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you're....you're not justifying what this lunatic mother did to her 4 year old are you? i mean, a real mother would have PROTECTED her son from knowing ANYTHING AT ALL. she did the opposite (just to be clear). whether it's the website's fault or the husband's fault or both is a SEPARATE MATTER. it's never OK to emotionally abuse your child because you are an angry angry mama. K?

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If you owned a house in Ventura, would you sell it now?

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Hi Teo: I found this text below elsewhere on Reddit -- I think you might find it helpful when clarifying your position on GMO labeling. I thought it was simple and clear. Someone asked the question, "are you saying that GMO foods are unsafe?" Here's this person's reply:

" It entirely depends on which product we're talking about. While I'm sure some GMO foods are indeed perfectly safe, I'm also sure that there are plenty that are essentially using the population as a clinical trial to test what happens when people start eating massive amounts of something new.

Granted, my research has been in human and insect genetics, not botany. But the way I understand it is like this: we evolve alongside our food sources, yes? A great example is how almost all humans were lactose intolerant, until we started farming goats/sheep/cows. Then, the few humans who could randomly digest lactose in adulthood had a huge survival advantage, and the gene perpetuated.

Now, what happens when the food source changes rapidly, over just a few generations? For example, let's take wheat, since it's the focus of a lot of controversy lately. The wheat from 100 years ago was more or less similar to what it was 500 years ago. Similar biochem going on, similar nutritional benefits. Now, with the advent of modern genetics and botany, we identify that higher gluten content makes stretchier dough, we find some strains that are drought resistant, and we identify a toxin from a weed that makes it resistant to certain types of insect. We combine these traits to make the new uber wheat, which is much more fit than previous wheat. It also has different protein products (and different ratios) and toxins that wheat did previously.

But people didn't evolve to handle this. So, while eating it a few times here and there isn't going to kill you, you might notice that among 50-year-olds who have had this new wheat their whole lives, there is a higher incidence of arthritis caused by a long-term side effect from the toxin we inserted, or maybe they develop gastrointestinal diseases from the higher amounts of another protein.

Again, this is just a hypothetical example. But I know a lot of people with degrees higher than mine have theorized and researched similar ideas, and some of the research is promising. The tough part is that a lot of these issues take a long time to show up.”

(We live in Plainfield BTW.)

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What can I do to help Glossip's case (I already donated)?