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Forgive my ignorance, but what is the difference between an Eskimo and an Inuk? That said, is "Eskimo" derogatory? I live (well south of you) in New York, and many of my peers refer generally to northern Canadians as "Eskimos". I know that isn't right. Can you (or someone else) elaborate? In my opinion, I feel like "First Nations people" is appropriate, but to be honest, I'm talking out of my ass. Can you school us, or at least me, in this?

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Read the article carefully. Cadillac said that their concept car could theoretically run on thorium, and that the technology is within reach. A big difference from a car that actually runs on thorium. Reference: the article linked above.

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Dr. Nemiroff, thank you (and thanks also to Dr. Bonnell) for APoD.
I have been teaching high school elective Astronomy since I started teaching twelve years ago, and start every lesson with the Astronomy Picture of the Day. Please keep it up.
Question: what is the next frontier in space imaging? Space-based telescopes? Ground-based? In what spectrum?