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I stay in a LOT of hotels and I love my maids, I think you guys are just fantastic. A few questions:

1) What is the most difficult/time consuming/annoying part of the room to clean?

2) Do many people actually steal towels and such?

3) Does it really throw off your schedule or annoy you if someone asks you to come back to clean their room later?

4) I always try to tip housekeeping but I'm never sure how much to leave. Is tipping common and if so, how much is considered a generous amount?

5) Any hotel-stay tips for us?

thewildplum1 karma

1) What commercial washer/dryer combo would you choose and why? 2) Is there a way for me to get white towels really white without making them fall apart? 3) BEST WAY TO PREVENT MILDEW?? I have this set of brown towels that I can wash with soap in extra hot water and dryyyyy till they're near crispy but when you go to use them to dry off, they STILL smell of mildew. What the heck??

thewildplum1 karma

I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! Wondering what the term and history is for the j/g/sh sound in words like "Angelina". Also, is there a term for how the back of the tongue flips between the T and the L from when saying the word "incidental"? THANK YOU!