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Would you rather have sex with a merman that's top half man and bottom half fish or vice-versa?

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1) You get to choose the kind of fish. No judgement unless you choose a catfish, that's just plain wrong

2) I'm going to imagine that you're going tail insertion, so you'll need something to put over the scales

3) Sadly not yet, but i'm hoping that my wildly illegal research will fix that soon

4) Oh yea, and the same is true as well- if it's top half fish then the bottom half is Ronaldo levels of ripped

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Way off topic, but would you rather never eat pizza or never eat wings again?

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Sometimes it's also just economics: they can only afford to send one person, so it makes sense to send someone who can work and make a good impression in the community to then try and bring the family over

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2 part question here: how does one get into voice acting, and would you rather have sex with a mermaid that was top half human or bottom half human?