I'll try and answer any and all questions you have about housekeeping

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thewildplum55 karma

I stay in a LOT of hotels and I love my maids, I think you guys are just fantastic. A few questions:

1) What is the most difficult/time consuming/annoying part of the room to clean?

2) Do many people actually steal towels and such?

3) Does it really throw off your schedule or annoy you if someone asks you to come back to clean their room later?

4) I always try to tip housekeeping but I'm never sure how much to leave. Is tipping common and if so, how much is considered a generous amount?

5) Any hotel-stay tips for us?

Booboo_the_bear76 karma

Thank you so much. 1) Once you get used to it theres nothing really difficult. Time consuming/Annoying would be making the bed. We use 2 sheets and then put a duvet in the cover which is a mission to do alone. If theres any marks, holes etc no matter how small we cant use it. Thats nothing more rage inducing then finishing a bed and noticing a small mark and having to basically start again.

2) Not that I've ever noticed but if the room is missing towels, bathrobes, glasses we just assumed you left them at the pool or you had friends staying in another room and left them there.

3) Not at all. Id prefer to come back later than disturb them.

4) Tipping isnt common here (Australia) so anything thats left is considered generous

5) Don't use the glasses. The previous 2 hotels I worked at the dishes would just be washed in the sink with soap. If theres something you want just ask, we're more then happy to give you whatever you need that we have available or get in contact with someone who can help. Check under the bed and behind the curtains. Those areas are often overlooked and if you complain you'll probably be upgraded (Dont just complain for the sake of it though!)

musicman373922 karma

What's wrong with washing them in the sink with soap...?

ShadowOfTheWasp19 karma

An ex of mine cleaned hotel rooms (not 5 star) when she was younger and they were instructed to wipe the kettle, mugs, glasses etc with the same skanky rag that they wiped the toilet with. She didn't agree but did it the way she was told. Later in life when she was with me we'd go to hotels and she would NEVER use the kettle, mugs, glasses etc.

Booboo_the_bear19 karma

Yea I've seen people use the same rag for everything. It really puts you off staying in hotels at all

DubRichardson2 karma

Check under the bed and behind the curtains. Those areas are often overlooked and if you complain you'll probably be upgraded

Maybe I'm missing something in the thread, but what do you mean about this? I'm just confused about what we should be checking for

Booboo_the_bear3 karma

Rubbish, things left by other guests etc.

mparramon54 karma

Do you feel any difference in the way customers treat you between a normal hotel and a high-class one?

Booboo_the_bear104 karma

Slightly. In the normal hotels the guests will generally have a quick chat with you. The higher class the more likely they are to pretend you don't exsist

I_AM_TESLA26 karma

Does it bother you if people pretend you don't exist? I know I always try to have a little conversation with everyone but some of the maids definitely seemed like that didn't want to talk!

Booboo_the_bear20 karma

Yea. I'm not expecting to hear their life story just a smile or nod to acknowledge my existence after I've greeted them. It's part of Mykonos and no one likes rejection

NoMoreLurkingToo6 karma

It's part of Mykonos and no one likes rejection.

Are you from Mykonos? I worked reception there for 2 summers, nice experience.

Booboo_the_bear16 karma

Awkward. Stupid auto correct should've said my job

amaretto6936 karma

Can you describe the most disgusting things you've had to clean?

Booboo_the_bear71 karma

I once picked up a glass that was fill with phlegm. I emptied it out which made me throw up. Then I threw it away. I still gag just thinking about it.

louisb130435 karma

How clean is your own house?

Booboo_the_bear31 karma

Can I skip this question?

I'm lucky that my bf does most of the cleaning because the last thing I want to do is come home and clean more.

louisb130411 karma

I wasn't sure if you took your work home with you. No worries

Booboo_the_bear9 karma

It's a good question :)

Beardedcap25 karma

Have you ever fucked a customer?

Booboo_the_bear57 karma

Nope. A pilot once offered to fly me to the other side of the world with him though. I declined.

donkeyballzac11 karma

The porn...it lieeeesssss!

Booboo_the_bear9 karma

Sorry to break it to you

JerkstoreUSA24 karma

Serious question. When I want to leave a tip for the maid, where do I leave it? Do I include a note? How would you know it's a tip and not money I dropped or something? or would you just keep any money you found in the room regardless.

