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obi-tom-kenobi15 karma

Do any BJJ crosstraining for your Newaza? What are your thoughts on the direction of judo rules (not being able to grab legs, grip stalling, etc)?

Popilols11 karma

I have a BJJ guy at my gym that I work with. Most the Newaza I get from my own coaches. The rules don't matter much, the only thing I disagree with was the leg grabs. They took away a lot of strategy with that rule change.

Cupcakeeater12311 karma

Have you ever gotten in a fight outside of a competition/training? If so, what happened?

Popilols42 karma

Hahaha yes multiple times. The most fun one is I was jogging in my neighborhood, and a boy about my age, 2 inches taller stopped me. He said "Hey gringo, lemme have your shoes" obviously I told him no, in harsher words. We escalate to a full shouting match, soon to be fight. This is all happening outside of a catholic school, so we have a few spectators. He comes at me, full charge, so I sidestep and trip him. I hear a few laughs, and one very loud roar. He starts throwing fists. I duck, jab, bob, weave, jab, throw. He's now on his back, with a forming black eye. He still gets up, I punched him square in the teeth. That finished him, he ran away. I still have my shoes :) with a new small scar on my right knuckle.

evad1525 karma

Use elbows next time, save you from a broken hand/scar'd knuckles :-D

Popilols8 karma

Good point.

ArchDeluxe12855 karma

Pun intended?

Popilols9 karma


Simonzi3 karma


Popilols3 karma

Yes, it would have been a great video.

KingOfKerfuffle7 karma

How much do you weigh and what is it like fighting people 3 years older than yourself?

Popilols13 karma

At the moment, I weigh 162 lbs. At that fight I weighed a bit more at 172, so I've slimmed down. It's interesting, because the mentality changes. It becomes less of a fight, and more of a learning experience. Plus, you get to be the underdog. And everyone loves an underdog.

hateitorleaveit3 karma

14 years old and 175. That's big right? Are you the biggest kid in school? I think I finally grew to that size when I was a senior!

Popilols8 karma

Oh no I was 175 when I was 12 haha. Now I'm 162. I'm one of the bigger kids in my school, yes.

sparks19904 karma

175 at 12? Damn. How tall are you?

Popilols4 karma

Hahah I was fat when I was twelve. I'm 5'7 right now. Back then I was 5'5. I definitely slimmed down when I joined the basketball team.

hateitorleaveit3 karma

Are you a villain or a superhero? Protecting your friends and serving justice on the school ground? Or terrorizing the playground for milk money using you powers for evil?

Popilols6 karma

Hero. Bullies don't fly if I'm around.

wilsonmma7 karma

I take Judo too ours is more adapted towards MMA. You have any good tripping sequences you wanna reveal?

Popilols11 karma

Tripping or gripping? Tripping, go for kouchi into a ouchi gari. That usually works, other than that, it's just how you use footwork and sweeps. Gripping, always establish an inside lapel grip. Then you can work on sleeves. If you're fighting a lefty, place you right hand on their bicep and curl. Don't grab the gi by the bicep. Then, take your left hand to their lapel, pull, and come over to a high grip with you right hand. Now you have a dominant inside high grip, which you can adjust from.

wilsonmma4 karma

but if we both have our right foots forward and we grab the lapel grip, then there's no inside lapel grip present right?

Popilols5 karma

You want the inside grip. Meaning that his arm should be above yours. If you both have a lapel grip, make sure yours is deeper. Same with a high girp, but that's a little different

wilsonmma3 karma

what do you mean by deeper?

Popilols9 karma

As in, you are closer to your opponent. Like, if you're both right foot forward, you don't want to square, meaning facing them. You want to you your right hand on lapel, turned 90 degrees, and have their sleeve. So you're deeper, and can work more judo.

wilsonmma4 karma

oh this is great, thanks :D

Popilols4 karma

No problem :)

sanswagata7 karma

Have you ever been kicked in the nuts during a match?

