Hello, I'm an Inuk teenager in one of the territories of Canada. I can tell you anything that you think about Inuit culture, how we live, etc.

Proof at: http://twitter.com/MetalHeadNaruto/status/490658430193893379

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licencevlease609 karma

I was up in Nunavut about 5 years ago and I lost my glove while skiidooing. Did you happen to see it by chance?

IpodAndMp3353 karma

Haha, I can't find anything that's isolated and cant find land for a next 20 miles of snow.

RAND0611415 karma

What's your average day like?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

IpodAndMp3606 karma

Living in a small place, a community filled with only 800 to 2000 people is pretty fine, but it gets boring day on day. Nothing really happens and just another regular day.

I think I want to go a collage, but there's a thing, it's Nunavut Sivuniksavut. It's a program about preparing for collage because there's no any collage or university, because Nunavut has very low population.

IpodAndMp3583 karma

Here's what Pond Inlet looks like if everyone's been wandering


PaladinSato298 karma

Unfortunately one thing that gets reported on is the high suicide rate among young people. Has this affected your community?

Also, is there government support for turning traditional arts into an income?

IpodAndMp3422 karma

It does get very serious, so we make a parade and celebrate our lives and have lots of activities around communities.

Traditional arts are sold and make incomes from the stores in the community.

claire0134 karma

How about a website to sell your things? I've been looking at the beautiful clothing and traditional art made by the Inuit (because of this AMA) and you might do a little better that way than just selling at the local shops.

*edited because I should have said Inuit, not Inuktitut. Sorry!

IpodAndMp3310 karma

There's no really a website for selling arts and jewelry, because of people here having no clue of shipping and buying stuff online.

and plural for Inuk is Inuit ;)

two_off265 karma

What do you get in terms of fresh fruits and vegetables?

IpodAndMp3351 karma

They ship those but right after they arrive they die instantly and doesn't get removed from the selves until people starts complaining. The employees doesn't take their work seriously? Any reason asking that?

PaladinSato125 karma

How much do the cost? How much is a loaf of bread? Do you get compensation for living north? Because the cost of shipping fresh produce is do high.

IpodAndMp3292 karma

The groceries get very high often, but sometimes they lower it now and then when they are about to get bad. Comparing foods up here, a loaf of bread would be 10 dollars, a shirt would cost 40 dollar. things here get pretty high prices, I think it's not fair.

two_off83 karma

Curious about how often and how fast shipping gets up there, and perishable items provide a good example. I think I've read elsewhere that the prices are ridiculously high.

IpodAndMp3114 karma

The shipping happened very often and comes up there fast but it's very expensive, in summer there's a shipping through ships that are likely very cheap but it gets very limited often.

Ottos_jacket7 karma

What kind of food is there besides $10 loafs of bread? Like local stuff

IpodAndMp312 karma

Dairy products cost about 5 to 20 dollars up here, Meat is about 15 to 30 dollars. alot here are kinda expensive more than they are not suppose to be.

-khatty184 karma

hello my relation! a Metis from Manitoba, here! :) what's your favourite traditional, and nontraditional food?

IpodAndMp3233 karma

My favorite traditional food is seal stew, it's really great! And I like spicy foods. What's yours?

r-ice28 karma

how does seal stew taste? i've never had seal

IpodAndMp3112 karma

I can't really explain the taste, just like describing how water tastes like.

BobXCIV167 karma

Did you grow up speaking Inuktitut or English? I'm very curious since I've read that many Inuit grow up speaking their native language. Also, I'm very interested in indigenous American languages.

On a different note: how do you guys combat the cold, especially in smaller towns that isolated?

IpodAndMp3402 karma

I do speak both language fluently, but part of Nunavut are losing the ability to speak Inuktitut, so they started a program to help and learn and practice speaking their language.

To keep away from freezing, we use clothing made out of animals skins that we hunt. But the stereotype about us only skinning the animals is totally bull, we just don't leave all the parts away to leave it to rot, we eat the parts of it too, it's a taboo to rot an animal

Mr_Smartypants28 karma

Is it really warm enough for things to rot? How long would it take for an animal to rot up there?

