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Especially if they are ready for it and want it. It helps no one to cram new ideals down their throat if they don't want it. It's honorable whay these guys are doing. They are providing a life long career to people who didn't realize they could do these things.

By growing our neighbors we close off avenues for scummy non profits but most of all we focus our contributions on growth over seizure.

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You wouldn't say that to Socrates.

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He was also a teacher of law though.

I'm sure he taught a great many from all over the eastern world of "modern" law and encouraged them to stand up for their rights.

They still teach the socratic method, it's a very useful way to approach any potential debate.

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I hate the thought of this. Considering I have come up with some good ideas in the past and used my branding exclusively on the web.

Which, I do believe, is where a lot of commerce now a days takes place. Yet it seems to be that I will need to place advertisements for something I don't plan to advertise if only to ensure nobody can profit off my creativity.

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How old are you? Do you mind making x an hour at that age?