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couple things.

i'm 47. been working in IT since my early 20s.

zuckerberg can bite me.

his attitude will change. remember all those baby boomers in the 1960s who said "don't trust anyone over 30"

what happened to all of them when they turned 31? yep, they asked the rest of the world to continue trusting them.

i find it interesting that some (many?) of them, despite the protestations of their youth, ended up being every bit as bad as the generation they disliked.

i will say this much, like dehrmann said, ideas come from people who want problems solved. so, as a developer, if you aren't a moron you listen to people's problems regardless of age

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i admire your Mom educating you through travel.

this is one hell of an experience for you and i hope you enjoy it. its certainly going to be life changing

at the same time, you couldn't pay me to go myself or relocate my family to that part of the the world. you're there in the middle of it and you understand exactly what i'm talking about.

you are in a unique place and it will be life changing. keep your head down and good luck.

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i understand.

even so, there are large groups of well armed people who want each other dead and aren't really concerned about who gets caught in the crossfire.

so, like i said - keep your head down and good luck

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are you classifying people killed by police by reason?

IOW if i pull a knife on a cop during my getting pulled over for suspected DUI and he shoots me - that's one hell of a lot different than if i'm walking down the street and said cop shoots me

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oh, i'm sorry. i didn't see your question below.

i suspect reports of the destruction of Sweden are being played up by media for the sake of ratings/viewers/profit