Here in southern California, I wouldn't eat an animal that sat out for more than an hour or two.

IpodAndMp351 karma

If people not caring about the dead animal and not being to thrown away, I guess about 2 weeks to rot.

TimWeis75138 karma

How many people own personal cars there? There is a "monument" in Alliance Nebraska called Carhenge ( http://carhenge.com ) , and their visitor center has license plates from all the US states and territories and almost all of the Canadians, save for yours.

I snapped this pic Monday: http://imgur.com/5ePnqaC

Would it be possible to send an expired plate to them?

IpodAndMp390 karma

I think they order cars through a catalog and get shipped though summer.

agressivetater123 karma


Which community do you live in? I lived in Coral Harbour for a year and a bit! Cheers!

IpodAndMp3175 karma

Hey! I currently live in Pond Inlet! Nice to hear someone was in Nunavut!

monsus118 karma

Well, I guess this is a pretty serious/heavy topic, but: what's your view on how the Canadian government treats First Nations people?

IpodAndMp3249 karma

I think they don't really give a damn about us, right after the Residential School was shut down, they started helping us, but years later it kind of stopped and stared to ignore us and "focusing on more important stuff that our own people"

Bokonon78115 karma

Hi, thanks for doing this AMA. I've always been curious about the life and culture of people living in Nunavut. My question is during your life time and those of your family has your life and culture changed?

IpodAndMp3131 karma

Our lives never have seem to change, but ever since the new era of more people coming up here around 1950's really impacted the lives of Nunavut. Any more questions about the lives up hear?

PERKocet_141 karma

What do you do for fun

Have you ever been to other parts of Canada?

Do you have any plans to travel?

IpodAndMp381 karma

I like to go hunting, and go fishing with my family. Everything's to pricey to travel, it's hard want to wander around Canada.

TheBraumBomber114 karma

Is hockey as big up there as it is in the rest of Canada?

IpodAndMp3203 karma

It's pretty big, but they love to watch it with the whole family and friends. With all of Nunavut's communities join in one community and start a tournament, I think it'll be the main activity of the territory.

I_think_therefore69 karma

Do most people root for the same team or are there lots of loyalties? Go Flyers!

IpodAndMp3208 karma

They root on the same teams but other families constantly fight against each other who's the best team. I'm with Canucks.

squink233 karma

What's your favourite Canucks logo?

IpodAndMp3120 karma

I like the older one, I really like the Killer whale logo, the newer one looks like just another weird lettered logo

lobster777108 karma

How cold does it get in the winter, is there a period of time where you have to stay inside because it is too cold?

Do you see the northern lights and if you do, can you describe them?

IpodAndMp3199 karma

Hello, on winter it's bone chilling, temperature. The average temperature on winter is around -40c(-49f) to -55c(-67f). You do not have to stay outside for a long time or you'll get terrible frost bites or hypothermia. The northern lights are very lovely, but not really strong and bright, it brings lots of attentions to the people.

jij_sock_puppet39 karma

How long do you generally stay indoors during the winter without going outside?

IpodAndMp374 karma

As long as we want, we go to places when we want to visit, go shopping, and go hunting, or play outside!

asakasan106 karma

Forgive my ignorance, but what is the difference between an Eskimo and an Inuk? That said, is "Eskimo" derogatory? I live (well south of you) in New York, and many of my peers refer generally to northern Canadians as "Eskimos". I know that isn't right. Can you (or someone else) elaborate? In my opinion, I feel like "First Nations people" is appropriate, but to be honest, I'm talking out of my ass. Can you school us, or at least me, in this?

IpodAndMp3174 karma

We prefer 'Inuk'. The word 'Eskimo' comes from another Native culture. When Missionaries were going up North in the early 1030's they asked who the people were up north and the Native people told them they were Eskimos, which means "meat eaters". Inuit only ate meat and meat only to survive because it was the only out there.

buzzkill101101106 karma

Hey, I'm working with an Inuit girl from Iqaluit she says that for the words yes and no that for yes you widen their eyes and face and for no they scrunched up their face. Also is Inuktitut widely spoken?

