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Joe, I'm a big fan of your podcasts - after the recent excellent five hour podcast from Ari Shaffir do you think that having any sort of podcast time limit should be transcended and ultimately you will just provide a live 24 hr feed of everything you say, do, and think?

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four mentions so far?

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What do you plan to work on after the expiration of this project, what's next?

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An ex of mine cleaned hotel rooms (not 5 star) when she was younger and they were instructed to wipe the kettle, mugs, glasses etc with the same skanky rag that they wiped the toilet with. She didn't agree but did it the way she was told. Later in life when she was with me we'd go to hotels and she would NEVER use the kettle, mugs, glasses etc.

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My two cents - Number 163 with Joey Diaz, and Doug Stanhope on mushrooms. I watched it again last night and seeing Doug while he's way the fuck out there is better than just hearing the audio.