the nature of the industry in California do you think it would change, in other words; will there always be a surplus of cannabis or will demand increase with the additional tourism value? Sorry for all the questions. I have always wondered how the industry would change there once cannabis is recreation-legal.

MeMoosta1 karma

if you've asked more than one I have no idea...I'm just answering all of them...I thought that's what you're supposed to do. But anyway i'm not sure. We certainly turn away the majority of people who try and vend to us so i feel it's really just about what kinds of quality and insane new strains we'll see when pandora's box is opened and everyone can just go wild with growing.

St0n3dguru1 karma

Any chance you're hiring or do apprenticeships? :)

MeMoosta1 karma

You gotta find me first.

krahv1 karma

Question: my gf recently got a medical card for an actual medical issue that will be with her for life (thus THC level is unimportant, she would prefer strains mostly of cbd for pain relief). The problem is she hates the taste/smell of weed so she rarely uses unless the pain is unbearable and other medicine doesn't work. That's frustrating for us both because when she does use it helps her but the taste makes her gag.

I don't know much about weed but a friend said a vape might not have as much smoke or smell? I don't know if thats true. What would you recommend she to to have the least smell/taste of weed but still get the pain relief benefits? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

MeMoosta2 karma

If there is a dispensary nearby you there are often small capsules with pure hash or hash oil that can be taken with no taste. There are also tinctures that are used under the tongue. As for vaping if you're using a form of concentrated cannabis such as a wax/shatter/oil there is normally only a light citrus/sweet smell. Vaping plant matter tastes prettymuch identically to burning it.

omgitsvenom1 karma

You said you are a manager of the company, but were you involved with the company before they formed? If so, how long was the process to become a licensed grower/dispenser?

MeMoosta1 karma

Nope, I was promoted internally the company has been around for a few years before I got involved.

u-void1 karma

He's a manager that makes $12/hour in the weed industry? I don't buy it

omgitsvenom1 karma

Why not? His question he answered basically meant that he was hired on as an employee and is not involved in the business itself. If the dispensary he works for is a chain, I could easily see a manager making $12/hr. How much does a shift manager make at McDonald's?

MeMoosta2 karma

Not only that but "manager" can mean a lot of different things. In this case it's because I have about 4-5 underlings that I kinda mother hen and make sure they are following the regs and doing the tasks about the place correctly. I guess I could probably have called my self a "shift supervisor" but it says manager on my paychecks so yeah.

NajibAdan1 karma

Do you have any employees who don't smoke or have problems i.e asthma? How do you deal with them? Thanks.

MeMoosta1 karma

At this point no we don't have any non smoking employees but we have in the past. They just work in positions that don't require any real smoking knowledge. We have people who's only job is paperwork or menial packaging so specialist knowledge isn't always required.

nickcrespo921 karma

What's the job outlook like, for someone in pharmacy school, who wants to pursue a career in medical marijuana?

MeMoosta2 karma

You'll make WAAAAAAAY more money staying a normal pharmacist unless you are an owner or partner in a dispensary, workers don't get paid much.

liamc991 karma

How does prescriptions work my sister has epilepsy and currently uses cbd oil in FL if FL opened uped dispensarys could I just walk in the store and buy weed when ever I want or would I have to buy a certain type ordered by the doctor?

MeMoosta1 karma

if they work out anything like california almost overnight you'll find places that advertise "walk in welcome recommendations!!!!!" ect. A lot of doctors in the area that can't practice as normal doctors find good business more or less mass producing the recs. But as always each state has regulated slightly differently and you'll likely have to wait and see how it turns out.

Sean_in_SM1 karma

If you're in the LA area, is your shop pre-ICO?

Either way, has your shop had issues with local law enforcement/raids?

MeMoosta1 karma

Can't answer the location thing but as for raids not at all. The last time the cops showed up I had called them because the store next door had been broken into. they were confused when I walked out the dispensary and was all like"over there officers, thanks for coming so quickly. What? oh yeah I work at the dispensary, yeah I called you. why?" and they explained that they had never had a dispensary actually call them. My co workers thought I was crazy too but the police were super nice and arrested the homeless people that had broken in.

DiegoDirtyMoney1 karma

I'm a guy, can I have a job?

MeMoosta1 karma

no, you lack ambition, attempt sub par, rejected.

Ariana_Jade1 karma

Just how obvious are the first time customers? All I can imagine is something similar to a giggling man-boy being allowed in the "Adult" section of an old video store for the first time (my mind sets this in a pre-massive-online-free-porn era.)

MeMoosta4 karma

It varies a lot actually! We get everything from former dealers who think they know everything and want to tell you why your stock sucks compared to theirs to 60 year old grandparents who are terrified of all this devils lettuce around them but their doc told em it's going to help with their pain so here they are.

