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No then you have to update it every week.

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A female friend of mine in HS was a recovering alcoholic. AA meetings helped her a lot, But she hated going to meetings, because they made her feel bad. Her mom LOVED me, because I did not drink, AND I would make her go to meetings. But my car sucked, SO she let us use her Astrovan to go to the meetings. We would make a date out of it. Go to meetings, then go find a place to park her mom's Astrovan and have sex. She was up to 3 or 4 meetings a week for a while. We especially loved the midnight serenity meetings. When I took her to those, we could have sex before AND after the meetings. And often we would be the ride home of 2 other girls and we would have 3somes 4somes in the van.

Thing is, we were never more than just friends. But we had an insane amount of sex over the course of a few years.

One day a few years back her mother accredited me to keeping her clean, and the girl laughed, and said, well, the great sex helped... her mom looked at me and I thought I was dead. Then she laughed and said, HEY, if it got her sober, it was worth it. Almost 30 years later, the girl is still one of my dearest and closest friends. And she never let her daughters have a minivan...... LOL

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Hell would you just go punch Adam Sandler, I would pay to watch that.

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I know you have left already but I hope you return and see this and other responses. This is a good reply sir. I am Native American, and my best friend is Irish, everyone knows what happened to my ancestors (though they do not realize what is still being done to them in the reservations) but no one realizes what happened to hers. Her ancestors were brought over as Irish slaves. It happened and no one wants to admit it.

But when friends of mine ask how they can help with any struggle and trying to understand it, I tell them just be yourselves. There does not need to be any posturing or overtness, just being YOU a decent human that cares and loves and accepts regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or sexuality, is the most important thing. The more folks like that the better the world gets. Eventually the young and impressionable see this, they figure it out, they realize that we are all ONE RACE, the HUMAN RACE.

I have gained even more respect for you Mr. Lee. Thank you. BTW I love your movies and think you are a visionary. You may have made a few mistakes, but you owned up to them, that shows your true character. Thank you again for this AMA and everything else.

EDIT:: To whomever gave me reddit gold, thank you. They like me, they really like me! Seriously though thank you very much.

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No you are right, the model A and T both had a bench seat in the front and if they had a back seat it was also a bench seat. Many cars up till the 40s still called a front/backseat car a 2 seater.