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When you drink beer does she have to go and pee? Does that piss her off? (literally)

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I noticed on chaturbate.com there are many Romanian girls, are they also sexcam studio employees getting 50% of the payments (which are already 50% of what they website gets)?
Are you on that site?
Are some of them just working from home independently?
What stops you from resigning and using your own account to get twice S much?

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Did you go through surgery? If not how do you manage having sex?

Does your beard grow?

Do you have to fake a voice or do you just speak normally? How does that work?

Do you still have male strength? I wonder if you feel more confident you could defend yourself if someone harasses you.

Secondary effects of HRT?

Mind if I have follow up questions?

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How important is your massage technique?
Do customers value a good massage or just want a quick wank?
Have customer candidly gone for a massage, say some wrong key word and jumped when you go further?
What "code" is there? Does the customer request masturbation or guide your hand or do you experiment to see how far they want to go?

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Do you feel your penis as an obstacle? A flaw? A residue? A fun appendix? A reminder?

How do you do it for the beach or swimming pool?

So as a female voice is natural, when using your old voice does it feel faked or do you just have two voices? Can you even do it?

How has treatment on the street varied? Leaving your "I enjoy being female more than trying to be male" perspective aside for a minute, do you think as a woman you get approached, harassed and objectified a bit more in public, workplace or social places?

If a guy hits on you, do you ever explain you are trans? Who do you tell this to?