Popilols14 karma

Yes, multiple times, among other things. In the most recent state tournament, I was punched square in the face twice. The referee just couldn't see it, because we were on the ground in an awkward position. But yes, I have.

castiglione_9912 karma

Failed Uchi-mata attempt (the kick to the nads)?

Popilols5 karma

Yeah but that usually happens in practice.

wafflesnifffer2 karma

I used to do judo and my instructor used to tell us when you're on the ground in those awkward positions to knee and punch the guy in the ribs because it's the little things that make the difference

Popilols32 karma

I will never do that, and I think you had poor coaches. Fighting dirty means you lose either way.

wafflesnifffer4 karma

I think I've been miss understood I'm not talking about mma style punching and kicking. I'm talking more about grinding your knee or fist into their ribs so they decide to roll over out of discomfort. I stopped doing judo about 8 years ago and I don't know the rules now but whenever we were on the ground if my opponent was lying on his stomach on the ground and I was attempting a turn over, I don't remember the name of the move but it's where you grab the pants at the knee and the gee around the elbow and then lift and place your knee under/into their stomach to roll them over. I was told to drive push my knee into their ribs so they would roll over out of discomfort. I don't know if that's legal now but when i did judo it was 100% legal in every tournament I fought in it was used on me and I used it on others. Also i always fought at least 10-15lbs above my weight class because I was so small and the little things like that helped me a lot.

Popilols7 karma

Thanks for clearing that up. Then hell yeah you should be making them move.

Chrome_foam6 karma

How does it feel to beat out the other 3 judo contestants in Illinois? (kidding) keep at it man!

Popilols3 karma

Hahah thanks, and I will.

BaconOverEverything6 karma

How strong is your judo chop?

Popilols11 karma

Strong enough to move mountains.

hawkeye8075 karma

So honestly, you think you can take the state Judo champ of Indiana?

Popilols5 karma

More than likely ;)

hawkeye8072 karma

Go get em! Good luck in Florida and stay safe.

Popilols3 karma

Thank you :D

Slevo5 karma

Any interest in wrestling?

Popilols7 karma

Yes I will definitely be wrestling in high school

complaingel5 karma


Popilols5 karma


arcsine4 karma

Former second in my weight class in Michigan. Keep at it!

Popilols6 karma

Congrats! And thanks

arcsine2 karma

Thank you, would've been first but the guy who got it was also first in the nation and third in the WORLD. Beat my ass, full point throw in ten seconds.

Popilols4 karma

Hahah that can happen. But you can say you rolled with the best. Most people can't.

beer_demon4 karma

How much of japanese culture, history and philosophy influence your judo and your life as a spinoff?

Popilols8 karma

None of it at all. I take no interest outside of Japanese culture, just haven't explored it yet.

StubsKubik4 karma

you have been doing judo for 2 years what belt are you currently on at the moment ?

Popilols4 karma

I'm at purple. Went from white to orange to purple, skipped the ones inbetween :D

Gnarlydesigner1 karma

Purple? I have done Judo in Norway for 8 years and currently have a black belt (did quit 2 years ago though) but here it is white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, black. Not any purple. might be different in every country but I don't know

Popilols3 karma

That's interesting, not sure why but cool!

IShitMyself3 karma

What does judo have that bjj doesn't? And vice versa? Serious question, I've been doing bjj for about eight months now and we've done a good amount of throws. Judo also seems to do a lot of the grappling that bjj does.

Popilols4 karma

Judo has more throws, BJJ has more ground work.

Popilols3 karma

Wow didn't picture my first post on the sub to go like this! Thank you to everyone who has posted so far, let's get more questions going. This is actually really fun!

T-Bolt2 karma

I don't really know about Judo, but from your video, it looks like there's a lot of tripping involved. Is good balance an important part of Judo? If so, what are ways in which you can improve your balance?

Popilols3 karma

Yes, it is very important to have good balance in judo. Jump rope, run on uneven ground, take up boxing and learn the footwork. That's how I got my balance.

greyavenger2 karma

Where is Florida will you be attending nationals? Being a Chicago native currently living in Florida. If your close to my house I would love to see the nationals take place.

