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Is prison rape as common as tv makes it seem? Did anyone try to test you? Did you link up with any "groups" to protect you?

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Those are different countries?

--American guy

PS: Just kidding, I know they are.

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When they call her "sugar walls" I don't think that references her painting skills.

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Omar, what does doctor house smell like?

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How do you approach a new system? If I hired you to exploit reddit, do you have a list of things you always start with? Do you go research the stack by googling information about the site, or do you only trust enumeration tools? how much social engineering goes into something like that?

How do you properly exploit without harming? Can you effectively determine all likely RCE exploits without causing an outage?

I know buffer overflow is a common way to achieve a RCE, do you have techniques for finding these exploits without harming the site, or would you just ask for a test instance?