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Hi, thanks for doing this AMA. I've always been curious about the life and culture of people living in Nunavut. My question is during your life time and those of your family has your life and culture changed?

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Hi guys! I am thrilled you are doing an AMA. I can say in all honesty that Todd & The Book of Pure Evil is my all time favourite show. I hope you all understand how rabid and loyal a fanbase you have. I still think it will become the ultimate cult show. I wish the show would have continued for years but am thankful for the two seasons and upcoming animated movie.

I don't really have a question but just wanted to say thanks for being a part of one of the greatest show in TV history. It inspires me to move to Canada. Oh, and I was one of the lucky shit roosters and ass taxis who donated to the Indiegogo campaign and received artwork from Bill and cookies from Melanie. Thank you both! You rock.

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They were great. I told all my friends about the show while I shared the cookies with them. I did manage to turn a few into Toddies.

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Oh I did think of a question: The Metal Dudes are coming back for The End of the End, right? Those guys crack me up. I love them.

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Those cookies would have been accept as well. :D