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To be fair that student was an idiot. Why would you: 1. Go to North Korea

  1. Steal something IN NORTH KOREA knowing their reputation

Edit: fucking TO. Not too

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I prefer 1, 1, etc

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So let me get this straight. You do not currently have $1m. You have 400 bitcoins?

The problem with bitcoins is that they're worth NOTHING except for the limited goods and services you can buy with them.

How long would it even take to cash out on all of them? And what about after tax?

Use the money you can to go to school and have a career, because right now you have a very limited skillset and no qualifications. I highly doubt you would be a successful investor

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That wouldn't be an all day solution, eventually the pressure inside the suit would build too much and it would rupture.

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I'm sure the beaurocracy of the military now has caused most of our dullness