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Interesting. So how would you compare this to India? If diversity of regions and cultures within a country was a barrier to Democracy, India overcame those barriers and is far more diverse and populous than Russia.

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I really wish you the best, but hope you are still cautious & analyze the devils in those details.

Walmart's success is usually in no small part due to the expert games they play to make sure the price is low, & any profits are on Walmart's side, as supplier profits lead to higher consumer prices.

Be sure to reach out to other Walmart suppliers for their stories, to come in armed on a more even basis.

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Would your team consider better features to move domains?

Specifically, I have moved some domains to namecheap already, but had to manually copy & edit the DNS entries (A records, C records for all sub domains, blog.x, forum.x, etc).

It would be awesome if you could have a DNS quick-setup option where we put in another domain, and you "copy" the DNS records, to create the sub domains, and just ask us to check it over & tweak it before final saving.

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Just google "Walmart Supplier Profit" and you'll find most results are like this:


The problem is, even if you get a good deal going in, the terms can & will be renegotiated. The pressure is relentless to lower prices.

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If someone volunteered to help you as a "guest lecturer" for free, on a specific topic they are expert & passionate about, for 10-20% of the class time, would you see that as helpful (giving you a bit of break, while still keeping you as the leader, & freshing/mixing up the content for the students), or would you see it as a threat to further erode the pay of your work?