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The sewer pipes are leaking out. I guess he is talking about the opposite of I & I.

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Worst thing you have found while stocking?

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What's is the most interesting thing that you have ever been tipped? Also, most interesting item that a customer had laying about?

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Tapwater is tested for fecal coliform bacteria periodically, so you are OK.

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What new flavors are being worked on ATM? I tried the cotton candy grapes and they are just to sweet. My children didn't even really like them, so they ended up starting to go bad in the fridge so I threw them out.

What are some good varieties of grapes to grow in the southern US where Pierces's disease is prevalent(besides muscadines, the skin is to thick, and the seeds are a turnoff)? I remember my grandfather having some type of purple grape my cousins and I used to ransack when they were in season, but I think it finally succumbed to Pierces's.