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By increasing market competition. I think their phrasing is poorly chosen, but the concept stands. Create an alternative investment option and reduce the market share of the oil and gas sector.

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Have you ever traveled to other parts of Canada? What are your views or what do you know of us other provinces?

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They're giving you the choice of who your money goes to--an oil company with a significant impact on GHG emmisions or solar energy as a renewable resource. By your logic anytime you spend money you're being exploited. I'd say by giving you an alternative they're giving you the freedom to choose, if anything resolving an existing exploitation. And I say this as someone who works in oil and gas.

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Thanks for doing this AMA! As a mechanical engineer, why did you choose to work in the mining industry? Do you feel you have an advantage over those with mining engineering degrees?

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Great answer! I can see the attraction. So for myself, as someone studying mining engineering, are there any sorts of things that I can do in the future to make things easier/better for those in your position?