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Living in a small place, a community filled with only 800 to 2000 people is pretty fine, but it gets boring day on day. Nothing really happens and just another regular day.

I think I want to go a collage, but there's a thing, it's Nunavut Sivuniksavut. It's a program about preparing for collage because there's no any collage or university, because Nunavut has very low population.

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Here's what Pond Inlet looks like if everyone's been wandering


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It does get very serious, so we make a parade and celebrate our lives and have lots of activities around communities.

Traditional arts are sold and make incomes from the stores in the community.

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I do speak both language fluently, but part of Nunavut are losing the ability to speak Inuktitut, so they started a program to help and learn and practice speaking their language.

To keep away from freezing, we use clothing made out of animals skins that we hunt. But the stereotype about us only skinning the animals is totally bull, we just don't leave all the parts away to leave it to rot, we eat the parts of it too, it's a taboo to rot an animal

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Haha, I can't find anything that's isolated and cant find land for a next 20 miles of snow.