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Oh awesome I've always wanted to visit Canada :p

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Slightly. In the normal hotels the guests will generally have a quick chat with you. The higher class the more likely they are to pretend you don't exsist

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The peace and quiet. I probably spend about 20 minutes of my work day interacting with other people for an introvert its ideal

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Thank you so much. 1) Once you get used to it theres nothing really difficult. Time consuming/Annoying would be making the bed. We use 2 sheets and then put a duvet in the cover which is a mission to do alone. If theres any marks, holes etc no matter how small we cant use it. Thats nothing more rage inducing then finishing a bed and noticing a small mark and having to basically start again.

2) Not that I've ever noticed but if the room is missing towels, bathrobes, glasses we just assumed you left them at the pool or you had friends staying in another room and left them there.

3) Not at all. Id prefer to come back later than disturb them.

4) Tipping isnt common here (Australia) so anything thats left is considered generous

5) Don't use the glasses. The previous 2 hotels I worked at the dishes would just be washed in the sink with soap. If theres something you want just ask, we're more then happy to give you whatever you need that we have available or get in contact with someone who can help. Check under the bed and behind the curtains. Those areas are often overlooked and if you complain you'll probably be upgraded (Dont just complain for the sake of it though!)

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I once picked up a glass that was fill with phlegm. I emptied it out which made me throw up. Then I threw it away. I still gag just thinking about it.