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Not the person who asked, but yes, that's where it was going.

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Why not maritime law?

Cue AD references

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It's scenarios like this that make you go "Really, FBI?"

You were a "nerd" (stereotypical, computer geek definition), who worked for Microsoft at one point, and was helping pirate software. You weren't a kingpin of a drug cartel or trafficking human slaves. Wouldn't just sending a few agents over to bring you into custody have sufficed? They had to bust in movie style with guns pulled?

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Nothing. I don't see what's so bad about horse meat, but everyone else in the world is freaking out about that recently. I think people just like to freak out about their food.

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I had a wage garnishment placed after my loans defaulted after being ignored for years. After a few months, I just called up and said "My wages are being garnished, I want to get this taken care of." The person I spoke to was more than helpful. I got the garnishment removed, and started making a normal monthly payment about half of what they were garnishing. After 9 payments, my loan got sold back to an actual lender and has been fine for over a year (still making my monthly payments boo :( )

Just tell him to stop being a vagina and call.