Though we do get quite a few slightly over excited people. my favorite thing is when I'll hand them something to smell and they cradle it to their chest like I'm going to take it from them at any second. Some people haven't quite wrapped their heads aroud the legal part yet and it's adorable

xmessesofmenx1 karma

Hi. It's super freaking cool that you're doing this AMA. The next best thing would be a BERNIE SANDERS AMA. ;);)

Anyway, I have three questions:

What's the best selling strand?

What's the most bizarre looking strand you've ever seen?

And last, what kinds of edibles do you guys sell, if any at all?

MeMoosta4 karma

Best selling strand is Girl Scout Cookies or some cross of it. It's very famous/popular in cali so it's easy to grow a decent crop and just sell it on name alone.

We had some strawberry chemdawg come in that was straight up pink. Awful weed but it looked incredible.

We sell everything from icecream to pizzas. Mostly however baked goods and chocolate, there are quite a few different brands/types though. Serious lack of savory goods though, I really want some jalapeno chip edibles or something.

xmessesofmenx1 karma

Ah, Girl Scout cookies is my favorite strand!! Thanks for answering!!! :)

MeMoosta2 karma

It's a hit or miss with me. Like many strains that become popular it starts off with the best growers who are ahead of the curve and you get really good stuff. then a few amateurs/casuals get a cut or some seeds and then the market explodes with terrible stuff with the same name on it. Cookies is often like apple products like 80% of the times it's an excuse to charge an extra 5-10 on the 1/8th for a name instead of for an increase in quality.

DomashnaRakija1 karma

What sort of qualifications does one need to work within a medical dispensary?

MeMoosta2 karma

Depends on the job you do. I basically had no "qualifications" but was a harder worker and was more willing to learn than the other budtenders and now I boss them around. My advice is to get any job they'll let you then just move internally to the position you want, many of these places have a high turnover rate and they'll always want someone they trust already over a newly hired person.

DomashnaRakija1 karma

Do you need to have a medical marijuana license in order to work in a dispensary?

MeMoosta2 karma

Yes! I missed my first four days of work as they forgot to ask me if I had one before I got hired.

henryguy1 karma

How old are you? Do you mind making x an hour at that age?

MeMoosta1 karma

I'm 26, I certainly would like to make more but as it stands it's unlikely to happen. Honestly if I wanted to go into lending sales or something I could probably make 4x the money but I'd hate myself way more every day. I'm basically taking a pay cut to learn the industry from the inside and to enjoy the style of life I currently live which has few bills or needs.

Choppin_Brokkoli1 karma

I am going to be going to CO soon and I must know. What do you recommend for vape pens? Any particular brand? I am wanting to pick up a vape pen and some oil cartridges just need some good advice from a guy like you :)

MeMoosta1 karma

Unfortunately vape pens from what I understand can be a bit regional. I prefer ones made with Co2 over butane and you should read the lable to find out exactly how much of the liquid is actual cannabis. We have 1000mg carts that test at 22% thc by volume and 500mg ones that test at 70%. while the 1000mg is more total fluid you're actually getting more total thc out of the smaller cheaper one.

bickbastardly1 karma

I smoked all the time up to my early 20s. Didn't touch the stuff for about 15 years. Tried and indica and a sativa on separate occasions and bugged the fuck out both times. I think the issue is two fold. Firstly my tolerance is down to zero. Secondly, the weed is so much stronger nowadays. Do have some measure, like proofing for booze, on how strong your varieties are? If so what is its scientific basis? I currently live in a very very red state. My SO wants to move badly, how many transplanted people do you know that moved for legal pot? How is your community's police handling the change?

MeMoosta1 karma

Unfortunately there isn't any standard in the industry for strength but for the most part the more of those little crystals and hairs around the outside and the stronger it smells the stronger the strain is. And that is a very broad generalization so even then it's a bit of a gamble. I would try taking veeeeery small amounts in a situation where you're already in a good mood. Using a pipe instead of a joint or rolled form can help you control the amount you use as well.

also I don't think anyone I know has moved to cali for it as we're just medical not full decriminalized, and we get so many immigrants from other sources it's probably a drop in the bucket if it is happening.

bickbastardly1 karma

Thanks for your response. To take the point further, do you sell any purposefully low power stuff for those who want to roll a big ol blunt and pretend it's the 90s?

MeMoosta1 karma

No we're prettymuch going to try and get the most potent meds for the money. That being said we often times have lower priced ones that can be litterally HALF the thc to weight ratio of a higher strain but taste just as good. Just check out their bottom shelf stuff for something with a good smell and you'll probably save money and be better off than trying the designer baby of some grower with 23% thc.

Senor_Destructo1 karma

I make edibles, what would I have to do to get a dispensary to carry my product?

MeMoosta2 karma

Consistency and good packaging. It helps if they taste good, also filling a niche that they don't cover yet is a surefire way.