What would be the best way to improve my self defense skills in a short period of time?

Popilols3 karma

Fort Lauderdale, and the best way in a short period would be take boxing lessons. It's the most practical martial art, and is a great cardio work out.

greyavenger2 karma

I live near Ft. Lauderdale. What date and time during the summer? I can swing by if I am not working.

Popilols3 karma

Some time in July, not totally sure though.

Cannabis_Cannibal1 karma

I also live quite close to Ft lauderdale and would love to support you, because years ago I was also in judo, pm me some details whenever you have them figured out!

Popilols3 karma


WakaFlacco2 karma

Do you think ronda rousey can beat Floyd mayweather in an mma fight? Can you beat Floyd mayweather?

Popilols3 karma

Floyd Mayweather now? Yeah I wouldn't doubt that. I will say I don't watch MMA. Not sure if I could beat him.

Rookiestate2 karma

Ummmmm, Floyd Mayweather would knock Ronda's head clean off.

bl1ndvision1 karma

Exactly. Mayweather could beat Ronda & this kid up at the same time. Wouldn't even be a contest.

Popilols2 karma

Thought we were talking about Floyd senior. He's old now. I don't watch competitive fighting so no clue. No way in hell I could be him at his prime.

jwrtf2 karma

Do you ever secretly hope someone will try to mug you so that you can beat the crap out of them?

Popilols4 karma

I have thought about it yes. Usually only if I'm having a bad day though.

eldiegorom2 karma

What GI brand/model do you prefer and why?... I used to fight competively back in 06 and was ranked 3rd in FL. Left and I'm currently looking to get back into the sport. Just gotta find a good JODO in Tampa FL. Keep up the good work!

Popilols3 karma

I don't really care about the brand or model. I just take what I'm given. Thank you :D

eldiegorom2 karma

Wow, really!... I personally liked either my Adidas reversible or my comp Mizuno GI's, tried to stay away from the thin (tiger claw..etc) GI's usually because they ripped after 1 or 2 months hard training.

Popilols3 karma

I think mine is Fuji or Adidas, no clue never really checked haha

eXXaXion2 karma

Hey man, how do Judo?

Popilols3 karma

Google a club in your area, go there, and find out. It's a fun art to learn :D

Kalbamater2 karma

What would do you if you got to fight with Vladimir Putin?

Popilols3 karma

I wouldn't. Because I take no stock in politics. If it was judo, sure, he'd be a fun body to throw around.

TheWhiteCrow2 karma

Well he'd probably get destroyed. Old, crafty judoka are the most dangerous judoka.

Popilols3 karma

Definitely. I'm not going to say I'd beat Putin. I'd get wrecked. But that's why it's fun.

satanic_badgers2 karma

Hows your Uchi mata?

Popilols1 karma

Great actually, been working on it a lot for a few months. Gotten to the point where people don't know if I'll be doing Uchi Mata or a hip switch, can't wait to use it in tournament.

satanic_badgers2 karma

Used it in many, get it right, pretty much guaranteed ippon!

Popilols2 karma

That's why I've picked it up :D it's a very fun throw.

TITAN0BOA2 karma

Sup judo dude! What is your meal of choice before a big match or whatever

Popilols5 karma

I eat light, but it's usually just fruits. Oatmeal in the morning for good energy. Protein shake, smoothie (banana strawberry) and a jalapeno pepper is usually what I'll have before a fight. Not all together because that would be horrible. I always eat a hot pepper though, to stay warm after the initial fight.

Hungryone2 karma

I don't know judo and from watching your videos I still don't get it. If you could so nicely please explain to me how judo works? As I'm watching the videos I just see two guys pushing / pulling each other. I'm sure there are a lot of things happening but even the take downs look "dirty"?

On the fight with the 6'5 guy your mom seems to be screaming like you're winning but when you throw the big guy down he seems to end up on top? I'm a little confused did you win or lose that fight?

