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So you're sitting on news that's incredibly important to someone who might want to harm you, and you keep that for your own personal protection. How is that not directly contrary to your stated goals?

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You gotta read the title bro. She's dead, was turned while filming a movie. Now she's hanging out in elysium trying to avoid a sleazy scourge looking for thinbloods and anarchists.

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So that means you've lived a very different life from most Syrians? I have several Syrian friends and they've all seen a lot more then that.

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Rather that they ask them if they figured it out. Its to stop people just saying "no, that's not it, I win!"

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People not diving into frozen lakes in just speedos is such a weird claim. In Sweden we chop up a hole in the ice and jump in, often naked. Everyone from kids to grannies :P