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Did you grow up speaking Inuktitut or English? I'm very curious since I've read that many Inuit grow up speaking their native language. Also, I'm very interested in indigenous American languages.

On a different note: how do you guys combat the cold, especially in smaller towns that isolated?

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Just like the US. The government had mandatory boarding schools for Native Americans, which many consider to be the main reason why their languages are endangered. Also, in the US, the same problems exist for many Native American communities mainly as a result of the residential schools and just centuries of governmental abuse.

By the way, have you heard of Idle No More? I've been following it for some time since these sort of issues interest me.

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It's nice that they've started a program to create more speakers. I know they've made similar programs in the US and many of them are successful. Also, I believe Inuktitut was recently made an official language in the state of Alaska, although it's already been made official in Nunavut.

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I'm a big fan. Glad to see you guys doing an AMA now!

Will you guys do more Level: Asian videos in the future? Or is that up to someone else? I really liked the videos focused on Asian-Am lifestyle.

Also, will you ever visit UCLA in the future and do a video? I wanna get featured in your videos!