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Are you planning on answering any questions in your AMA?

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Do you and David Gilmour race your recording studio boats?

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Yeah, only its probably nicer than yours due to him being worth 500million. Are you gonna take that? Boat race! boat race! Boat race!

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Hey Ben, I'm a big fan. How hard of a struggle is it for you to stay relevant? Guys like Adam Sandler seem to be really struggling, yet you seem to be able to remain relevent to today's humor. How do you do it? You're also a very under-rated dramatic actor, and have continued to show youe talent in that respect.

Secondly, who was the single most influential person in show biz that you looked up to growing up. Thanks!

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It doesn't matter how good the hotel is, I never drink from the cups that the hotel gives you unless they are plastic. Why? Because hotel maids are notorious for using the toilet brush, or the same cloth they used to wipe the bathroom surfaces/toilet to clean the cups in the sink... Did you ever see, or partake in any of this type of crazy shit?