I don't understand the rules enough I guess. But regardless it's VERY impressive what you're doing man. Godspeed.

Popilols5 karma

Judo works like this. Opponents fight for a "dominant grip" meaning someone has a better grip position than the other. Than you attempt to throw. The movement, or the push/pull, is what makes the throws work. The fight with the dirty take downs was mostly that way because I had been tired from fighting my own division. With the 6'5 match, they score your throws based on how the opponent lands. I got a low score, but that score won me the match. There were a few throws where he did just land on me and I received no score. I won that fight :)

Hungryone1 karma

Thanks! So basically you won the 6'5 one because the other guy had less successful throws?

Popilols2 karma


bradreputation2 karma

Have you ever accidentally sniffed someone's butt during a match.

Popilols5 karma

Things like that usually happen on the ground, I thankfully have not done that yet. But a kid did fart while we were fighting once :D

polalion2 karma

What do you think about Judo having the coolest move ever named, the Yama Arashi, literally meaning "Mountain Storm"?

Popilols4 karma

Judo is badass. That's what I think about it.

eyecebrakr2 karma

Given that judo is a great martial arts base to have, do you have any future plans to get involved in MMA?

Popilols6 karma

No, because to me MMA is too dangerous, and a bit too over hyped. To each their own though :D

exiledstar2 karma

Are you better at throwing or grappling? Favorite throw? Favorite pin? Favorite choke? Have you ever trained with a girl? If yes, did you go easy on her? I feel like guys ALWAYS go easy on me during randori. But then again, I'm a tiny girl who sometimes trains with heavyweight guys. lol.

EDIT: How did boxing help you with judo? Was there a disadvantage with being a boxer before being a judoka? (I did taekwondo before judo, so I was too bouncy during my first few months in judo.)

Popilols7 karma

I would say grappling, I do throw very well, but I need to get a better tai otoshi. Favorite throw, uchi mata hip switch, or drop seoi nage. Favorite pin, definitely sankaku. Favorite choke is the somersault choke. Yes, I train with many girls at my club. No, I never go easy on them. I only go easy on someone who is considerably younger than me. It's disrespectful to go easy on someone because of their gender. Plus, I just think of it as another opponent to fight.

Popilols5 karma

Boxing in my opinion is why I excel at judo. Boxing taught me footwork, how to play mind games with your opponent, and most importantly taught me balance. It also gave me fast hands, so I usually out grapple people during randori.

contrarian19701 karma

Did you watch "The Foot Fist Way" and did parts of it give you uncomfortable reminders of any unethical instructors from the past?

Popilols2 karma

Have not watched it unfortunately

Popilols1 karma

Thanks so much for all the support guys, but now I have to go. Sorry if I missed any questions, but this was really fun. See ya later :D

SuperGirly1 karma

Lou Malnati's or Giordano's?

Popilols1 karma

Why not both? But Lou Malnati's. I live next to Candle Light though, so that's usually where we get it. I wish they had better deep dish. Giordano's takes the cake for deep dish vs Lou though.

pyrs1 karma

What are your favorite movies, tv series and books?

Popilols3 karma

Favorite movies, in no particular order- Fight Club, Captain America, The Winter Soldier, Mr. Nobody, How To Be A Man, Flight, Falling Down, and Warrior. I don't watch much tv, but Arrow and The Colbert Report are what I normally watch. Loiter Squad too. Books, big Harry Potter fan, Percy Jackson was alright, War and Peace, To Kill A Mockingbird, and that's about it.

obiwanspicoli1 karma

Did you yell "JUDO CHOP" when you Judo Chop someone?

Popilols1 karma

Nope. Element of surprise.

brazenbowtie1 karma

Nothing to with Judo. But what do you order at Sarks? There is only one right answer.

Popilols2 karma

Actually, I've never been. What should I order?

north_coaster1 karma

Just wanted to say congrats to a fellow Illinoisan! My father is a black belt in Tae Kwando, and I know that any martial art/combat sport takes a lot of time and practice.