IpodAndMp3173 karma

Haha, widening your eyes is saying yes, scrunching your face is saying no, Inuit uses body language very often, and Inuktitut is widely often spoken

IpodAndMp3120 karma

Haha, widening your eyes is yes and scrunching your face is no, Inuit uses body language, it's convenient. And yes, Inuktitut is widely spoken, more than English.

mw101105 karma

Extremely stereotypical questions to ask but I have to ask them, sorry.

Do you see many polar bears? are they a problem?

What are the main animals you hunt besides seals? have you ever seen a Narwhal?

What is your favourite activity to do around your town?

IpodAndMp3184 karma

It's okay. Polar bears can be seen far away from any communities, you have to go very far to see them, Polar bears are not really a problem to Nunavut. We fish, it's a great delicacy, and we hunt for geese, ptarmigan, hares, polar bears, and sea mammals. Narwhals are very big and need very much of people to lift on to the surface. Because of the community is very small, I like to visit friends and family.

anderlec78 karma

Do you eat narwhal?

IpodAndMp3145 karma

Yeah, we only eat the skin and the blubber, we throw out the rest to our dogs so they wont starve.

TotallyOffTopic_136 karma

Do Narwhal taste bad?

Also, Is this true? http://imgur.com/k7nhIJL.jpg

IpodAndMp3323 karma

Yes, just like a little girl picks up your tooth in the night and gives you a quater

archydarky36 karma

Can you describe what sea mammal tastes like?

IpodAndMp3173 karma

I can't really describe it, it's like describing a blind person what a color is. You got to find out for your self.

BNS94105 karma

what's your opinion on Inuits from Greenland? And can you speak inuktitut?

IpodAndMp3142 karma

I think they have similar traditions as us from Nunavut, but little difference. And I definitely can speak Inuktitut.

IpodAndMp3198 karma

The dictionary is talking about tents and tents related.

mymomsaysimhott95 karma

Hey, fellow Canadian here :).

So my question is, is there an alcohol problem in the Nunavut?

IpodAndMp3206 karma

There is, mostly from the history of Residential School System, People with PTSD from neglect and torture from being for who they are, and passing them to their kids. I do have a dad that went R.S. and drinks to kill it away.

oldspice7572 karma

Does your dad talk about his residential school experience?

Does your family speak English at home, or Inuktitut?

Do you hunt or fish, and if so what do you hunt and does your family go hunting together?

Do you get seasonal depression?

IpodAndMp3123 karma

No, I don't like to talk about it with him, he's too sensitive about the subject. My parents mostly speak Inuktitut, but not really great with English. I do hunt and fish, it's a hobby, we do go hunting with the family. And I don't really complain about the seasons.

gas_00952 karma

Nunavut is also the 'youngest' province in Canada, has some of the highest teenage pregnancy rates and highest rates of smoking.

IpodAndMp33 karma

Nunavut has a VERY high rate of smoking.

letsgopoping92 karma

What are some common misconceptions you would the rest of the world to know?

IpodAndMp3233 karma

That we still live in Igloos and only hunt for our foods. No, we live like the whole world does now, we buy foods, we pay our shelters.

posh_pickle91 karma

Do you ever get people (non-Inuit) that move into your community to try and become a part of the culture?

IpodAndMp3235 karma

Well, All the people in Nunavut would try to welcome that person, even if they don't even know them, we are loving and caring people :)

toomanypotatoes83 karma

What kind of ceremonies do you have? I'm Cree and we have walking out ceremonies,sunrise ceremonies,sweat lodges and shaking tents..do you have similar names or different variations of these ceremonies? Have you had any spiritual experiences worth sharing?

IpodAndMp3102 karma

I think there's no really ceremonies but Churches. There's a big history of Christianity in Canada, I do think you know that but Nunavut takes Christianity very seriously.

claire072 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA, very interesting! What is the warmest it ever gets in the summertime in your area?