Booboo_the_bear18 karma

As max_goat said on the pillow is universal. I'd go for under the pillow as the maid isn't always the first person in the room (minibar, maintenance etc)

If it's a stay over room unless it's on the pillow we don't touch it.

Because tipping isn't common here if it's under $5 we can keep it anything more than that we have to report it and if there's no note there's a chance we can't keep it especially if it was just left on the desk etc

Probably_Stoned8 karma

Leave it on the main dresser area with a note saying "For Housekeeping"

Booboo_the_bear9 karma

Only problem with main dresser is the maid isn't always first into the room

jinxlab5 karma

I think he/she might be stoned. Please ignore.

Booboo_the_bear6 karma

I think you're probably right

nocakesleftbehind24 karma

Do you notice, care, or get mad if I steal bottles of water from your cart while you are cleaning up another room?

Booboo_the_bear20 karma

If I know I only have a certain amount left then I'll notice, most of the time I Don't. I'd prefer you asked because I'd give them to you anyway and we can both avoid the awkwardness when I notice you helping yourself

__Titans__24 karma

What is the best part of your Job?

Booboo_the_bear89 karma

The peace and quiet. I probably spend about 20 minutes of my work day interacting with other people for an introvert its ideal

steliosferin19 karma

Most NSFW thing ever?

Booboo_the_bear59 karma

Not using proper protective gear when handing chemicals.

People frequently open their doors naked or just in a towel or underwear. I've walked in on people having sex multiple times, even though we ring the bell 3 times and call out as we enter the room.

steliosferin12 karma

Did someone's hands melt as a result of the improper use of chemicals.

Booboo_the_bear19 karma

Ive only heard stories..

Doggysoft18 karma

Did you ever have time to sit and make a Zelda themed post it note like that other poster claimed the have received?

I'm going to guess, 'no'.

Booboo_the_bear21 karma

No but only because I cant draw. I have left notes when people are celebrating their birthdays though

MrTurkeyTime5 karma

You sound super cool.

Booboo_the_bear4 karma

I try my best

I_Will_Try_More18 karma

Do many people leave the room neat as a pin?

Booboo_the_bear46 karma

Quite a few do. We have a lot of business people that come in to have a quick sleep, take a shower and leave.

A handful of times I've had to check if the guest had actually checked in because they've left the room so tidy.

I_Will_Try_More20 karma

They would have to be your favorite guests to have.

Booboo_the_bear25 karma

Absolutely :)

Tactically_Fat9 karma

I used to spend about 100 nights a year in hotels due to my job. I did my best to not be a pig about anything. All the used towels would be in a little pile; and while I wouldn't make the bed (for it'd be stripped down after I left anyhow), I certainly didn't leave un-used/un-needed bedclothes strewn about. AND all the trash went into the bins.

You've had folks actually make the beds?

hillbilly_bears11 karma

Since January, I'm at almost 200 nights in hotels. I always make my bed when I leave. It may not be as perfect as when I checked in, but it at least looks like I tried. I do the same with my towels and trash; a pile in the bathroom or in the bin, respectively.

Booboo_the_bear7 karma

Thank you. Not having to walk around the room picking up rubbish or towels saves a heap of time

middlefingur9 karma


Booboo_the_bear9 karma

That's perfect. I thank you on behalf of all past and present people who clean your rooms

Booboo_the_bear4 karma

You're amazing. Thank you.

Occasionally, normally people who are staying a few days and assume we only make the bed when we actually change all the sheets

black_flag_4ever17 karma

What's the worst thing you've walked in on?

Booboo_the_bear63 karma

Nothing major. I've walked in on people having sex but you can normally tell as you're entering the room and get out quickly. I know someone who walked into a room that was covered in blood, smeared on the walls, splattered on the roof and soaked into the mattress. We never heard anything back about it though.

Beautifulderanged18 karma

I told the police already, I was painting a masterpiece!

Booboo_the_bear14 karma

Yes but doing it with someone's blood is still illegal!

ChanceVance15 karma

Have you ever had to service a room a celebrity has stayed in? Or just heard a story of someone who did?

Booboo_the_bear37 karma

Snoop dogs room had to be aired out for two days after he left. Lady gaga had almost a 100 suitcase and her band/dancers all trashed their rooms

boydboyd15 karma

I know this is super late, but I have always wondered this in all of my travels.