What do you plan to do with judo in the future? Try out for the national/Olympic team?

Popilols3 karma

Definitely the Olympic team. I'd love to be under the lights.

north_coaster1 karma

Well good luck to you! Hope you can You will rep our state well, as J├Ąger did in 2012!

Edit: Didn't mean to sound like a dick.

Popilols2 karma

I will try, thanks :D

TheWarofArt1 karma

Do a lot of people ask you to fight them once they discover your talents? If so, have you ever beat the shit out of anybody?

Popilols2 karma

One or two people have, and I never beat the shit out of them, just rough them up. I usually just throw then choke until they tap out.

TheRoyalTenenThom1 karma

Who would win an MMA match between you and Ronda Rousey?

Popilols2 karma

Ronda would kill me in a second. But I wouldn't participate anyway because I don't like MMA

Hustii1 karma

What is your favorite "finishing" move ?

For example Ipon Seo-nage etc. :)

Thanks for doing this, from a prior judo fighter :)

Popilols2 karma

Drop Seoi Nage or Uchi Mata

TheWhiteCrow1 karma


Popilols2 karma

Uchi Mata, or drop Seoi nage

TheWhiteCrow1 karma

Ah I love me a drop seo. My uchi mata is a disgrace, however. Do you mix up your grips much with drop seonage? My personal favorite is a double lapel grip with a loose spinning entry. Though a one sided cross grip (right hand on uke's right sleeve or armpit and left hand on uke's right lapel) snug drop seo is a close runner up.

Popilols1 karma

Usually only a single left lapel grip or standard right grip for me :)

BlackBeltSocialSubo1 karma

What's your favourite technique both groundwork and standing?

Do you do any Kata? My Sensei was a European Kata Champion so always pushed me to do it even though I hated it.

Do you have any tricks that give you the edge during competitions. When I used to go to the nationals as an under 16 I used to eat raw garlic before a fight in an attempt to put them off.

Have you ever read The Pajama Game by Mark Laws. If not I really recommend it if you are interested in the history behind judo and it gives a pretty good biography on some of famous Judoka.

Popilols1 karma

Favorite on the ground is sankaku. Standing is Uchi Mata. Never done Kata, I willl flick my hands around during a fight to distract their vision. I eat a raw jalapeno to stay warm after each fight. Never read it, but I will definitely check it out.

Mr-WTF1 karma

Can you Judo chop?

Popilols5 karma

No, but Austin Powers can.

T-Bubs1 karma


If you were able to Judo chop Mr-WFT, what would happen?

Popilols1 karma

I'd probably chop him then apologize.

nilestyle1 karma

Can you make a case for people to choose Judo over other fighting forms? (not instigating, just curious why Judo over say Krav Maga)

Popilols7 karma

Judo is a much safer, more practical art. If you're looking to be able to kill someone six ways to sunday, no this probably isn't for you. If it's for self defense, fitness, or just for fun, it's a great art. Yes, you can really hurt people if you're learning for something like that. Judo uses chokes, arm locks, and throws, and they all do damage. It's a great core workout, and you learn discipline.

evad1521 karma

From what I recall Judo is useful for the smaller/lighter person to use his opponents size/momentum against them. Like if someone is charging you or has you in a hold you can toss/trip/choke em.

Popilols0 karma

Exactly, it's about using momentum against your opponent.

A2daW1 karma

Has you considered high school wrestling? Max Schneider was pretty good.

Popilols4 karma

Yes, I have and I will definitely be wrestling in high school. It's only logical.

brakzorak861 karma

I took judo for a little while and want to get back into it. My tai otoshi sucked most out of all my throws. I seemed to be able to get the right grips, get myself and my opponent into the proper position, and get the right footwork, but I think I wasn't fully utilizing my arms in the throw. That seemed to be my biggest fault. I could get my hips and feet deep but I'd leave my arms behind during the actual attempt. Any advice on how to more appropriately use my upper body in a throw?

