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My pain Dr just gave me a informal go ahead to smoke before medical becomes legal here in Vegas. He said he wouldn't have any issues if I tested positive, and once dispensaries open here, he would recommend I get a card.

I have mostly smoked from a bowl, but it often gives me a sore throat the next day. I have slight asthma and smoke irritates my throat.

Would vaping provide me with a better experience?

pixiepants_1 karma

Any advice for someone who is burned out and needs to find a new path?

I am a brand ambassador/vendor/artist for a cosmetics brand. While my job entails training on the products, running classes and tutorials, making sure the employees and management support and love my brand - it boils down to being retail.

All the vendors in my area are all burned out, and I've been doing this for years and never felt like this or seen others feel like this either.

I just have no idea what else to do. I make a lot of money per hour, but only work part-time. My schedule is flexible and as a independent contractor, I have a lot of freedom.

I am just not sure of my next step of trying to find a new path.