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Hi, Mr. Adams, I cried so hard when I read Watership Down as a kid. I'll never forget that experience. Thank you.

My question: How do you write scenarios that are heartbreaking without falling into a depression?

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Dear sirs, thank you for your incredible service to this country. Mr. Clarke, I will never forget your dire warnings on cyber security and the (lack of) readiness of our govt/law enforcement apparatus to deal with it decades before any news stories on same materialized.

Apologies if this is a repeat question, but what is your opinion on the explosion in astroturfing (i.e. fake people or bots spamming forums like this one, comment sections, twitter, etc.) to create false perceptions and manipulate public opinion in the internet age, and, more specifically, the steroid version of same that we've seen over the last 12 months?

In my view, astroturfing has cratered the credibility of virtually every "grassroots" environment on and off line, not only in the recent Russian surge but in corporate damage control and news suppression.

What are your thoughts on steps people or law enforcement can take to combat this? THANK YOU!!!

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Thanks for doing this AMA. It's really interesting!

Have you ever seen a UFO or any kind of strange phenomenon you can't explain?

Also, what local folk legend do you find most interesting?

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If we can't trust the "facts" we see, if we can't agree on what is real and what is "fake news," then how can we have cogent dialogue and craft solutions? It is a cancer.

Exactly, if nothing's true then everything is true, white is black and black is white.

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This is a barbaric practice and no matter what the justification, if I believe in any kind of afterlife I believe in a terrible hell for people that put innocent animals through this worst kind of torture.