Also, how do you feel about the applicability of straight judo in a street fight? Any great strengths or weaknesses that you think are associated with the art? Thanks for the AMA and the answers.

Popilols2 karma

With the tai otoshi question, you want to take your arms up. Pretend your sleeve grip has a watch on it, and a pretty girl has asked you for the time. You wanna look cool while you do it, so exaggerate. Also, turn your shoulders and head clockwise while you do it, it will pull them harder. Applicability is good, but you won't be using drop throws. Tai otoshi and ouchi gari are great in the street, the disadvantage would you have to get close for most of the throws. The advantage is that once you're in, your opponent is more than likely done.

brakzorak861 karma

Thanks very much!

By "drop throws" do you mean sacrifice throws?

Popilols1 karma


TheWhiteCrow1 karma

Counter clockwise, unless you're left handed. I'm also thinking of this with a top down perspective.

Popilols2 karma

Yeah my fault thank you.

squishywtrmln1 karma

Tokui waza? Also ever heard of Kyu Ha Kim?

Popilols4 karma

Uchi Mata or Seoi Nage. Yes I have heard of him.

suck_my_weiner1 karma

On average how much pussy do you receive on the averages day

Popilols0 karma

Well, I'm not going to say that girls hate me. I do alright ;). I have a girlfriend though, so free puss is relative.

suck_my_weiner0 karma

Nice. My other questions is: have you ever used judo in a real life situation

Popilols1 karma

Yes multiple times. Mostly in street fights, throwing someone onto hard concrete generally hurts them.

captainconway1 karma

Who would win in a fight, no holds barred, Rod Blajoavich or Pat Quinn?

Popilols2 karma

Not sure. Pat is a little older but seems like more of a man. I'll go with Pat.

gypsymoth941 karma

As someone who competed in the Midwest Pro-Am Circuit, NASKA circuit and former WKA U.S. team member... You should really think about getting involved in larger organizations and tournament opportunities. I just can't see the quality of a state judo tournament to be on par with the rest of the martial arts world. Speaking of which, since you live in chicago I'd suggest the AKA Grand Nationals http://akagrands.com/ which take place at Chicago's Downtown Hyatt. You'll find some of the best competitors in the world and possibly pick up a team to sponsor you and pay for your trips and gear.

Popilols1 karma

I always think about going bigger, it's just scheduling and money issues. Thank you for that though, I will definitely check it out.

PsibrII1 karma

This might amuse you, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hjo_bWOILjY

The Frantics Tai Kwon Leap skit passed on to another generation.

Popilols1 karma

Seen it and always enjoy it :)

iCryKarma1 karma

Have you ever competed at a NAGA or EGO? Judo experience helps a ton, mainly in a Gi but some people have a hard time with the crossover. I would definitely give it a shot if you haven't.

Popilols1 karma

A few of my friends have, my coach has advised me not to because he thinks they're stupid. I may try one out soon though.

bowyourhead1 karma

Can't tell if the person on top is winner or loser.

Popilols2 karma

Neither can I quite frankly

anon01081 karma

congratulations on what you've achieved.

judo guys are all insane.

i cross trained a tiny bit in judo until i tore all the muscles in my lower back. now i kickbox because its easier on the body.

are you thinking Olympics?

btw, judo guys are all insane - did i mention that?


Popilols0 karma

I am thinking Olympics, and yes we are insane..... insanely good looking :P. But yes we are all crazy.

woahthereguys1 karma


Popilols3 karma

Hawks are great. Bulls are great. They shouldn't have gotten rid of Deng.

JCislord1 karma

Have you ever used your Judo skills in a real life situation?

Popilols2 karma

Yes multiple times.

JCislord1 karma

Story time?

Popilols3 karma

Already have one posted in the sub, but I'll do one from when I had a fight in school. My friend Brian and I had been walking around the playground at recess, just shootin the shit, and out of no where he turned around and punched me in the jaw. He was bigger, and it hurt, but I didn't move. I knew that if I moved he'd keep going. So I told him that if he wanted to fight, he should ask and not be a bitch about it. So we squad up, he throws a haymaker left, I caught it and threw him over me onto the asphalt. He got back up, tried an uppercut, caught it and wristlocked him. That was the end of that lolol

darkdaze1 karma

Do the chickens have large talons?