When the maids clean my room and notice that the toilet paper only has a bit left on the roll (still a usable amount, mind you), it's replaced.

What happens to all of the not-quite-used-up toilet paper rolls? Does housekeeping use them for cleaning? Are they used in a staff restroom? Are they just trashed?

Booboo_the_bear17 karma

They're put into staff restrooms

CheapAsRamenNoodles14 karma

What is the largest amount you've been tipped? Also, do you normally get tips?

Booboo_the_bear34 karma

$200 AUD I was working with a partner so $100. Occasionally, normally just loose change guests leave behind if they're leaving the country. I got a $50 tip last week. The room was trashed and took over 2 hours to clean

Risk_It10 karma

Trashed how?

Booboo_the_bear7 karma

Two black sacks worth of rubbish strewn around, furniture moved, items missing

sexfootbay13 karma

What countries have you worked in?

Booboo_the_bear14 karma

New Zealand and Australia

gleventhal8 karma

Those are different countries?

--American guy

PS: Just kidding, I know they are.

Booboo_the_bear141 karma

Oh awesome I've always wanted to visit Canada :p

sexfootbay2 karma

If forgotten items go unclaimed, who gets them? And have you ever made any really good finds?

Booboo_the_bear5 karma

They're supposed to go back to the person who found them and anything they don't want is donated to charity but usually the supervisors go through and take the good stuff first. I've gotten a ghd straightener and a designer jacket

savemysock12 karma

What tricks can you tell to have a better stay in a hotel? e.g. ways to get upgraded, ways to get free stuff, services that are available that people don't know about etc.

Booboo_the_bear13 karma

As the other comment said being nice to the front desk staff and letting them know if it's a special occasion. If you want something that I have access to soaps, teas etc just ask and I'll give you as many as you can carry

stareway11 karma

I always leave a bottle of champagne or a few beers in the fridge for the cleaning staff when I leave a hotel. What actually happens to them? Do you get to drink them?

Booboo_the_bear10 karma

If you leave a note stating its for housekeeping staff we can probably take it otherwise it goes to lost property and is never seen again

NotDumbJustLazy11 karma

Have you ever had a customer so difficult you just felt like punching him/her?

Booboo_the_bear41 karma

I had a guy yell at me because room service hadnt delivered his steak yet. Other then telling my supervisor who would then get in touch with room service theres nothing I could do so yelling at me was just a dick move.

derfherdez10 karma

Has anyone perhaps left their picnic basket behind?

Booboo_the_bear8 karma

I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations

sherfect9 karma

I go to a lot of nerdy conventions (anime, games, etc) and there is a pretty good amount of partying that tends to happen in our hotel at these events. We try and be nice and tidy up as much as we can before we leave, but there's only so much we have time for. What would be the most helpful things we can do to make housekeeping's job easier after we check out?

Booboo_the_bear8 karma

The easiest and most helpful is just have all your rubbish in one place.

Thank you for having consideration

LizaVP9 karma

When I stay at hotels I try to keep the room tidy. What can I do that makes your job easier?

Booboo_the_bear12 karma

Rubbish in the bin and flush the toilet. Little things for you, big things for me

CinBur4 karma

How often do people not flush the toilet? That has to be the ultimate in lazy.

Booboo_the_bear4 karma

Id say at least 1 in 3 dont flush. It boggles my mind.

Dgremlin8 karma

Are bed bugs a problem in those hotels?

Booboo_the_bear9 karma

Not that I've heard of. It's taken really serious, were taught signs to look out for.

JosephFleury8 karma

As a traveling consultant, I have a tendency of keeping the "Do Not Disturb" sign up for most of the week. I'm one of those that consolidates my trash, piles up dirty towels away from the clean ones, and make an attempt to only use and touch the things I need before checking out.

Do you prefer cleaning up a room once during the week, or is it more work in the long run?

Booboo_the_bear13 karma

You sound like an ideal guest! I'd prefer to clean your room once a week. It maybe different for maids who get paid per room though.

Wordsworthswarrior7 karma

This is a completely serious question. I use high end hotels often and usually for kinky sex dates. I travel to events across the country and have partners new and old I like to play with. I have a lot of toys and when I get to my space, I like to lay them out so when it is time to play, they are ready. I may leave them out through my stay. Have you come across this? Do you or others find this upsetting? I do think about the staff when I do this and really don't want to offend, but it's a lot of gear and takes twenty or thirty minutes to lay it all out. I basically have taken the attitude that you guys have seen it all and nothing shocks you, but I haven't really ever asked.

