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How many days did you stay there?

Were you on an organized tour or what? Did you have any chance to just walk around on your own?

Do you speak any Korean?

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I still don't understand. Sounds like no one was on your trail and you could have avoided arrest altogether. Did you have another motivation - such as wanting to quit 'for real'?

How did you turn yourself in? Go to a defense lawyer first?

Seems like a very daring move - you could have gotten 20 years in prison for it. Did you have any idea in advance how much time you would actually wind up serving?

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Do you have any issues using condoms? What kind do you use?

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Where were you, actually? Was it just a hospital room where they bkacked out the windows and locked the door, or somewhere purpose built for this?

I've heard of experiments where they put people in caves for a sleep study. that would be a lot harder to deal with.

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Cool AMA. Thanks for doing this.

  1. How does land ownership work in your tribe. If you want to build a house can you buy a plot of land, or is it allocated from the tribe, or what?

  2. Do you get any benefits in particular from being a member of the tribe? Like monthly stipends from tribal income, or health insurance, or other benefits?

  3. Could outsiders, not part of your tribe, take up residence there or start a business on the pueblo?

  4. How do you elect or choose tribal leaders?

  5. How old are you? Have you always lived on the reservation or have you lived off reservation for a time?