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How much fun was it to work on Zombieland?What was Bill Murray like?

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Have you ever had to service a room a celebrity has stayed in? Or just heard a story of someone who did?

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Hey Troy, I would like to know if there’s any particular reason why you don’t do any live action work in Film/TV and if you ever plan on doing it? I know voice acting is a completely different style of performance but you did great mo-cap work on The Last of Us and speaking as a heterosexual male, I think you’re pretty damn good looking so I’m at a loss as to why you have not graced us with your presence on the TV or at the cinemas

P.S You did a phenomenal job of voicing The Joker in Origins, it’s no easy feat matching Mark Hamill but you absolutely nailed it

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To be fair though with every question she did answer, she answered with a lot of thought and detail.

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How do you keep your emotions in check working a job like this? I imagine it must be both sad to see what kind of cruelty the Dogs go for but also rewarding to see them given another chance at life
In any event keep up the good work