Booboo_the_bear9 karma

The closest I've seen was a dildo bigger than my arm. I personally wouldn't be offended just shocked and mildly uncomfortable but thinking about a lot of my coworkers I can see a few that would be offended. If you were in the room as well I'd have to leave as I imagine it would be quite intimidating.

As someone else said putting something personal over them would probably be your best bet. If the maids snoop it's their own fault.

But ultimately you're paying for the room and can do what you like in there.

I don't actually know if this helps at all, sorry.

SRD_Grafter7 karma

How many rooms do you clean during each shift? Is there a set number you have to do (and are paid hourly)? Or do you just work for a shift (such as 8 hours) and then call it a day?

Booboo_the_bear14 karma

My first hotel you got paid for 8 hours and had to clean 16 rooms. If it took you longer too bad.

The next hotel was 13 rooms and an approx finish time. If it took you a little longer that was fine

My current hotel works different. Each floor is given a list of their rooms and you randomly pick a room at a time. You all finish roughly the same time and get paid for every minute you work

_Major_G6 karma

What is the craziest thing you ever found during your jobs?

Booboo_the_bear7 karma

A receipt for 3 million dollars deposited at the casino.. On top of an envelope full of similar receipts

tech_kra6 karma

Did anyone ever ask you for sex while in the maid outfit?

Booboo_the_bear5 karma

As in my regular maid outfit or a French maid costume?

There's been nothing flattering or attractive about my uniforms

Booboo_the_bear4 karma

As in my regular maid outfit or a French maid costume?

There's been nothing flattering or attractive about my uniforms

somerde6 karma

Coffe Mug. Do you replace a used coffee mug with a new one or you quickly rinse it with water in the bathroom before putting it back?

Booboo_the_bear4 karma

My current work has a dishwasher on each floor so you get a new one but most places just rinse in the bathroom

umidk155 karma

Whenever I see maid with cleaning carts in hotels, I can't imagine enough space to fit clean sheets and duvets and all the new towels for a whole floor. Are all of the linens changes every time a guest checks out of the room? Where do you fit all of the linens in your cart?

Booboo_the_bear7 karma

Each floor has a service area/pantry where all the linens, amenities etc are stored. We put what we need for one room on and when it's finished go back and stock it again.

Everything is changed when a guest checks out. If you're staying longer than a day the sheets are changed everyday and the duvet cover is changed every second day

ArchDucky4 karma

I hear people keep cash and dirty magazines under mattresses for the next time they stay in the hotel. Have you found anything under a mattress?

Booboo_the_bear7 karma

People still buy dirty magazines?

I've found magazines twice. Both during spring cleaning. Once under the mattress and once on top of the wardrobe

sex_panther964 karma

Best and worst part of your job? Most interesting part?

Booboo_the_bear7 karma

The best is the peace and quiet. The worst is how physically demanding it is and the most interesting is getting a glimpse into people's lives

redfeather14 karma

Would you rather clean the room of one duck sized horse, or 100 horse sized ducks?

Booboo_the_bear6 karma

One duck sized horse by far!

thecrash913 karma

When I was young (about 8 years old) my family went to Quebec. While there I was playing on the pull out sofa-bed and found a bag with some green stuff in it. I showed my mom and she promptly told me that I found some pot. My question is, whats the best/worst drug you've found while cleaning someones room?

Booboo_the_bear6 karma

Did you keep it?

The other day I went into a room with what I'm guessing was coke lines on the coffee table

daieou3 karma

What was the thing you were most surprised by working in the hospitality industry?

Booboo_the_bear6 karma

How disgusting some people can be

wegernr3 karma

have you ever stolen anything you found in a hotel room?

Booboo_the_bear7 karma

No. There's nothing worth losing my job over

r84shi373 karma

What's the most outlandish request made by a guest?

Booboo_the_bear3 karma

Nothing directly to me. We have a specific person who deals with any guest requests

RITO_I_AM3 karma

What's the worst customer you've ever had?

Booboo_the_bear9 karma

I had an elderly guy dressed in see through pjs and speaking no English hand me his cellphone and a magazine page.