IpodAndMp3131 karma

I think the hottest it ever happened is around 15c(59f) to 27c(80f) It's not really hot at the summertime compared down there.

claire061 karma

That's a lot hotter than I thought it would get to! In my mind, it is always cold there. Is most of the summer spent getting ready for the wintertime? How long do you have and what do you do to prepare for the coming cold weather?

IpodAndMp3138 karma

We don't really prepare for winter, winter doesn't happen very suddenly. It takes 2 months for the snow to freeze and harden.

red99tercel62 karma

Southern white Canadian guy here. I've worked in a few communities in Nunavut for various environmental surveys for weeks at a time. I noticed there are more people outside at 10pm to 2am when us southern contractors are going to sleep. I'm guessing school, work and store hours prevent much change in schedule. What sleep schedule does the community have when the Sun is up 24 hours and does the schedule change when there is no Sun?

IpodAndMp371 karma

No, the schedule doesn't change, it's always the way it is, the same old time.

IpodAndMp38 karma

No, the schedule doesn't change, the schedule stays the same throughout the year.

drpoopdoctor62 karma

Could you describe what you have in terms of healthcare available to you?

How far would you have to travel to a major medical center?

Is a dentist and general practitioner available locally?

Do you or your community practice any traditional medicine?

IpodAndMp3101 karma

For a very serious reason, you have to travel to Iqaluit, it's the only city in the territory to have a hospital, all of the other communituies only have Healthcentres. Dentists only go to communities monthly, there isn't a dentists in the communities. We do have practices for traditional medicines, we learn them from our elders.

drpoopdoctor49 karma

Could you give a few examples of your traditional medicine?

IpodAndMp3129 karma

When you have a serious cut, you'll try to catch a lemming and skin it, wrap the skin around the area and leave it and it'll heal(it's not sanitary though but no infections would occur)

Canukistani21 karma

so a lemming skin bandage?

IpodAndMp326 karma

Yeah, I never tried it though, but it is said it heals the wound fast.

comedygene57 karma

How are you online? Seems isolated.

IpodAndMp3113 karma

It's isolated but there's a service in our community that connects to the I.S.P in Iqaluit, the connection is pretty slow though.

LOHare49 karma

What kind of internet do you have there? Back in February about 300 of us from Southern Ontario came to visit you guys. We had a blast!! We love your culture and your food. However the lack of internet and cell phone service was a bit different from living in Ontario.

IpodAndMp361 karma

We use broadband internet. The only internet service in Nunavut is in Iqaluit. And it is painfully slow.

swolebro42047 karma

I heard from a person who supervises work in Nunavut that the Inuit people are very sensitive to criticism and tend to withdraw instead of defending themselves. What are your thoughts on that assertion?

IpodAndMp391 karma

I do think they are sensitive, because Inuit love for who they are, they don't want people to judge them, like everyone else, they love their beliefs and denies everyone is not going to like every single bit

candyxmuffin45 karma

I feel like this is the most useless question so far, but if you had to rate your area from 1-10 what would it be?

I read about the groceries in the comments which would turn me off. Is the average persons paycheck able to afford food and bills, or is a serious struggle?

IpodAndMp385 karma

I'm rating it 7 out of ten, the scenery is very beautiful and never get tired of it.

I think one paycheck would be enough for two weeks, I think that's reasonable choice, but some people doesnt really have enough and it turns into a bad situation.

cara12345678936 karma

When you get older, do you plan to stay in your community or travel to a bigger city?

IpodAndMp356 karma

I'm thinking of going to a collage, then get a job that suits me. But I love staying in my community with my family and friends.

serenityriver35 karma

Do you have an opinion on the dump fire in Iqaluit? I don't have first hand experience, but I read on the news that they're telling women of child-bearing age to avoid breathing in the fumes. Sounds pretty nasty, but I've seen some pretty nonchalant attitudes about it on social media from people in the area. I'm curious what it's like for you.

IpodAndMp3103 karma

I think they should stop burning and start recycling, seriously, why burn trash right beside your city?

gas_009535 karma


IpodAndMp366 karma

I think because of peer pressure and trying to be part of popular people in school, and parents not taking care of their kids enough.

phymp35 karma

Do you still need a hunting license to hunt?

