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It sounds like you were a part of a very unhealthy and likely co-dependent relationship structure. How much of the negative aspects of what you saw would you attribute to the fact that there were multiple partners in the house vs the fact that those partners were not mentally well, and why? Do you feel like your fathers relationship with one or another of the women would have been healthy, were it not for poly?

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Seriously? Read OP's responses. I did. He titled this focused on Poly, but clearly this is not a healthy relationship in any sense. It's tough to say Poly has much of a role to play in his experience. Unhealthy, mentally unstable people are going to make any relationship structure untenable.

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This is a completely serious question. I use high end hotels often and usually for kinky sex dates. I travel to events across the country and have partners new and old I like to play with. I have a lot of toys and when I get to my space, I like to lay them out so when it is time to play, they are ready. I may leave them out through my stay. Have you come across this? Do you or others find this upsetting? I do think about the staff when I do this and really don't want to offend, but it's a lot of gear and takes twenty or thirty minutes to lay it all out. I basically have taken the attitude that you guys have seen it all and nothing shocks you, but I haven't really ever asked.

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This does help. Thank you. I guess I will pack a shawl or something to cover them. They are all perfectly sanitary, insertables in ziplocks, everything disinfected. I'm speaking mostly things like rope, paddles, cuffs, that kind of thing. I do not have a dildo bigger than your arm. Well I guess I would need to see your arm to be sure, but I'm thinking not. Thanks again.

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People are turning away from football like no time in the twentieth century. At one time football was really the defacto American sport. Now people are genuinely discussing the decline of football to a regional semipro club activity. How do you and your teammates feel about the issues; concussions, abuse, murder, deceit, greed, that have brought the sport to this place?