It took a good 20 minutes of hand gestures for me to figure out he was wanting me to book him a massage... I think

BornNRaised4153 karma

I try to be as little of a nuisance as possible, so I often make my own bed when I get up, and only use one towel if I'm traveling alone for work. I'll also keep the, "Do Not Disturb," sign up all week for up to ten days, then try to fix the room up before I check out. I put any trash outside in the hall or in trashcans outside the room during my stay, too. Does a clean looking room bother or annoy you? Should I not be doing this?

Booboo_the_bear14 karma

If it's a hotel that changed sheets daily it's always a little sad having to unmake a bed haha But that's all perfectly fine not at all annoying. I'd much rather pick up trash from the hallway daily than have to deal with it all in one go.

Just so you know some hotels have a policy that if your do not disturb sign has been up for 3 consecutive days a manager has to go in and make sure you're not dead in there. Thanks for being considerate

Mitcheli13 karma

It doesn't matter how good the hotel is, I never drink from the cups that the hotel gives you unless they are plastic. Why? Because hotel maids are notorious for using the toilet brush, or the same cloth they used to wipe the bathroom surfaces/toilet to clean the cups in the sink... Did you ever see, or partake in any of this type of crazy shit?

Booboo_the_bear10 karma

Not using the cups is my number one rule that I tell everyone.

I've definitely seen people polishing glasses with the same cloth they just used to dust the room etc I've never seen the toilet brush used but knowing some of the people I work with it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

I'm a firm believer in treating people how I want to be treated so I clean as if I'm going to be using the item.

Couyon2 karma

How often are blankets and sheets changed with newly washed ones? After every guest?

Booboo_the_bear7 karma

The sheets are changed every day. The blankets are changed only if they have marks on them

CaptainKra4 karma

Typically before I check out of the room, I pile any blankets that have come in contact with the floor in a corner to be collected...

Does this exact blanket end up on the bed without being washed for the next guest?

Booboo_the_bear4 karma

Yep and it was probably on the floor before you used it too.

We only changed them if they're stained or wet

snow_island3 karma

Can you ask for a fresh blanket? Or would that be a pain?

Booboo_the_bear7 karma

Your best bet is once you've checked in call and ask for an extra blanket. They're more likely to have been cleaned

mak14052 karma

1) can you tell me the different chemical cleaners you use on different types of furniture? do you wipe with water?

2) can you tell me how is the bathroom is always completely dry after the maids left the room? washing a bathroom usually leaves a traces of water somewhere

Booboo_the_bear4 karma

We use a glass cleaner, a neutral cleaner, and a multi purpose sanitiser as well as bleach for mold and gumption for scuff marks.

We use a lot of rags. If you dont dry everything it leaves a mark when it dries by itself and looks like it hasn't been cleaned properly

L7yL7y2 karma

What's is the most interesting thing that you have ever been tipped? Also, most interesting item that a customer had laying about?

Booboo_the_bear3 karma

Nothing too interesting comes to mind. ill always remember a guest who had his sons funeral pamphlet in each room of his suite.

shouldbeworking232 karma

What is the grossest thing that you had to clean up?

arclaridge7 karma

I worked in a hostel in France for a few months. Most of the staff lived at the hostel so we were all pretty tight. Housekeeping was 2 people just doing beds, two people doing the cleaning. One day we came across a used condom behind the bunk bed, that must of been there for at least a couple of weeks. It stank so bad. Between the four of us we talked about who should get to do the honours; the bed maker who found it, or the room cleaner. Someone got a pair of tongs in the end and had to peel it off the floor. Gotta feel for whoever had been sleeping in that bed wondering about the stink.

Booboo_the_bear2 karma

Imaging that made me nauseous

Booboo_the_bear3 karma

I answered this earlier. A glass full of phlegm that made me throw up

nevereveronl11 karma

What tip do you have on getting upgrades?

Booboo_the_bear3 karma

Be nice to the front desk staff

Paleface951 karma

Ritz-Carlton one of them? :)

Booboo_the_bear1 karma


DingiGonnaDingus0 karma

What's your favorite kind of melon? And why is cantaloupe the worst?

Booboo_the_bear2 karma

I had to look up cataloupe, we call it rock melon here and it's actually my favorite. What ever the green one honeydew? Is the worst.

blethekid-1 karma

you look like my high school friend aspasia. know her?

Booboo_the_bear1 karma

I'm not sure if I'm missing a reference here?