IpodAndMp374 karma

No, you just have to hunt limited, the government forces the people not to hunt animals very much.

awkwardsoul35 karma

The prices in this youtube video going through a Nunavut Grocery store from 4 years ago still accurate today? Or has it gone up? http://youtu.be/Hz0YYkvG_Lg

Yikes, $25 for laundry soap?! $7 for a bag of chips?

IpodAndMp378 karma

The prices are still high, today right now in my local store, a loaf of bread is 15 dollars, a case of pops or soda costs 48 dollars right now. Because the prices are high doesn't mean we're greedy, it's just that the shipping is very expensive now!

Randomfinn34 karma

Do you have a public library in Pond Inlet? What about other community services like indoor pools or arenas to do something when it is really cold out.

Does the community support the mining that is gearing up near you? Are there going to be jobs reserved for long-term residents?

Will your community ever reclaim the name Mittimatalik officially and drop the European name Pond inlet?

IpodAndMp342 karma

Yes we do have a public library. But my community doesn't have those, it's too expensive to afford, but we have ponds that we can swim in, when it's only a party with your friends. The community does supports mining, it's the Baffin Land Mining Corp. I don't know, but Nunavut is trying to reclaim their original name back.

Zee_dee33 karma

What wildlife do you often see?

IpodAndMp372 karma

We see ravens (they are freaking everywhere) and marine mammals are common. there are rodents that are only the size of your hand.

punchinginthefaceing33 karma

Have you ever heard of the Katimavik program? Way back when the gov still funded the program (and when I took part in it!) there was a group located in Iqaluit. Also it's Inuktitut for 'meeting place' right?

IpodAndMp347 karma

I've heard of it. Yes, "katimavik" literally means "meeting place" but it's for important people have meeting.

Shaeos31 karma

How different is the language? Do you know it?

IpodAndMp3107 karma

Inuktitut is very simple, one word is one thing, add one vowel and the word doesn't change. But English, you add one vowel, the whole word changes.

AmishCableGuy30 karma

Have you ever left Nunavut? If so, what were your impression?

IpodAndMp356 karma

No, I never really left Nunavut, It's kinda pricey to travel in Nunavut.

SardonicNihilist30 karma

I've always wanted to see a real, ancient inukshuk. What would be the best way to visit and genuinely get to know the locals and see the wilderness? Do you know of any volunteer type programs that let people truly see how you live and learn about your culture and history?

IpodAndMp345 karma

You can find them in places where there is or there was places for animal breeding ground or ponds and lakes for fishing. You can find them around communities, all you have to do is ask an expert and they'll show you the way.

TheRocketDog29 karma

Is it true you touch noses instead of kissing?

IpodAndMp377 karma

I think that's just a cute way of cuddling, we kiss now, like everyone else.

haixin25 karma

Hey, my questions stems from the point that I was looking to apply for a few jobs up there, currently in London, ON. but how are the living situations such as food/grocery, rent and other things such as phone, internet and so on? Also, how cold does it really get, in your opinion...

IpodAndMp348 karma

Hello, Foods and groceries are a little problems up here, everything up here is pretty expensive because we're so up high and things are getting expensive everyday. A solution for that is you get paid more because of everything here is expensive. Internet here is very slow compared down there because there's only one internet service in Iqaluit. The coldness gets really cold in winter, a proper clothing will do but a little pricey.

helmblogger23 karma

I fish Reindeer Lake (SK) every year just south of Nunavut with the help of some Cree friends. Where is the best fishing in Nunavut for a rod and reel angler?

IpodAndMp348 karma

I think Iqaluit. "Iqaluk" means fish and Iqaluit is placed near a river and that's why its called "Iqaluit" which means literally lots of fishes

Qusqus7321 karma

What is the strangest thing a Canadian has done or said?

IpodAndMp350 karma

Nothing every really happens up here, just same old things repeating everyday.

claire036 karma

I bet doing an AMA on reddit is something new :)

IpodAndMp372 karma

Yes it is, haha.

