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Thank you for doing this AMA!

If it's not too intrusive or sad: what is the one thing you wish you could have done if it wasn't for your polio (or the results of it)?

and, to balance things out, what is a good thing about it? Has it given you a better perspective or appreciation for life, modern medicine, etc.?

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Well, I guess this is a pretty serious/heavy topic, but: what's your view on how the Canadian government treats First Nations people?

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I wish that people would see me for the person I am inside, rather than see me for my prior-disease.

I wish/hope so too! All the best to you (and Shaun as well)!

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is there one thing in your life and/or career that you just wish you could say to people? (whether it has to do with your job or your status as a popular person people are listening to right now...an encouragement to people following your footsteps or someone going the other way...anything really you want to say about this business)

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thank you so much! This might come of wrong, but : I really appreciate people who haven't 'made it' until late in their career (like you, or Bryan Cranston) a lot. You're the kind of people who really know what's going on, who have really learned how to deal with whatever comes their way and who are just incredibly good at what they're doing.