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Hi Matt! We recently published a textbook where RealDolls were mentioned. Thanks for the awesome skin samples that you sent over! They feel great! I am fascinated by the work your company does, and wish you great luck in continuing with your endeavors! My question - if you could add one dream feature to the dolls, that technology does not yet currently exist for - which feature would you choose and why?

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Hello Rob! From your unique perspective in religion, can you provide any thoughts about the topic of teen sexual assault? Do you feel the church, and leaders within like yourselves, are able to use faith-based initiatives to help prevent crimes like these? Especially male leaders, do you feel you can positively impact males to help change cultural attitudes towards these acts? I appreciate your time doing the AMA, and am eager to know if the church acknowledges this as an issue, especially in working with youth who are affected by these things. [I imply no blame for these things, I merely desire an opinion on the culture, I'm not trying to start a liberal-agenda or feminist war or anything :) ]

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Nothing worth putting in the blog anyway

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Thank you so much for this thoughtful answer! It is pleasing to hear that your community shares this concern. It warms my heart to hear you treating folks like human beings. :)

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Excellent, I can't wait! Even for integrating personalities with Invisible Boyfriend/Invisible Girlfriend?