LFETKN19 karma

Heya! Ontarion here, god you guys have it rough up there. </3 I had read that they're hoping to set up some greenhouses up there, so grocery prices can go down, there are more jobs, etc. Heard anything about that locally? (How do you pronounce Inuk, by the way?)

IpodAndMp340 karma

No I didn't about those, sounds like a great idea though. You pronounce Inuk like i-pea nuk-took, ee-nuhk Inuk. Hope you understand.

fire_of_my_loins13 karma

I once heard there was a relatively high rape-rate in Nunavut and the other territories, especially among Natives. Is this true?

Also, have you ever been to a big city, and what were your thoughts upon arrival if so?

IpodAndMp324 karma

I don't think the rate isn't really high and doesn't happen very often.

and no, flight up here is kind of too expensive, so save some cash and travel later.

sean_joseph7 karma

Is there any place you would like to travel to and see?

IpodAndMp338 karma

I want to go Japan, it looks so interesting.

AMinorMiner13 karma

Have you ever traveled to other parts of Canada? What are your views or what do you know of us other provinces?

IpodAndMp330 karma

I never really traveled, but I'd love to though. I think all of the provinces are the friendliest people I know :)

IpodAndMp322 karma

I never really traveled, I want to though but it's quite expensive. I think all of the provinces are the friendliest. :)

cl_one10 karma

Thank you for such a great AMA!

Do you watch many movies? If so how do you get to see them? DVDs? Movie theaters? Is the internet too slow there for streaming movies?

Going by your username, what kind of music do you listen to?

Thanks again for such an interesting AMA!

IpodAndMp318 karma

I do watch movies, there's a local dvd store, and it is too slow for streaming movies. And I do listen to rock and metal genres. And your welcome :)

silentmonkeys6 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA. It's really interesting!

Have you ever seen a UFO or any kind of strange phenomenon you can't explain?

Also, what local folk legend do you find most interesting?

IpodAndMp312 karma

There's a legend where a kid is playing around the beach unsupervised, they'll be captured by a sea-creature who abducts kids.

funbrownguy5 karma

are you in Iqaluit? is The Snack still open?

IpodAndMp311 karma

I'm sorry but I'm from Pond Inlet.

SecTrono4 karma

whats your internet connection like?

IpodAndMp39 karma

The download speed up here is 100-230 kbs. It's pretty slow.

void_0004 karma

Are there any metaphysical, philosophical, spiritual or political views unique to you or your community that you'd like to share?

IpodAndMp39 karma

Pond Inlet is mostly religious and they take it very seriously.

justfarmingdownvotes3 karma

Do you have a religion?

IpodAndMp35 karma

I do have a religion, because Nunavut is very common with Christianity, and Christianity has big history with Nunavut.

_geriatricmindtrix_3 karma

Do you speak English as your second language?

IpodAndMp33 karma

Yes, I do, right now.

HIV_Salad2 karma

Do y'all have an oral histories about Martin Frobisher? If so what do they say?

IpodAndMp34 karma

Yes we do, Iqaluit(our capital city) is used to be Frobisher Bay before it used to be Iqaluit.

seriouslees2 karma

Have you ever read the newsletter with the trading post and terrible jokes, trivia and the "find the polar bear"? Damn, I cant remember the name...

IpodAndMp33 karma

Those are pretty cheap jokes.

gauldrenth2 karma

What kind of vehicles do you have in your town, Is there many trucks/cars or is it mostly just atv's and snowmobiles? Also, how much do you pay for basic services and goods in your area. One last question, what is the main source of income for the people in your area, how many people have an actual job?

IpodAndMp34 karma

There are cars and trucks here, ATVs are very common in summer, Snowmobiles her the most common vehicles in Nunavut. We have to pay for good services up here, prices high though. Bit all of people here get income, mostly from Child Tax.

masongr0 karma

Are you an Eskimo?

IpodAndMp33 karma

Well, the word "Eskimo" is from another Native culture, which means "meat eaters" that was the truth about us, we only ate meats, that's how we were named, years later we prefer being called 'Inuit' because Inuit can name ourselves and not other group but ourselves.