Popilols3 karma

They can.

hmcbabe1 karma

/r/im14andthisisiama Honestly, this isn't even interesting for this sub. Take this over to /r/casualiama

Popilols1 karma

Apparently a lot of people find it interesting. thanks anyway :D

Taylor_Satine1 karma

My husband took second in Washington state's judo competition. He's been doing it for 15 years and now teaches kids judo. High five from a fellow Judo family :) For my question, have you lost count yet on how many times you've broken toes yet? My husband says it happens a lot and he would just tape his toes together and keep going because he is so used to it.

Popilols3 karma

Actually I've never broken a toe. One day though :D

lcrivers8161 karma

What do you know about Mexican Judo?

Popilols3 karma

Nothing at all, we have a Mexican immigrant that goes to our club named Dennis, he's pretty good so their judo should also be pretty good.

sharthard1 karma

Have you ever considered wrestling? Max Schneider (2012 graduate of Chicago Lane Tech) was a Judo national champion before taking up wrestling his freshman year. He ended up being a 2X state champion.There are several other state champions with a Judo background.

Popilols3 karma

Yes, I have. I may actually be going to Lane tech too :D

sharthard1 karma

Awesome. Should have looked at the other comments, I see I'm not the only one here who knows of Schneider :P Best of luck to you in your wrestling career, I'll be looking out for ya.

Popilols2 karma

Thank you, I appreciate it!

d0k74_j0n351 karma

what's your favorite fruit juice?

Popilols2 karma

Apple or Orange.

Hiei2k71 karma

Quick one: To win Illinois, is it effectively the Chicago area, or do you have matches against kids from farm towns too?

Disclosure: I am from a farm town in IL.

Popilols2 karma

Farm towns and Chicago. State happens in Sugar Grove so it's a good mix.

ifeelstabby0 karma

Do you plan on fighting crime with your acquired Judo skills once you become 18?

Popilols2 karma

No, I'd need to learn a lot more martial arts, become a master detective, then somehow have both my parents killed in an alley by a movie theater. Will also need a lot more money.

StolB0 karma

Have you ever spared with wrestler? What would you say are the main advantages of one style over the other.

Also in the videos you've posted you guys were giving up your backs pretty easily and there were a lot of choke opportunities not being taken. Are you worried about time or something in that position? No offence but from a bjj perspective that was pretty poor.

Popilols3 karma

Well, I knew how those fights would go, and knew that neither of my opponents would be good at ground work. In the fight vs a 17 year old, chokes weren't allowed. For the fight with the 6'5 guy, it was mostly about time. I had gotten a low score, and intended on winning with it. I have spared with wrestlers, wrestlers definitely have an advantage on the ground. But if the judoka keeps good posture and throws effectively, he shouldn't have a problem.

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Popilols3 karma

Judo doesn't have striking involved :) but no, I wouldn't even if it did.

milestonex-2 karma


Who gives a fuck

Popilols3 karma

Well apparently you care enough to come in and comment, so thanks anyway :D

bl1ndvision-2 karma

Could you beat me up?

It seems like everyone who takes martial arts thinks they can beat anyone who doesn't.

Popilols7 karma

I know nothing about you, so no. Depends on the setting. If it's on a mat with judo gis, and judo rules, more than likely I would win. If it's just in an alley, then I have no idea. Street fights go any way. Anyone who underestimates an opponent, regardless of training, deserves to lose that fight.

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How does it feel to be the champion of a defanged sport demonstration activity as opposed to the purer more deadly art of Hapkido?

Popilols12 karma

Well, it feels pretty damned good. Deadly doesn't mean better, and quite frankly you posting that comment gives Hapkido a bad name. My uncle did it for years, so I know a lot about the art. It isn't for me.