Senor_Destructo1 karma

Well I have that. All organic coconut oil pills. No sweets, just a powerful, fully decarbed edible oil pills guarunteed to get people as high as they want for 5 bucks a dose.

MeMoosta1 karma

What is the THC total in mg for them?

Senor_Destructo1 karma

120 mg, the five bucks is suggested retail btw, price is less for a dispensary.

MeMoosta2 karma

That's a really good deal compared to what we've got actually! I'd probably stock your stuff if it performs as advertised for the price :). PM me and maybe we can work something out if you happen to be close to me.

GoldenGuy21 karma

How do you store your weed?

MeMoosta1 karma

Before we repackage it the product is put in large jars inside a climate controlled safe. Afterwards in small jars inside the sales area.

GoldenGuy21 karma

A climate controlled safe? How does that work?

MeMoosta1 karma

There is a little dehumidifier and silica containers to keep it nice and dry. It's not temperature that really matters it's making sure it doesn't get too humid.

throatpoop1 karma

Do you realize how much you are embarrassing the community with your proof photo? Your dispensary is recognizable from the photo, by the way. If you really are a 'manager' - part of your responsibilities are to represent the industry in a respectable fashion. Consider the public recognition impact when you throw up the middle finger in a permitted medical cannabis establishment. I hope you understand it's an embarrassment to our community as a whole.

MeMoosta2 karma

I was in a hurry for proof and that was the only recent picture I had on hand. I'm a very friendly guy I'm just also a bit smarmy/sarcastic so the photo happend to be of me flipping off the camera man, not you specifically. If you have any questions I'd be glad to answer them though. :)

bibagalaxy1 karma

Do you hire pharmacists?

MeMoosta1 karma

No, but only because most pharmacists don't want to take a half their wage pay cut. They'd likely make a great addition to the team.

sortanothing1 karma


MeMoosta1 karma

I would less worry about the specific strain, (though indica dominant hybrid for noobies seems to work best) but more just make sure their first time isn't you staring at them asking them if they feel anything yet. You'll do them and you a favor if you make a fun evening of it the first time. Have something enjoyable, a blanket, and snacks on the ready to make sure the energy of the evening is positive and they'll likely have a positive experience.

JacksonofKanto1 karma

This is sort of a big question, but how much has the marijuana industry brought in revenues, and how much of that gets funneled to budtenders like yourself?

MeMoosta2 karma

Unfortnuately most of the direct revenue stuff is handled by our owners. I know the closing count of one of our locations each night as I'm responsible for it but over all profit i'm not really privy to. As for our compensation it's not great and there's a bit of a ruckus brewing about that. For now I'm biding my time and becoming ever more indispensable to the owners which I've used to leverage myself a raise/promotion to where I am now and I doubt I'll stop here.

Brim48891 karma

Is there any research being done with marijuana at the moment? I have a background in science and would love to be involved in research but at the moment it seems like everything is geared more towards manufacturing/straight commerce

MeMoosta2 karma

From what I understand research is difficult to do with it still being federally considered a type 2 contriband. Because that specifically states that it has "no medical or other uses" you can't get any grants or publish your papers largely and as such it's A. prohibitively expensive with no govt backing and B. can possibly shut your lab down.

Swoosh_3120 karma

What would be the best way for someone to become able to grow for a dispensary? Like I have my regular job but how could I get the medicine I grow at home to a dispensary on a consistent basis?

MeMoosta1 karma

We don't look for vendors. They literally just show up at our door, call us, email us oh god we get so many vendors. there is WAY more weed in the market than we even want to buy. You want dispensaries to buy your stuff. Find some way to be unique or sell yourself hard.

voltswift0 karma

Hey! Im a 17 year old who has been using weed against anxiety and depression since 11 years old. Marijuana has developed into my primary passion, and Im looking towards budtending in the future as one of my main choices career-path wise. What should my first baby steps towards the industry be? I am planning on going to college and am wondering if I should be studying something directly related? Please reply, it would help a lot :)

MeMoosta1 karma

I wouldn't worry about anything in college other than getting a degree that will help you. I would stick to business/marketing as we've got plenty of people who know their weed, we don't have enough people that know business.

propellerpenis-3 karma

How do indoor growers justify all the energy they consume and heat they generate?

MeMoosta9 karma

it sells for upwards of 2200 a pound.

randomcoincidences2 karma

Is that what dispensaries tend to pay on average for a ballpark figure?

Up here in good ol' Canada its closer to 1400-1600 if you know growers.

MeMoosta3 karma

I could probably find that street. but people know dispensaries have money and the reason they can charge that is that if thats as low as I can get him and the flowers actually worth it. I need that weed to keep my doors open. If I don't buy it the dispensary down the street will and make the profit off his bud. which is why there's always the fun art of bargaining, which is alive and well in the dispensary.