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Do you know how much the average costume costs?

do you know who makes them for Disney?

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Why did you put the effort into doing something that has multiple solutions already?

Won't YouTube just find a way to block you any way?

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1-How would you describe the cleanliness of LC kitchen or other fast food chains? Do you feel comfortable eating in them?

2-Are the ingredients real or is it just all chemically manufactured "stuff"?

3-Is it true you have to make the pizza dough 1 daily earlier and have to keep it in the fridge? What happens if you run out of dough?

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Thanks for replying... how many doughs you do on average each day?

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1) can you tell me the different chemical cleaners you use on different types of furniture? do you wipe with water?

2) can you tell me how is the bathroom is always completely dry after the maids left the room? washing a bathroom usually leaves a traces of water somewhere